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DOCLINE-New Quarterly Reports available

NLM has released the following DOCLINE quarterly statistical reports for July – September 2014:

*1-1A, 1-11A, 1-1AT – Summary DOCLINE Borrower Statistics

*1-1B – Summary DOCLINE Lender Statistics

*1-2A, 1-22A – Detailed DOCLINE Borrower Statistics

*1-2B – Detailed DOCLINE Lender Statistics

*2-14 – Resource Library Quarterly Report – Fill Rate

*5-1A – Loansome Doc Detailed Lender Statistics

*5-1B – Loansome Doc Throughput Report

Please note: Reports 1-11A, 1-1AT and 1-22A are only distributed to libraries that have entered requests in DOCLINE for other libraries. Report 2-14 is only distributed to resource libraries. DOCLINE quarterly statistical reports are available by going to Requests, then Reports in the DOCLINE menu. Instructions for downloading and printing reports may be found in the “Request Reports” section of the online manual (click the Help link at the top of the DOCLINE screen) or at

If you have any questions, please complete the relevant form found under Contact Us in DOCLINE.

NN/LM Ending Support for Internet Explorer 8

Due to recent software updates on, Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported. Some read-only sections of will continue to be available via IE8. However, anyone using IE8 will probably not be able to submit assignments in online courses utilizing the NN/LM Moodle framework, and may not even be able to access and log into Moodle courses. Other services that require data to be posted to the server are also likely to fail. In addition, DOCLINE will not support IE8 after the end of 2014. Please visit the NN/LM System Requirements page to see a complete list of supported browsers. For best usability, NLM recommends that libraries should begin talking to their local IT departments about upgrading their browsers to at least Internet Explorer 10.

Starting January 12, 2016, Microsoft will drop support, including security updates, for older Internet Explorer browser versions. Only the most recent version of IE for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates. Microsoft’s Stay up-to-date with Internet Explorerblog page provides a good explanation of why IE users should upgrade to the most current version.

(original blog post written by Marco Tamase at NN/LM PSR and posted on 8/29/14)

Grants and Proposal Writing Workshop

If you are attending the NAHSL Annual Conference in Maine, please join me for a Grant and Proposal Writing workshop from 4-5 PM on Monday.  Attendees will receive 1 MLA CE unit. Our Associate Director just announced our latest funding opportunities. Proposals are due by November 21, 2014.  Attend this workshop to get insights and tips from the reviewer’s perspective.

Workshop description: 

This presentation, designed for beginning proposal writers, will teach you how to apply for funding opportunities. Each component of the proposal writing process will be addressed, including: documenting the need; identifying the target population; writing measurable objectives; developing a work plan; an evaluation plan and dissemination plan.  We will explore National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region (NN/LM NER) funding opportunities and examples of successful projects.  The presenter will share tips from her experiences with planning, writing, and reviewing proposals.

 Presenter:  Michelle Eberle, Health Literacy and Community Engagement Coordinator

Ebola Resources

DIMRC  wants to take the opportunity at this time to inform you of some important resources you may find useful with the current Ebola situation, since it is becoming more of an international concern. Whereas we do have some information in WISER on Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (of which Ebola is one of the agents), we’d also like to point you to the following trusted resources for more current information that is pertinent to the current outbreak. Please note that this web-based information is much more current than our apps can be, since the situation evolves so rapidly.


  • NLM Ebola Information:

As a library, we collect, organize & disseminate information. The resources below contain links to many government, non-government, international, journal articles, situation reports, multi-language, maps, & social media information.

If you’re looking for EMS guidance for Ebola, we will show you the current guidance available here!




All the above pages have links on the left side of the page where you can get to information on signs/symptoms, transmission, risk of exposure, prevention, treatment, etc. Updates are occurring regularly, so check back to get the latest, or subscribe (using your e-mail address) to them for updates at –

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