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NN/LM PSR Web Site Receives Facelift!

The NN/LM PSR Web Site has a new look!

We hope you find our new design easier to use. Here’s a short list of some of the new things we’ve implemented:

  • A complete re-organization of our program areas located in any easy-to-use menu across the top of page
  • A newly organized Site map:
  • A new location for our NN/LM PSR QuickLinks (located to the right of our main content area)
  • A more prominent link to our Latitudes Newsletter/Blog (located under the QuickLinks pulldown menu)
    quick and easy way to subscribe to the RSS feed for Latitudes (right-click on the orange XML button within the Latitudes announcement box, select “copy link location” and paste into your favorite RSS feed reader)
  • A new collection of resources: “Especially for:” the General Public, Health Professionals, IT Personnel, and Subcontractors (located to the right under the Latitudes newsletter box)

If you have not yet seen the “Especially for IT Personnel” Web page, check it out:

In it you’ll find links to computer support help, fixes and solutions for the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) databases and electronic resources.

We have many more exciting things planned for our Web Site in the near future so keep your eyes peeled!

If you have suggestions or comments or have any problems finding things on our website please send them to our “Feedback” Web page located at:

Hope you enjoy the new design!

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