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Health and Wellness @ the Library: The Essentials of Providing Consumer Health Services

There are no sessions currently scheduled for this class, the following information may be out of date

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4 weeks

Class Description

This course defines the basics of consumer health information and then dives directly into the essential skills and information that library staff need to help users find trustworthy, appropriate health information. We will explore topics such as finding the best resources for just about any health question, serving diverse users, new mobile health technologies and how people are using social networking for health questions, and how to create fun and informative health-related programming for different age groups and populations. Learners will understand the challenges faced by non-English speakers and the implications of low health literacy. Best practices, techniques and practical tips will be presented each week to help each learner provide better health information services in his/her individual setting. Overview of This Online Learning Experience Course Structure: The course is divided into four weekly units, starting each Monday. The units build upon one another, with Week 1 providing the foundation for the rest of the course. Week 1 assignments are essential and will likely take a little more time than assignments for the remaining weeks. Grades and Requirements: There are no grades for this online course. We do, however, keep track of learner participation by assigning points for completion of various tasks. This helps you monitor your progress through the course. You can check your progress by clicking on the Grades link in the menu on the left and by checking the Grading and Assignment Points Chart. Points will be entered on a regular basis, but because there are many participants in the class, it may take up to a week after items are submitted due to the volume of work generated by so many students. Certificate of Completion or MLA CE Credit?: We are aware that people will be taking this course for different reasons. For this reason, two levels of participation are available to students. You choose what is most valuable to you and how much you want to get out of the course. For a Certificate of Completion, once you earn at least 75% of the total required points and fill out the Course Evaluation, you can request a certificate. For MLA CE credit, you must complete 100% of the required work as specified and complete the Course Evaluation to request the CE. (More information will be available about the points and requirements later in the class.) Please read the separate document titled MLA CE and CHIS - Course Requirements for detailed information. Course Availability: The instructors will be available for consultation for at least one week after the official end date of the course. This gives you an additional week to work independently and to complete the course requirements if you have fallen behind. Announcements: Everyone in the course is automatically subscribed to the Course Announcements Forum. This information will provide essential information about the course, so please be sure to read the emails. The posts will also appear in the Announcements forum for your reference. You have control over whether you subscribe to other forums. If you subscribe, you will receive messages for that forum by email. If not, you will be able to read all forum postings when you log in to the class. Editing Your Profile: In online courses it's important to try to make the course as "live" as possible, and it helps if we know a bit about each other. Please take five minutes to edit your profile, updating the city/town, country, and description. We highly encourage you to add a picture; it's a great way for people to get to know you! Online Discussion Forums: Participation in the discussions is an essential part of the online experience. Topic were chosen to encourage conversation and sharing. We will read and comment on many discussion postings, and we encourage you to read and comment on each others' postings, so that we all learn from each other. There is also an Open Forum for sharing thoughts, experiences, questions, or concerns that don't get addressed elsewhere in the course.


Course Syllabus Monday, September 30 — Course opens Set up Moodle account Review class materials Create or update profile Introduce yourself Monday, October 7 — Week 1: Consumer Health Basics Definition of consumer health Characteristics and information-seeking behavior of the health information consumer The role of the public library as health information providers Importance of knowing the community in order to provide relevant services Serving diverse users Literacy vs. health literacy vs. health information literacy Characteristics and elements of easy-to-read materials Monday, October 14, — Week 2: Health Reference Difference between regular reference and health reference Legal and ethical issues Evaluation criteria for health materials Teaching patrons at point of service how to evaluate health information The pros and cons of core lists Collection development, retention, and deselection policies for consumer health materials Monday, October 21 — Week 3: Health Resources: There's a (Book, Website, App) for That Introduction to best health websites Resources for special content Print reference materials Mobile health resources and other technologies Benefits and caveats of health-related social networking sites Monday, October 28 — Week 4: The Library As a Healthy Place Designing health programs for your users Promotion and marketing of health information services How partnerships can help build healthy communities Why workplace wellness matters Final project due! November 4 — November 8: Catch-up Week Course will stay open through Friday of this week for participants to complete and submit any missing activities or assignments

There are no available sessions of this class