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Running Your Hospital Library Like a Business

There are no sessions currently scheduled for this class, the following information may be out of date

4- 1.5 hr sessions

Class Description

To continue delivering support for clinical care, research and education, a hospital library must be run like a business. By participating in a series of four, 90-minute online classes, the Middle Atlantic Region's Hospital Advisory Group will develop your business sense. You will write a business plan that embraces the mission and objectives of your hospital. You will learn to be a convincing negotiator when you want to change practice after assessing the wants and needs of your customers. You will quantify and qualify your worth with dollar signs instead of anecdotes. In these challenging times, developing a strategic business sense is essential for hospital librarians. As you look at the business of hospital libraries you will develop a business backbone, allowing you to provide valued services that are aligned with the values of your hospital.

There are no available sessions of this class