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Limiting Related Articles to English Language and Humans in PubMed

A network member writes:

“Here’s something that’s stumping me in PubMed. Say I find an article that’s in a foreign language. I want to find Related Articles that are only in English and Human. How do I do that?

If I do Related Articles first and then try to set Limits, I get the whole PubMed file that’s English & Human. If I try to set Limits first, I get nothing because my article is in a foreign language!”

Signed, Perplexed

The writer is correct. If you try to apply the limits to the Related Articles set, you just obtain a search of all Human and English articles because the search box will be blank. See Search #3.

In the History view, the related article set gets a number (Search #2). Here I tried to apply Human & English and got the entire set, as our writer did. You can combine search statements in History, so you can combine #2 AND #3 in order to obtain the human and English articles from one of the related article sets.

Thanks to Shirley Maccabee of John Muir Medical Center of Concord, CA, and Zoe Pettway Unno of Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center of Harbor City, CA, for the idea for this article!

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