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Quarterly Report Generator

Guidelines and Notes

  1. Use the form below to submit your progress reports. Select your institution from the menu, then fill out each of the boxes.
  2. Reports do not need to be long and only need to cover the areas listed below. All areas need to be filled in. If there is no activity please indicate by typing NONE in the text box.
  3. Your report will be stored for us in HTML format.

  1. Name of reporting institution:

  2. First and last name (e.g., Mary Contrary) of person submitting report:

  3. Internet email address (e.g., of person submitting this report:

  4. Telephone number (e.g., 555-555-5555) of person submitting this report:

  5. Reporting Period:

  6. Administrative/Planning Activities

  7. Collaboration/Partnership Activities

  8. Publicity: List publicity and promotional activities conducted during the reporting period, if there were any. Send any examples of non-electronic promotional materials to the NN/LM PNR by mail; these will be included as an appendix to the report. Give URLs or send a disk for electronic materials created.

  9. Product/Resource Development Activities

  10. Site Visits: Include number and description of sites and target population

  11. Outreach Sessions: List any demonstrations, trainings, or exhibits that took place during the reporting period. Include date, participating organization(s), city and state, number of attendees, and general content of presentation. Complete and submit by mail or fax an Outreach Activity Data Collection Form or Exhibit Report Form these events.

  12. Web Site Development Activities

  13. Loansome Doc/Document Delivery Activities

  14. Evaluation Activities

  15. Problems/Corrective Actions (including significant changes made in implementation of the project)

  16. Lessons Learned/Significant Feedback

  17. Projected Activities for Next Quarter