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How To Use This Web Site

The RML staff serves the National Network of the Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region, including the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

This Web site is designed to provide services for our Network Members

Additionally, we direct health professionals and health care consumers to health information that is appropriate for them.

To send us a comment about this site, go the the Feedback link on the top right-hand corner of each page Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Our Jargon

National Library of Medicine.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine®.

Pacific Northwest Region: the NN/LM region consisting of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. PNR is housed within the Health Sciences Library and Information Center at the UW Magnuson Health Sciences Center.

Regional Medical Library, i.e., the administrative host and staff for the the National Network of Libraries of Medicine program.

University of Washington: host institution of NN/LM's PNR.

Moving Around the Web Site

The NN/LM PNR Home Page has links directly to selected sections of this site. To get back to the PNR Home Page, you can click the Home tab on the left side of the top navigation bar on our web pages.

The NN/LM Home link at the top left corner of all the pages contains a link to the NN/LM Home Page -- just click on it to make the jump.

This site is designed to work with almost all Web browsers; if you have any difficulties, please let us know.

How to Use the Search Tool

Each PNR web page contains a fill-in-the-blank Search box which can be used to find pages that contain words you are interested in. When you click "Go" your computer sends a query to the NN/LM Search Tool, a software system which maintains an index of all the words in all the pages available at the NN/LM PNR web site.

When you run a search, the search tool will comb through its index for any document that contains any of the words you suggest. For example, if you enter "night light" in the form, the search tool will produce a report of all documents that include the word "night" or the word "light."

The search tool will send you a list of documents that include your words or it will tell you that there were no matches. In either case, you will also receive a more detailed version of the search form.

The form also lets you change the matching method the search tool uses to look for your words. There are three matching methods:

  1. Matching any of the words means that only one of the keywords must appear in the document.
  2. Matching all of the words means that every keyword must appear in the document.
  3. Boolean expressions may use the terms and and or. Parentheses can also be used for grouping. Examples of Boolean expressions:
    pig and chicken
    pig or chicken
    pig and (hen or rooster)

The search results page also provides access to an "advanced" search form. The link to the advanced form is located in the upper right corner of the page. The form allows you to change the scope of your search from "NN/LM PNR Pages" to "all NN/LM pages" or just the PNR Dragonfly

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