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Cool Creative Communications: 3 Part Class

There are no sessions currently scheduled for this class, the following information may be out of date

15 Hours

Class Description

Before you register, please read this next part to make sure this class is for you...

  1. This class is an intermediate level class.
  2. Priority goes to Network members located in the MidContinental Region
  3. This is a 4 week, asynchronous, semi-at-your-pace class, meaning students have deadlines to complete their assignments.
  4. Students have 7 days to complete their assignment and 5 days to complete their peer critique for each of the 3 class sections.
  5. Students are expected to spend:
    • 1.5 hours on content learning
    • 3 hours of in-depth learning on student selected tool/application and preparing their class assignment
    • 0.5 hours on peer critique
  6. Many of the class resources discussed might not be accessible at your work place. If this is you, please consider taking the class and plan on working from home, a public library, or another location where you are not blocked.

More information about the class here...

Each class section lasts two weeks and overlaps the next class by a week.

Participants are encouraged to sign up for all 3 parts, but may take them individually with the approval of the instructors.

Part 1: Engaging Users via Social Media (Part 1 of 3): This class covers popular social media tools proven to be effective in reaching customers. Students will increase their knowledge on a variety of social media applications and strategies on implementing a communication plan.

Part 2: Dazzling Data Visualization (Part 2 of 3): This class covers concepts of visually representing data and proven tools that are effective in making data understood at just a glance. Students will increase their knowledge on data visualization concepts and a variety of data visualization applications.

Part 3: The WOW Factor - Clear Concise Presentations (Part 3 of 3): This class covers popular presentation applications and approaches to effective presentations Students will increase their knowledge and skills to better communicate with their presentations.

There are no available sessions of this class