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The Canny Consumer: Resources for Consumer Health Decision-Making

1 month

Class Description

With the sharp rise in web-informed consumers and today’s fast paced communication technology and inclusive health care systems, information is readily available. Many health care systems now offer portable electronic records and electronic prescription services. The technologically savvy generation makes use of tools such as YouTube, blogs, and websites to share experiences in their health care. Yet, with the estimated 90 million Americans who do not understand how to read, comprehend, or use health information, health literacy will determine who is left behind in this techno cultural revolution. This class will focus on the interaction between technology, culture, and politics. An interactive session will allow participants to explore new and upcoming technologies such as personal health records and e-health tools. The resources covered will assist consumers and those helping consumers to find quality health information and to navigate the health care system. Implications for those left behind, including the ethical, social, and privacy issues concerning these new technologies will also be discussed. Objectives: * Gain knowledge of the behavior of e-health consumers and acquire awareness of ethical, social and privacy issues and/or practices surrounding these tools. * Explore and identify new and existing consumer health e-tools available to be a better health care consumer * Utilize resources presented to locate reliable, authoritative health information specific to navigating the health care system * Acquire skills and knowledge to effectively identify and assess resources not covered in class

Current Training Opportunities for this Class:

Date Site RML/Center Register
October 19, 2015 - November 20, 2015
Online Southeastern Atlantic Region Register