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Transitioning to the New Loansome Doc: Are Ineligible People Signing Up?

The new Loansome Doc is becoming very popular with the general public. The new interface, increased functionality, and greater ease of use are definitely proving to be big improvements over the old system.

However, one major change is that the user no longer needs to have a LIBID in order to sign up for service with your library. Have you been surprised with messages of new signups? Are these users for whom you do not provide service? What should you do?

Here’s how to limit the number of ineligible people that sign up with your library. There are four ways you can do this by adding information in your DOCLINE institutional record.

First, are you using the Loansome Doc Comments field? The information in this box will display prominently to anyone who tries to sign up for service from your library. Here are some sample comments which might provide additional information about your service:

  • You must come in to the library and sign an agreement with us before we can fill your Loansome Doc requests.
  • Loansome Doc service is provided only to employees of General Hospital.
  • We provide Loansome Doc service only to General Hospital employees or health professionals in Our County.
  • You must have an approved application on file with us before placing any orders! Contact us at 310-555-1212 for an application, pricing, and turnaround times.
  • Only registered borrowers are eligible to use Loansome Doc service.
  • We provide service to anyone in Our County seeking information about any rare disease listed with the Office of Rare Diseases (
  • Service is offered only to residents of Our County.
  • Service is available at no charge to rural health care workers in our Medically Underserved Area.
  • Pre-authorized credit card information required before service will be offered.
  • Loansome Doc service is available to the public but not to corporations and businesses.

Second, by checking a simple box, the Loansome Doc registration screen will display a “Contact library before proceeding” message to users. Your library’s contact information will also display on the screen.

Third, you can require that users enter data about themselves as part of the user validation process. When you select this option, users will see a data entry box. You will provide the label and the instructions you wish to display. Here are some sample labels and instructions:

  • Authorization Code – Contact the library to receive your authorization code. Phone: 310-555-1212.
  • University ID Number – Faculty, students, and staff must enter their University ID number.
  • Identification – Please enter your payroll title and department.
  • Loansome Doc ID (LDID) – A Loansome Doc ID is provided after registering for service. When you have received your LDID, enter it in this box.
  • Library Card Number – Please enter all 14 digits of your library card number. Your library card number must be on file in order to receive service.
  • Identification – Enter your Hospital employee number or State professional licensing board name and number.

Fourth, if you have a web page describing your Loansome Doc service, and if you include this link in your DOCLINE institutional record, the page will be linked on the Terms of Use page in the section, Library Policies and Procedures. Users will need to check the box indicating that they have read this page.

It’s a good idea to view your institution information as it displays in the Loansome Doc registration process to see how it will appear to users. Try to look at your comments and your registration choices from the perspective of an end-user who may be unfamiliar with your institution and services. You do not need to complete the registration process, but at least view the search results, the Contact Library page, and the Terms and Conditions page. To view this information, start at the Loansome Doc login screen at

What if someone has signed up by mistake? Go to their Loansome Doc record and uncheck the “Authorized Patron” box at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to update the record. As a courtesy, you might send a message indicating that you cannot provide service to them. You may refer them to the Regional Medical Library at 800-338-7657 in order to find libraries that will offer service. Or you may direct them back to the Loansome Doc login screen, have them log in, and then:

  1. Click on the My Account tab
  2. Click on Change Library (this displays libraries in your state)
  3. Review the list of libraries and contact a potential service provider
  4. Click Select next to the library that has agreed to serve you
  5. Complete the requested information
  6. Click Continue
  7. Review Terms of Use and click Accept

More information about the new version of Loansome Doc is available in the release notes at Take a look at the tutorial that has been developed for Loansome Doc patrons that is available at

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