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Archive for 2009

NN/LM PSR Contract Site Visit

The National Library of Medicine (NLM), which coordinates the NN/LM program, conducted a mid-contract site visit at UCLA on October 21, 2008. The purpose of the site visit was to help the staff of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Southwest Region (NN/LM PSR) and NLM understand how we are serving our Network members, learn how we can strengthen our program to meet current and emerging needs in the region, and gather ideas for how NLM can help us as we provide the types of activities and services needed in the region today and in the future. NLM visited all eight RMLs in the NN/LM in 2008 to learn about regional accomplishments, issues and challenges, and priorities. (more…)

Rural Assistance Center: Your Online Tool Box about Rural Communities

The Rural Assistance Center (RAC) is a comprehensive information portal created by the Department of Health and Human Services which provides access to a full range of available programs, funding, and research about rural communities. The site is available at (more…)

New Funding Opportunities for 2009-2010!

For the 2009-2010 contract year, NN/LM PSR is offering a new funding opportunity for major outreach subcontract awards. In addition, the maximum funding amount for the popular express outreach awards program has been increased from $6,000 to $12,000 per project. The deadline for major outreach award submissions is July 31, 2009; express outreach award proposals may be submitted at any time. All projects funded by the two programs must be completed by April 30, 2011. All projects will be funded through a subcontract mechanism (purchase order agreement). Any Network member is invited to submit a proposal. (more…)

MLA Spring Webcast 2009

The Medical Library Association’s educational webcast, “Finding Work-Life Balance: Strategies for You and Your Institution,” was a success! (more…)

News from NLM at the MLA meeting in Honolulu

A few tidbits from NLM at the MLA Annual Meeting this year: (more…)

PHPartners: Your Gateway to Community Needs Assessment

Doing outreach projects with your local community offers many opportunities and challenges. A crucial beginning to any outreach project is conducting a needs assessment of the community with which you want to work. A community needs assessment requires use of quality resources for valid supporting evidence to convince the funders about the merits of your project for the community. (more…)

Membership Changes

As we close out Year 3 of our current contract with NLM, we are pleased to announce the new members who have joined the NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region since September 2008. Please extend a welcome! More complete information about these members is available in the NN/LM Members Directory. (more…)

Announcing the new NLM Applied Informatics Grants

On September 26, 2008, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) announced the suspension of two informatics grant programs, “Planning Grants for Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems (IAIMS)” and “Knowledge Management & Applied Informatics Grants.” The suspension notices also stated that in the future NLM would solicit applications for knowledge management planning projects by means of a Request for Application (RFA) funding announcement rather than a standing funding announcement. NLM has now released the complete program announcement and first RFA for knowledge management grants with the new funding program, NLM Applied Informatics Grants, The announcement includes complete eligibility information, key dates for submission deadlines, and application review criteria. (more…)

Technology in Libraries: Providing Access, Linking Communities

This one day symposium, held at the Cerritos Public Library on Friday, March 6, was an overwhelming success, thanks to the efforts of Co-Chairs Cheryl Bartel and Jeff Williams and of all their diligent and hardworking committee members! The Symposium focused on the application of innovative technologies that build a sense of community, connecting users both within the library and the greater organization. (more…)

Update on Emergency Preparedness and Response

Since the beginning of the year, new resources have been developed, training has been conducted, and planning has taken place to enhance emergency preparedness and response in the region. These have resulted in new features for the Emergency Preparedness and Response Toolkit (, a session conducted at the meeting of the Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of the Medical Library Association (HPCMLA), and planning for a summit for hospital librarians in April. (more…)