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National Network of Libraries of Medicine
Pacific Northwest Region

Quarterly Report

February - April 2002

A. Network Programs

1. Health Professional Access to Information Services

As part of a Public Health Document Delivery project (funded at the end of the last contract, Nancy Griffin of the Idaho Health Sciences Library (Idaho State University) distributed a survey to public health professionals in Idaho on information uses and needs; and Cindy Cunningham of the Oregon Health & Science University learned of the Web portal that the Oregon State Library provides to state employees. Forty percent of document delivery provided by the Oregon State Library is to state public health employees.

One of the original objectives of this project was to underwrite the costs of providing document delivery to state public health staff, through the primary resource libraries in 4 of the 5 states of the region (all except Washington State). We now know that this objective runs counter to existing relationships between state libraries and state health departments. We have also learned that state health department staff are, for the most part, unaware of this service. It's also unclear how much of a need there is for this service. Susan Barnes and Neil Rambo, project contacts, began considering changing project objectives-from document delivery to assessing needs and planning appropriate services with state health departments, state libraries, and resource libraries.

2. Assess Needs of Health Science Librarians

Feedback received about the group subscription to Lippincott Williams & Wilkins journals from Ovid for 25 libraries in the region has been very positive, with librarians in the region indicating that they want to pursue other group subscription opportunities.

Maryanne Blake conducted the 2002 PNC/MLA Continuing Education survey. This annual survey has been conducted in the region since 1983 and is a cooperative effort between PNC/MLA and the PNRML. Nancy Press has been doing the survey since its inception. This year, M. Blake, who is on the PNC/MLA Professional Development Committee, assumed responsibility for the survey. The leading topics for desired CE offerings were: PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), current copyright issues, including what role libraries should play in their institutions; e-journal licensing, access and group purchasing issues; and Internet document delivery. The results can be seen at

3. Network Membership Program

S. Barnes and Michael Boer have been working with the NLM DOCLINE Interface Review Team, which meets an average of once per week.

NLM's introduction of the new library type of Public made it necessary to edit the 17 network member and affiliate member public library records for this region. Records for 3 new affiliate members were added bringing the total to 143 as of April 30. Total full members as of April 30: 160. (Note: 3 of our DOCLINE libraries are not full members because they are "borrow-only.")

4. Document Delivery

DOCLINE Interface Review Team (aka DIRT) teleconferences continued during the quarter, with an average of one per week. The meetings are focusing on the DOCUSER component of DOCLINE in great detail. S. Barnes has been chosen to communicate to the NN/LM staff (via the NNLMALL email discussion list) about DIRT's work.

Three new DOCLINE libraries joined the network this quarter: the libraries for the 3 state hospitals in Washington State (Eastern State Hospital, Western State Hospital, and Rainier School). Total of DOCLINE participants in this region is now 163, three of which are "borrow-only."

5. Resource Libraries

6. Communication

The Winter 2002 issue of the newsletter, Dragonfly, was completed in March with five original articles. A new section of the newsletter, Announcements, was initiated with this issue. These are brief pieces that are announced on PNRNews but need a longer shelf life than one announcement on the e-mail list.

Dolores Judkins, project director of an PNRML-supported outreach project targeting school nurses (2000-2001), reported,

"I wanted you to know that the Internet for School Nurses web site was the 6th most used OHSU web page in 2001. I think that is totally cool! I just talked to someone who works at the Beaverton Public Library and she refers people to it all the time. She is a nurse going to library school and said she's referred nurses to it who have then referred it to others."

An article based on presentations to rural nurses (funded by an PNRML outreach project award) by Bob Pringle, Director of Library Services at the Intercollegiate College of Nursing, was published in the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics. Pringle, R. (January 2002). What Rural Nurses Hope to Find on the Internet. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI). Vol. 6, No. 1. [Online]. Available at

An interview with Roy Sahali and N. Press, entitled "Project Helps Native American Communities Get Online; Tribal Connections Helps Address Health-Care Disparities," appeared in the 2001 University of Washington Academic Medical Center Dean's Report, which was published in April, 2002

An interview with N. Rambo, R. Sahali, and N. Press, entitled "Tribal Connections in the Pacific Northwest" appeared in the Winter 2002 issue of the University of Washington Libraries' Library Directions newsletter. It is on pages 8-9 at

The Library Directions article was picked up and highlighted for a day on the University of Washington's home page, on Mar. 15.

