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Banner Good Samaritan Wins First EFTS Reward for Recruiting a New EFTS Participant

Congratulations to Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Health Sciences Library as the “first” recipient of the new EFTS ‘reward’ for successfully recruiting a new EFTS participant! EFTS has instituted this program to encourage participation in EFTS. Here’s how Jola Slowinski, EFTS Program Coordinator, describes the new reward…

“Do you know of a library that would benefit from joining EFTS? Maybe one you still have to bill? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then we’d like to offer you a “reward” for your effort to recruit a new member.

For every new EFTS member you successfully recruit you will earn a free loan for your institution, a certificate of appreciation and a small thank you gift. The free loan will take the form of an $11.00 credit applied to your existing EFTS account.

The new member application form now has a “referred by” question. If the new member names your library, it will be considered a successful referral.

If you need some ideas about how to recruit a new member, please contact the EFTS staff. Thank you for your help!”

[Editor’s Note: This article was adapted from a message sent out by Jola Sliwinski, EFTS Program Coordinator, on the EFTS listserv. You may contact Jola at (866) 561-5045 toll free; (860) 679-4561 direct; (860) 679-1305 fax; or by email at Or, visit the EFTS website at

Be sure to use the new application form — the one that includes “referred by”!]

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