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Jump on the bandwagon and offer Loansome Doc service!

Loansome Doc, a document ordering feature for PubMed users, has recently been redesigned. Because it is integrated within DOCLINE, it can increase the accuracy, timeliness, and convenience of document delivery to your library’s users. Any DOCLINE library may provide Loansome Doc service. If you do not already offer a document delivery service integrated with PubMed, now is the time to start!

What are the advantages of offering Loansome Doc service?

  • Requests received via Loansome Doc will contain correct citation information.
  • Requests may be conveniently “receipted” whenever you log on to DOCLINE.
  • All requests will be in the same format, with a complete citation all typed up with no illegible handwriting.
  • Each request will have a legible, correct requester name and address.
  • Requests are quickly and automatically routed to potential lenders.
  • Documents can be delivered directly to patrons.
  • Offering the service may enhance the status of the library in the eyes of the administration and the library’s primary users.

Whom should you serve?

You will definitely want to offer service to your primary users. You may also want to offer service to unaffiliated health professionals or the general public depending on the mission of your parent organization. You may also wish to provide service to unaffiliated users if you have a collection that can be of real use to a wider group of people or if you have the only library collection in an area that is largely underserved.

Should you charge for service?

You may set whatever charges you need to set; there are no recommended charges. Charging will discourage unnecessary use but adds complexity to your library’s operations.

What information should you include in your DOCLINE record?

Update your DOCLINE institutional record to make the most of Loansome Doc. Log on to DOCLINE, click on Institutions, and then click to update your LIBID. Then edit your record as follows.

On the Address page:

  • If you have a web page describing your Loansome Doc service, add the URL on this page under “Internet Addresses”.

On the Loansome Doc page:

  • If you provide Loansome Doc service, set “Loansome Doc Provider” to yes.
  • Check the appropriate boxes regarding the categories of users for whom you provide service. Check the box under “Provides” if you provide service for that user population, and the box under “Charges” if you charge them for service.
  • Use the “Loansome Doc Comments” box to enter concise statements about your service.
  • If you wish additional language on the display requesting users contact you prior to registration, set the ‘Display “contact library before proceeding” message to users’ option to Yes. You must then provide the label that displays for that data element and the instructions you want the user to see. Ask the user for information that will be useful to you.

You may wish to look at other libraries’ comments, labels, and instructions. Log on to Loansome Doc, go to My Account, and search the system as if you were going to add another library. Look at the Select a New Library page, the Contact Library page, and the Terms & Conditions page; you do not need to complete the registration to look at this information.

How does an individual sign up for Loansome Doc service?

Users sign up for Loansome Doc by going to the Loansome Doc login page. They need to enter their email address and a password of their choice. Only one user can be associated with a single email address.

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