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Promoting Health Literacy Through Easy-to-Read Materials

1 month

Class Description

Learn to critique, rewrite and create materials that get your health and wellness information across quickly and clearly. We'll explore the topic of health literacy and review the disconnect between information providers and information seekers, the process of educating adults, the success of "plain language" initiatives and the importance of text, type, graphics, space and layout. In this class you will also learn about assessing literacy levels using examples, and will edit pieces so that at the conclusion you'll have new awareness, new skills, a new product and access to further resources. Clear health communication is the goal, regardless of medium. Objectives: Define the behavioral objective(s) of the material. Determine the key information points the reader needs to achieve the behavioral objective(s). Decide on the reading level for the material and organize topics in the way the person will use them. Implement the key principles of effective print materials using appropriate content, style, layout, visuals, and readability.

Current Training Opportunities for this Class:

Date Site RML/Center Register
September 14, 2015 - October 12, 2015
Online Southeastern Atlantic Region Register