An In-Depth Look at MedlinePlus (In Person)

There are no sessions currently scheduled for this class, the following information may be out of date.

4 Hours

Class Description:

As the name implies, this class is a comprehensive, in-depth training session about MedlinePlus. After attending this class, participants will:

  • understand the content types in MedlinePlus and how the site is organized
  • have experience using expert search techniques
  • be able to navigate to parts of the site using numerous methods, just as users do
  • be able to choose the appropriate, relevant content in MedlinePlus for answering questions for specific needs or users
  • know what constitutes the Easy-to-Read and Multiple Languages sections, to better serve users
  • be able to perform a PubMed search from within MedlinePlus
  • be able to create alert services for specific topics

This hands-on course will include lively discussion, hands-on practice, and group activities for an interactive and valuable learning experience. This course goes far beyond the surface, providing attendees with deep knowledge of content and tools for providing excellent health information for consumers, patients, and caregivers.

There are no available sessions of this class