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Arizona Go Local Goes Live!

On June 1st, Arizona Go Local ( debuted as the 15th MedlinePlus Go Local site and the first state site in the NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region! Arizona Go Local, an enhancement to MedlinePlus® , provides a directory of local health services for residents of the Grand Canyon State.

Congratulations to Arizona Health Sciences Library (AHSL) and to the team of Paul Bracke, Angela Basurto, Debbie Boyle, Kathleen Carlson, Beverly Fortner, Youfen Su, and Kelly Urman for making Arizona Go Local possible. AHSL Director Gary Freiburger and Deputy Director Jeanette Ryan secured funding for the project through the NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region.

Paul Bracke
Paul Bracke, Arizona Go Local leader

Currently there are two ways to access Arizona Go Local:

  • Go directly to to find all health services in a specific area, OR
  • Start with MedlinePlus ( AHSL’s Pat Auflick has suggested the following path:
    1. Go to
    2. Click on Health Topics
    3. Click on “D” – then scroll down until you get to Diabetes
    4. Click on Diabetes
    5. In the right column of the Diabetes Page, you’ll see a box for Go Local (see arrow 1 below). From the drop-down menu, click on Arizona. Select a county either on the map or the listing below the map. Then you’ll be given categories under which you’ll find out about diabetes services. For example, choose Pima County (see arrow 2), then click on “Clinics” to find out which clinics in Pima County offer diabetes services.

Go Local Arizona

Go Local Arizona Map

Note: When making your Go Local selection, you will also see AZ Tribal Connections Four Corners as an option. If you are located in the Four Corners area, consider checking checking both options.

Future plans include increasing the coverage, especially in urban areas, linking the Go Local information to and developing a statewide approach for ongoing sustainability of the data.

If you have additional questions about Arizona Go Local, contact Paul Bracke at paul@AHSL.ARIZONA.EDU.

The About Us page on MedlinePlus has more information about Go Local.

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