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Funded Projects Past and Present!

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Last year four projects were funded that advanced the Network through health information outreach or advancing health information practice through knowledge management.

In November we announced available funding opportunities for the 2011-2012 year. Proposals were submitted and reviewed by corresponding Communities of Interest. Three projects were approved for funding:

Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston
Standards for Care for Rehabilitation Services.
The Standards of Care for Rehabilitation Services project will research and investigate systems that would be appropriate to manage the creation and revision of the Department of Rehabilitation Standards of care and integrate them into clinical practice. Physical, occupational, and speech therapists author and review the standards and manage standards documents. The library will develop a knowledge management process that will allow for the creation, approval, and ongoing revision of the standards within an integrated system.

Healthy Acadia
Community Engagement Project
Healthy Acadia serves as the Healthy Maine Partnership for Hancock County and provides public health services for Hancock County, Maine’s second most rural district. The Community Engagement Project will enhance the awareness and use of National Library of Medicine health information resources among service providers as well as the general public. The project aims to conduct 15 training sessions and reach 170 participants.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Worcester Campus)
Improving Health Information Literacy in Middle School Children
This project uses community-based, interactive, and age-appropriate strategies to introduce 6th graders to the role of libraries in higher education, educate about lead poisoning, and improve students’ ability to use and apply health information. The program includes off-site components that bring students to public libraries, academic libraries, and art museums to explore the uses of lead and the effects of lead poisoning.

Rhode Island Welcome Back Center at Dorcas Place (RIWBC)
Health Information Literacy Outreach Project
RIWBC based at Dorcas Place adult education center is an initiative designed to help underemployed internationally educated medical practitioners re-enter their professions or alternative health careers in the state. . The project will partner with RI Community Health Workers Association and will use a train the trainer mode for workshops designed to inform RI’s health and adult education providers about how to effectively promote reliable health information to underserved minority populations. The project aims to reach 2,000 adult learners and community health workers.

Projects began on or after the start of our second fiscal year, May 2012. Projects will be completed by April 2013. In November, NER will announce its funding opportunities for the third (2013-2014) fiscal year.

NER Funding Opportunities

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Hello everyone.

This note announces the availability of subcontract and awards funding from NER for 2008-2009. I’ve pasted information relevant to both subcontracts and awards below. Please contact Javier Crespo if you have any questions or want to talk about project possibilities you’ve been thinking about.

NER announces the availability of Health Information Outreach Subcontracts. Health Information Outreach Subcontracts assist Network members and other health-related agencies in their efforts to provide information services and training to audiences not normally reached. Target audiences can be health care workers, librarians and others who refer consumers to health information, and consumers.

Subcontracts fund extended health information projects that generally run from 12 to 18 months. The Health Information Outreach Subcontract’s primary aim is to broaden access to health information resources featuring National Library of Medicine resources.

Total amount to be funded for any or all approved projects is $40,000.
Proposals are due October 28, 2008.
Awardees will be contacted on or before November 30.
Funded projects can begin their performance period after January 1, 2009.

The complete Request for Proposal (RFP) is available at

Proposals are accepted from Full or Affiliate members of the NN/LM NER. Partnerships with affiliate members, public health agencies, state, county and /or local public health agencies and community-based groups are strongly encouraged. Proposals are encouraged from community-based agencies and organizations working with providers and patients or other agencies seeking to conduct a health information project.

In addition funds are limited but available for the following awards:
Express Outreach and other awards
Community Engagement Awards support short-term outreach projects for advancing health information
Course Development Awards support the development of instructional programs
Exhibits Awards are for members’ participation at venues that promote health information resources.
Technology Awareness Program Awards fund learning programs for the application of technology in health information
Internet Connectivity Awards fund the expanded access to health information needed in libraries and other settings

There’s more information for both subcontracts and awards available at

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