N. Press was the co-host, with Heidi Sandstrom, for the Consumer Health Coordinator teleconference on Feb. 12.

Cathy Burroughs, R. Sahali, and N. Press presented a teleconference on Mar. 5 for all RML staff, and representatives from Resource Libraries from the Four Corners area, on community-based outreach. This was the first all-RML teleconference in which NetMeeting was used to show the presentation to others, along with the audio narrative.

7. Regional Advisory Committee

8. Monitor region's programs

In response to a request from the National Library of Medicine about special library services in the Pacific NW for disabled people or people who are physically challenged, N. Press surveyed the region's libraries, of all kinds, using the library discussion lists for all five states. N. Press summarized the results, presented them on the discussion lists, and forwarded the results to NLM.

9. User Feedback

10. Training Facility

11. NLM User/Non-User Needs Assessment

12. NLM GrantsLinda Milgrom was consulted by 9 individuals or groups planning to apply for NLM grants. The new IADL grants generated the most interest.

13. Follow-up with NLM-funded Projects

N. Press arranged for and participated in an evaluation of community health organizations' consumer information policies and practices in Yakima, Washington, on Feb. 1. The evaluation was carried out as part of research being conducted by Dr. Karen Pettigrew and her research associates at the University of Washington Information School. The community health organizations reviewed were those that participated in the Central Washington Health Information Network project funded by the PNRML in 2000.

Wallowa County Library won the Public Library Association's Small and Rural Library award, based on work funded in 2001 by the PNRML for a consumer health information outreach project in Wallowa County-the northeastern most county in Oregon. N. Press had nominated Wallowa for this honor. The award was announced in Feb. and will be presented at the 2002 ALA annual meeting. The award was highlighted at the NLM booth at the Public Library Association conference in Mar.

B. Outreach Programs

No. Attendees
02/01/02 Sacremento, CA Western Migrant Stream Forum Exhibit HP
Sarah McCord
02/05/02 Bremerton, WA Kitsap Regional Public Library Train Cons
02/08/02 Roseburg, OR AHEC of SW Oregon Pres Cons
Brendan Ashby
02/15/02 Medford, OR AHEC of SW Oregon Pres Cons
Brendan Ashby
03/01/02 Seattle, WA Native American Center for Excellence Train HP
03/01/02 Seattle, WA U.S. EPA Train HP
Milgrom, Barnes
03/21/02 Spokane, WA NW Rural Health Conference Exhibit HP
03/27/02 Spokane, WA Center for Children with Special Needs Train HP
Megan Sety
04/01/02 Seattle, WA

Society for Public Health Education, Pacific NW Chapter

Train HP
04/18/02 Portland, OR

Oregon Library Association/Washington Library Association

Exhibit HP
04/19/02 Portland, OR

Oregon Library Association/Washington Library Association

Pres Cons
04/19/02 Portland, OR

International Federation for Alternative Research in AIDS

Pres Cons
04/23/02 Ellensburg, WA Center for Chidren with Special Needs, CHRMC Pres HP
04/29/02 Great Falls, MT Montana Library Association Pres HP

Focus (targeted program area): HP=health professional, Cons=consumer, TA=technology awareness, LI=library improvement, Conn=connections

Reports from PNRML-funded outreach projects at Oregon Health & Science University and SW Oregon AHEC are attached. The other outreach project, at the Cross Cultural Resource Program, has been delayed.

M. Blake co-taught the Measuring the Difference evaluation class with C. Burroughs in Greenville, NC (Mar. 7) and Salt Lake City, UT (Mar. 26).

Julie McGowan and Karen Frederickson, both of Indiana University, traveled to Seattle to meet with PNRML staff regarding planning for the National Outreach Mapping Center. C. Burroughs and N. Rambo met with McGowan and Frederickson on Feb. 15. C. Burroughs and S. Fuller met with them for an additional day.

N. Rambo participated in the Partners in Information Access for Public Health Professionals steering committee meeting at NLM, on Mar. 25.

