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NN/LM NER Regional Advisory Council Structure and Groups

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The Regional Advisory Council advises NN/LM—NER on all program areas and assists in the evaluation of program areas. The RAC and its entities provide feedback on current trends and issues facing libraries and assist in identifying opportunities for collaboration and outreach throughout the region.

Subcommittees, Working Groups, and Task Forces:

  • Standing subcommittees are ongoing groups with a specific charge.
  • Working groups may be convened a limited number of times throughout the contract period; their work is episodic.
  • Task Forces will be convened to address specific areas of the RML Statement of Work.


Consumer Health Advisory Subcommittee
The Consumer Health Advisory Subcommittee identifies potential areas of consumer health outreach and reviewd courses under development by the Consumer Health Information Coordinator. Subcommittee Members

Hospital Library Subcommittee
The Hospital Library Subcommittee informd the RML on issues related to the status of hospital libraries in the region. The subcommittee’s charge is to inform the NN/LM-NER of ongoing hospital library concerns and to explore strategies which promote the value of health science libraries within health care institutions. Subcommittee Members

Outreach Review Subcommittee
The Outreach Review Subcommittee is primarily responsible for reviewing and scoring competitive outreach subcontract proposals on behalf of the RML.

Resource Library Directors
Resource Library Directors are an advisory group convened to for periodic updates and discussion of ongoing concerns of academic medical institutions. Resource Library Directors

Professional Development Subcommmittee
Will assist in Training and Education Assessment; provide guidance on Training and Education Program and the development of a regional collaboration for sharing events and resource information. Subcommittee Members

Working Groups

Outreach Subcontractors
This group is convened to expose subcontractors to the work and results of other projects, share ideas, and offer ideas for improvement on the NER outreach and subcontract process.

Resource Sharing
Resource Library Directors are considered advisory group convened to for periodic updates and discussion of ongoing concerns of academic medical institutions. Working Group Members

Technology and Information Policy
Will assist in development of NER’s Technology and Information Policy Program Day, assessment of the NER Web site and newer resources like the proposed blog

Training and Education:
Will assist in Training and Education Assessment; providing guidance on Training and Education Programs in the region. Working Group Members

Task Forces

Emergency Preparedness Task Force:
Will assist NER in developing and implementing a regional emergency preparedness plan as advised or dictated in the NEPP developed by NLM. Task Force Members

Historical Collections Task Force:
Will assist NER in identifying unique historical collections that are held by non-member libraries but are of some significance to the history of medicine. Task Force Members