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Hospital Librarian Orientation Toolkit

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine--New England Region is a program of the National Library of Medicine under contract N01-LM-6-3508.

All source documents included in this kit may be freely reproduced.


The Hospital Librarian Orientation Toolkit provides orientation information to hospital and health science librarians in New England.

The tools considered for this kit meet two objectives:

  1. To provide information on library networking resources:
    • Fact sheets and brochures from:
      • MLA (Medical Library Association application)
      • NN/LM NER (regional medical library)
      • NAHSL (regional chapter for MLA)
      • various state/local health sciences library groups
    • Education & training opportunities
    • Professional discussion lists (listservs)

  2. To advance the growth and development of hospital librarians:
    • The role of a professional librarian
    • Goals and principles for a health sciences librarian
    • The 2002 MLA standards for hospital libraries (revised 2004)
    • A bibliography geared for the new health science librarian
    • List of regional library acronyms

Hospital Librarian Orientation Toolkit

Title Pages Format
NN/LM Welcome Letter 1
NN/LM Tri-fold 1
MLA Member Application (2006-07) 1
MLA Standards 2002-2004 7
NAHSL Brochure (New England Region library group) 1
NAHSL Fact Sheet (New England Region library group) 1
ARIHSL Fact Sheet (Rhode Island state library group) 1
CAHSL Fact Sheet (Connecticut state library group) 1
HSLIC Fact Sheet (Maine state library group) 1
HSLNHVT Fact Sheet (New Hampshire/Vermont state library group) 1
MAHSLIN Fact Sheet (Massachusetts state library group) 2
Goals & Principles for a Health Sciences Librarian 1
Role of a Professional Librarian 1
Professional Discussion Lists 3
Education & Training Opportunities 2
List of Regional Library Acronyms 5
Bibliography for the New Hospital Librarian 14

Hospital Library Subcommittee Members

The Hospital Librarian Orientation Toolkit and the Hospital Library Promotion Toolkit were developed by members of the Hospital Library Subcommittee, who serve on the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) of the National Network of Libraries, New England Region (NN/LM NER).

NER Hospital Library Subcommittee Members (by alphabetical order):

Margo Coletti Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston, MA
Deb Clark Stephens Memorial Hospital Norway, ME
Denise Corless Caritas Norwood Hospital Norwood, MA
Barbara Davis Newport Hospital Newport, RI
Anne Fladger Brigham & Women's Hospital Boston, MA
NN/LM NER Shrewsbury, MA
Mimi Guessferd Parkland Medical Center Derry, NH
Sheila Hayes Portsmouth Regional Medical Center Portsmouth, NH
Betsy Merrill Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital St. Johnsbury, VT