Super Searcher: Enhancing Your Online Search Super Powers

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3 sessions

Class Description:

This course focuses on the advanced search features of web search engines and the cutting edge of searching. Participants will use various search engines, compare the features of each and broaden their knowledge of search strategies and techniques. Participants will develop search strategies that will increase the precision and scope of their online searching ability. Participants will engage in discussions and exercises as a part of the course. The class will also discuss strategies for searching for online media including images, videos and books. Participants will be able to: 1) perform searches using the advanced features of various search engines to quickly identify useful websites and information resources; 2) communicate the differences between the various search engines and justify the choice of search engine for a given information need; 3) locate archived and older versions of websites which may no longer be in use; 4) search for various types of results including specific file and media types; and 5) demonstrate familiarity with web resources covered in the course. Continuing Education: This course has been approved for 4 hours of Medical Library Association (MLA) Continuing Education Units.

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