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Additional Funding Opportunities

Outreach Express Awards: Four awards (for up to $10,000 each) will be available for 12-month small-scale outreach projects. These awards are designed to prepare network members to compete successfully for larger awards, to test effectiveness and sustainability of new products or services, and to encourage collaboration with new communities and agencies. Small-scale project evaluations and reports will be required.

MedlinePlus Go Local Award : NLM has developed a centrally supported Go Local system to help states and regions make their services available to residents, their families and friends. Using this system, Go Local teams create and update content on a system where NLM maintains the hardware, software, vocabulary mapping, user interface, and statistics for the site. One-time funding (of $25,000) is available for an NLM approved Go Local project.

Exhibit Awards: To promote awareness of health information resources, NLM, and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine by exhibiting at meetings or conferences of health professionals, community members, or information intermediaries ($500)

Training Awards: To support workshops on health information literacy or training in use of NLM resources to an audience beyond the normal client base ($500)

Planning Awards: To support development of outreach plans and logic models. Get started with community-based outreach project planning by conducting a community assessment to identify outreach audience, potential partners, assets and needs. ($2000).

Followup Assessment Awards: Assess the impact of a completed outreach project or group of activities to determine sustained improvement and/or to plan future steps in partnership development ($2000)

Electronic Document Delivery Awards: To support implementation of Internet and/or Web EDD service or improvement of existing EDD services. Descriptions of EDD projects from 2003, 2005, and 2006

Connectivity Awards: To improve the adequacy of Internet connections in rural or inner-city areas by libraries and community-based organizations in the NN/LM PNR. Awards will be made for the purchase, installation, and/or upgrading of information technologies that enhance access to health information ($2000).

E-resource License Awards: To encourage and facilitate access to electronic resources by health professionals working at institutions that currently do not have a library or information center. ($500)