N. Rambo met with Northwest Center for Public Health Practice staff to plan the design and development of a "digital library" resource to support local community health assessment. The model for this resource will be based on needs expressed by local community health assessment coordinators in Washington State. The intent is to develop the model to be generalized for use in other settings.

1. Outreach to Health Professional

L. Milgrom and S. Barnes visited the EPA (Region X) library in Seattle. The library director, Olga Shargorodska, had met PNRML staff at a PubMed training session and was interested in projects of common interest. L. Milgrom and S. Barnes discussed (and demonstrated) DOCLINE, Loansome Doc, and NLM databases. One result of the meeting was contact with an EPA staff member who conducts TRI training sessions for community groups, asking the PNRML to publicize her workshops.

M. Blake was invited to speak on finding ethnically diverse and low-literacy resources on the Internet at a workshop for health professionals serving families of children with special health needs. The all-day workshop, "Meeting the Cultural and Linguistic Needs of Families," was well attended by 40 public health nurses, health educators, family resource coordinators and others. They have a need for finding or developing materials for the ethnically and linguistically diverse groups they assist.

N. Press was selected by the Pacific Northwest Regional Chapter of SOPHE to represent the chapter at a CDCynergy train-the-trainer session at CDC in Feb. N. Press will then be the CDCynergy trainer for the Pacific Northwest on behalf of SOPHE. She was the only librarian at the train-the-trainer session. CDCynergy is a program for public health professionals that guides them through 52 steps of a communication intervention and offers context-sensitive published information at each step.

N. Rambo taught a session of S. Fuller's Information Access in Health Sciences course in the University of Washington Information School. The session, on Feb. 28, was on public health information needs, uses, and resources.

Throughout the quarter, N. Rambo participated in monthly faculty meetings of the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice. One activity this quarter was planning and coordinating several public health informatics projects-some planned and others underway-with existing and incoming funding from CDC and HRSA.

2. Consumer Health Information Services

Selected Indian Health Service (IHS) staff and patients tested N. Press' easy-to-read Web resource of health information, which she prepared at the request of IHS, with input from the National Indian Education Association, the National Alaska Native/American Indian Nurses Association, and the Portland Area Indian Health Board. N. Press and PNRML have proposed maintaining the content of this resource, within the context of NN/LM resources. IHS is considering copying the content periodically from the NN/LM site to an IHS page, to be wrapped within appropriate IHS templates, with credit given to NN/LM. This proposal-essentially syndicating NN/LM content for use by other organizations-is being discussed by PNRML and the NNO.

N. Press was advisor and mentor for a University of Washington Information School student in a directed fieldwork project. Together they designed research on consumer health thesauri on the Web. A paper was prepared, entitled "Comparison of Consumer Health Information Thesauri," which will be submitted for publication. The paper compared the thesauri used in Healthfinder, InteliHealth, MEDLINEplus, NOAH, and WebMD.

N. Press was invited to present a 1-hour interview and demonstration on how to find authoritative AIDS information, for Multnomah Community TV in Portland, Oregon. The program is Treatment Information Exchange, produced by the International Foundation for Alternative Research in AIDS (IFARA). Robert Mehnert, NLM public information officer, referred IFARA to the PNR office.

N. Press taught a consumer health session for S. Fuller's Information Access in Health Sciences course in the University of Washington Information School, Feb. 7.

3. Training to Support Electronic Access to Health Information

PNRML awarded a $500 mini-award to Steve Teich of Oregon Health & Science University to exhibit and participate in the annual meeting of the Oregon Academy of Family Physicians. The meeting will be held in May 2002 in Bend, Oregon.

Megan Sety of the Center for Children with Special Needs, Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle, Washington, conducted a second workshop covering basic Web searching skills, locating quality information for families and patients, and evaluation of health Web sites. A $500 mini-award also supported this project. An Outreach Reporting Form is included in this report.

