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Funding Opportunities and Resources

PNR Awards 2011 - 2016

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Each year, the PNR funds subcontracts and awards to support network members and encourage outreach activities aligned with the NN/LM mission.

Available Awards

Purpose Funding Submit Intent to Apply By Application Deadlines
Assessment and Planning To support activities that identify and learn about a potential health information outreach audience, with attention to demographics, information needs, and community resources or assets. Up to $2,000 N/A Ongoing
Professional Development To expand professional knowledge and continuing education in order to provide improved health information access to healthcare providers and/or consumers. Up to $1,500 N/A Ongoing

To support exhibiting at health fairs, meetings or conferences that promotes awareness of quality health information resources and the National Library of Medicine to professionals, community organizations, or community members.

Up to $500 N/A Ongoing

To support classes or presentations in the Pacific Northwest Region on the use of NLM resources and/or to support technology-related sessions to improve health professionals', librarians' and/or the public's skills in accessing quality health information.

Up to $500 N/A Ongoing
MLA Webinar Series The NN/LM PNR will sponsor sites to host one or more webinars in the Medical Library Association Fall Webinar Series. Group viewings as well as individual viewings are available. Cost of Registration N/A Currently Closed
Express Outreach To improve use of quality online health information resources by priority populations, facilitate improved health literacy and to promote awareness and use of the products and services of the NLM and the NN/LM. Up to $15,000 Jan 13, 2015 Feb 3, 2015
Medical Library Pilot Project To recognize and support emerging roles of the information professional through pilot or demonstration projects that explore or demonstrate innovative roles within their institution. Up to $15,000 Jan 13, 2015 Feb 3, 2015
Regional Symposia To support Network members in planning and hosting regional symposia about issues and priorities of the NN/LM PNR Program. Up to $10,000 Jan 13, 2015

Feb 3, 2015

Technology Improvement To enhance the capacity of a library or community organization to offer electronic health information services by supporting the purchase, installation, and/or upgrading of hardware and software. Up to $10,000 Jan 13, 2015 Feb 3, 2015
Health Disparities Information Outreach To support outreach projects aimed at increasing awareness of health disparities and the National Library of Medicine's resources. Up to $5,000 Jan 13, 2015 Feb 3, 2015
Health Information Services To support projects that educate about, advocate for, and promote the value of health information services offered by an information professional within an organization or for the community. Up to $5,000 Jan 13, 2015 Feb 3, 2015
Library Student Scholarship

To offer opportunities for students enrolled in a graduate library and information science program to learn about current or emerging topics in medical librarianship by attending a health science libraries meeting. Upcoming meetings include the Washington Medical Librarians Association (WMLA), the Oregon Health Science Libraries Association (OHSLA), or the Pacific Northwest Chapter (PNC) meeting of the Medical Library Association.

Up to $1800 N/A July 1 (OHSLA)
July 1 (WMLA)
Sept 10 (PNC)

PNR Projects Funded 2006 - 2011

Grants and Support from the National Library of Medicine

See abstracts of grants and contracts awarded in the Pacific Northwest by any NIH Institute in the NIH RePORTER (Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool), which replaced the CRISP database October 31, 2009.