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What Can the RML Do?

Suggestions generated from the forum evaluation question,
"What else can the RML do to help advocate for you and your library?"

  • Generate and facilitate discussion on HLIB-NW for news and ideas re: demonstrating and enhancing a hospital library's value; ideas like branding, business plans, news scans, etc.
  • Develop and maintain a hospital library advocacy page on the RML Web site. It can contain templates, ideas and resources.
  • Collect and make available on the Web templates or examples that librarians are willing to share for: business plans, annual reports, branding and professionalizing library products, etc.
  • Consortium-building assistance
  • Do CEs around the topic of hospital library advocacy
  • Have Martha Leredu develop and teach a class on how to do business plans
  • Come up with a reason to do a site visit to a hospital library and have the RML be a part of a library program
  • Send congratulatory letter to CEO when librarian wins an RML award
  • Send letters to CEO and other administrators to advocate for hospital librarian.
  • Have a follow-up forum to see what folks have done and what might be next steps.
  • "Steal" ideas from other RMLs.
  • Send/offer speakers that promote medical libraries to hospital association conferences.