Navigating the Health Information Maze

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3 Hours

Class Description:

This session is designed for community college instructional faculty and librarians working with students in nursing and allied health fields. Community college librarians and faculty will learn more about resources from the National Library of Medicine such as PubMed/Medline, MedlinePlus and the NLM gallery of mobile resources.

Attendees will learn how their students

  1. can research health literature through various NLM resources;
  2. find consumer health information;
  3. locate drug information; and
  4. use mobile apps

NLM has a national initiative for outreach to Community Colleges. The overarching goal of the community college outreach initiative is “improved health information access in community colleges for librarians, students, faculty & staff for their academic programs.” We will be using part of the time to discuss the initiative and how NLM can assist community college librarians.


Navigating the Health Information Maze: Resources for Community College Faculty!


  1. Overview NN/LM & NLM
  2. Resources
    1. MedlinePlus
    2. PubMed
    3. Drug Information Portal
    4. Mobile options
  3. Exercises
  4. NLM Initiatives
    1. Discussion
    2. Action items

The initial two hours will be devoted to the NLM Resources with the final hour for the discussion on the NLM Initiative for community colleges.

There are no available sessions of this class