At the request of Janet Zipser, N. Press prepared a presentation on network membership that was presented as part of the NLM exhibit program at the Public Library Association conference in Phoenix, in Mar. The presentation is at

S. Barnes prepared a network membership sign-up form for the same meeting.

4. Exhibits and Presentations at Meetings

N. Press participated in NLM's exhibit at the Public Library Association meeting in Phoenix, AZ March 13-15.

5. Technology Awareness and Integration

The PNRML, the University of Washington Health Sciences Library and the Washington Medical Librarians Association (WMLA) cooperated to bring the MLA Satellite Teleconference Program "Sync or Swim: Managing the Flood of PDAs in Health Care" on Feb. 6, 2002. Thirty-five people attended the broadcast.

6. Library Improvement

7. Connections

R. Sahali helped plan and exhibited at a conference sponsored by the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, in Portland, Oregon, Feb. 11.[
He also attend an International Programs meeting in at NLM Mar. 7-10 on Community Based Outreach.

Molly McGetrick (Gates Foundation funded and based in New Mexico), R. Sahali, and N. Rambo attended a meeting hosted by the Midcontinental RML (at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City) on Apr. 19. S. Fuller joined the meeting by conference call. The subject of the gathering was cross-regional outreach to Native Americans. Representatives from the 4 western RMLS and the Four Corners Resource Libraries participated in the meeting. Building on lessons learned from both the NLM- and Gates Foundation-funded segments of the Tribal Connections project, an action plan was developed that will ensure adequate communication among all parties, sharing of works in progress, and coordination of activities.

C. Enhancements

Tribal Connections, Phase 2-R. Sahali assisted LaPlaza Telecommunity (Taos, NM) in obtaining a grant from the Gates Foundation for the Taos Pueblo wireless tower project.

Tribal Connections, Phase 3 (funded by NLM Office of Health Information Program Development)-After a review by R. Sahali, 3 Phase 1 tribes were chosen for next phase intervention: Samish (Washington State), Nez Perce (Idaho), and Umatilla (Oregon). Project liaisons were assigned, from among PNRML staff, to each tribe. R. Sahali will serve as the team leader in each case. An evaluator will round out each of the 3 teams. Joan LaFrance, a Native American (Turtle Mountain band of the Chippewa tribe) with extensive program evaluation experience, particularly with tribes, will assist us with this project. J. LaFrance will be assisted by Susan Usitalo, a public health program evaluator. S. Usitalo assisted C. Burroughs with the Tribal Connections Phase 1 evaluation.

Initial site visits to each tribe will be scheduled, and regular team meetings with J. LaFrance and S. Usitalo are planned. Planning is also underway for enhancements to the Tribal Connections website.

D. NN/LM Web Service [Added Category]

We have acquired new hardware for the next generation NN/LM Web server. The system that will become the home of the new NN/LM Development site was brought online and M. Boer is installing and testing software on it. Mar. 15 marked the 8th anniversary of the public debut of the NN/LM Web site.

NN/LM Web Service:
Visits per Month
Year February March April
2002 89,303 97,313 95,795
2001 75,828 84,809 81,974

NN/LM Web Service:
/members/reports/ Transmitted

Year February March April
2002 6,450 6,477 6,761
2001 8,253 8,933 7,434

E. Administration, Staff and Other [Added Category]

M. Blake celebrated her 10th anniversary with the NN/LM PNR on Feb. 2.

N. Rambo attended the MLA Board meeting in Chicago on Feb. 21-23:

S. Fuller and N. Rambo participated in the inaugural meeting of the University of Washington Rural Community Partnerships Campus Advisory Committee, on Mar. 6. The UW Office of Educational Partnerships and Learning Technologies is organizing this interdisciplinary group of representatives of programs targeting rural communities, for the purpose of coordinating outreach efforts and sharing lessons.

C. Burroughs, S. Fuller, and N. Rambo attended the RML directors meeting at NLM on Mar. 21-22.

S. Fuller and N. Rambo attended MLA/NLM Informationist Conference at NLM on Apr. 5-6:

R. Sahali attended a presentation on Apr. 10 by Jeff Blumenfeld, Partner, Gray, Cary, Ware & Freidenrich; and former Justice Department trial lawyer in the case of U.S. v. AT & T, Washington, D.C. The presenter has an extensive understanding about the telecommunications needs of rural under-served communities.

N. Press submitted her resignation, after having served 23 years in the RML program-at Harvard for three years, and at the University of Washington for 20 years. She will be Library Director at Mars Hill Graduate School in Bothell, Washington.