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New KM Project at Maine Medical Center

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

The NER will fund a new Knowledge Management project proposal from the Clinical and Academic Resource Center at Maine Medical Center (MMC) in Portland, ME.  The Medical Library at Maine Medical Center is currently a pilot project participant in the NER’s Regional KM Initiative.  At the core of the initiative lies a 5-year strategic plan to help develop and transition from traditional hospital libraries to more broadly defined healthcare knowledge services centers (HKSCs).

This additional project represents Stage Two of Maine Medical Center Library’s Knowledge Management Pilot. Their initial Knowledge Management project created a repository of locally generated research, clinical and academic content.  That award funded an environmental scan, product development, staff and workflow design to implement this new service. The Library partnered with the Sports Medicine program to gather content, survey user needs and test repository software.

The second phase of the Knowledge Management project will expand the content area, and gather current practices and processes from MMC’s Research Institute. From their conduct of an environmental scan, it was learned that the Research Institute had been gathering content for principal investigators and other departments on an “as needed” basis. This second project will allow the Library to work closely with the Research Institute, extending the Library’s knowledge of content areas, while expanding their influence to standardize practice across the institution.


Funded Projects Outcomes Year One!

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

NER began its 2011-2016 contract period with five exciting projects proposed and approved to extend outreach and provide a mode knowledge management project. Projects were submitted as proposals, reviewed by the corresponding Community of Interest and approved. Project performance periods extended through April 2012.

Here briefly are some of the outstanding accomplishments and outcomes for these projects:

Central Massachusetts Area Health Education Center, Worcester
Health Literacy: Your Knowledge, Your Health
Funding this project allowed CM AHEC/OWTI to create a health literacy tutorial for community health workers to improve patient communication skills and find and evaluate good health information. A 12 hour course has been developed for community health workers. CHWs are a critical health workforce and are key to supporting consumers in acquiring health literacy skills that will improve their health and access to health care in the long term.

Littleton Regional Hospital, Littleton NH
Dental Health and Education Project
The project addressed health literacy issues for patients who resort to using the emergency department to treat a toothache or an abscessed tooth. Patients often cannot pay for routine dental health care. The major accomplishment of this project was developing a curriculum for using “The Teach-Back Method” of ensuring that patients understand instructions (e.g., taking medications, home-care instructions, follow-up, dental prevention across the lifespan). The project librarian was able to “obtain true buy-in from senior leadership” for the health literacy initiative.

Maine Medical Center, Portland
Clinical and Academic Resource Center
Knowledge Management Pilot Site: Creating a repository of local content to support knowledge management services
Funding allowed the library to develop the foundation for a repository of locally generated research, including clinical and academic content. The project involved conducting a needs assessment, product development, and design of necessary staffing and workflow. Our target group within the hospital was the Sports Medicine department, a small but prolific group. Project staff worked with the hospital’s Information Systems department on technical issues, and the Research and Medical & Academic Affairs staff. An independent consultant was contracted to perform an environmental scan of the institution’s research content and volume. Major accomplishments were the analysis of the knowledge asset needs of our users, the exploration of repository software, and the environmental scan report.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Worcester
Campus Helping Older Adults Search for Reliable Sources of Information
This project introduced older adults to MedlinePlus while teaching skills to evaluate health information. A mobile computer classroom was built, a series of three hands-on lessons were offered at 28 sessions across five senior centers. Sessions were based on specific modules from the NIHSenior Health’s “Helping Older Adults Search for Health Information Online: A Toolkit for Trainers.” Pharmacy students in their final year of study in the PharmD program assisted in presenting the lessons by providing one-on-one instructional assistance.

Massachusetts General Hospital, Chelsea MA
Upgrading and Enhancing ARCH Training
Based on the successful operation of ARCH in providing hands-on training and outreach to older adult communities, two ARCH outreach projects focused on strengthening access to health information and resources online among senior citizens in Chelsea, Massachusetts. While purchasing computers, developing and curricula, and conducting five hands-on sessions for seniors, the project also reached out to the Healthy Chelsea Coalition to present ARCH and MedlinePlus resources to 60 health care and human service professionals.

We congratulate our past funded projects for extending the National Library of Medicine’s outreach mission, and enhancing the Network by developing practices.

See our new projects that have been funded for the current fiscal year.

Disaster Health Information Outreach Funding

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

The National Library of Medicine announces a funding opportunity for small projects to improve access to disaster medicine and public health information for health care professionals, first responders and others that play a role in health-related disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

Contract awards will be offered for a minimum of $15,000 to a maximum of $30,000 each for a one-year project.

The deadline for proposals that was Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at 2 pm ET, has now been change to Monday, August 20, 2012 at 2pm EST.

Summaries of the seven projects funded for 2011-2012 can be viewed at

For more information and instructions about the “Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Project 2012”, please visit .

Please know that proposal submission, approval, and management of projects is with NLM’s Disaster Information Management Resource Center.

NNPHI Call for Proposals

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Announcement forwarded from NNPHI e-newsletter:

National Network of Public Health Institutes Call for Proposals:
States Without an NNPHI Member

Public health institutes (PHIs) are nonprofits that improve the public’s health by fostering innovation, leveraging resources, and building partnerships across sectors. PHIs address current and emerging health issues by providing expertise in areas such as: Fiscal/Administrative Management; Population-Based Health Program Delivery; Health Policy Development, Implementation, and Evaluation; Training and Technical Assistance; Research and Evaluation; Health Information Services; Health Communications and Social Marketing and Convening/Partnering. See NNPHI’s membership categories for more information.

In August 2011, NNPHI embarked on a new set of projects that are designed to amplify PHI’s roles and impact on public health performance, policy, and evidence, as well as strengthen NNPHI’s own infrastructure and partnerships to promote PHIs as an essential component of the “new public health” system. This CFP seeks to enhance the performance of the public health system by supporting additional states with finding ways to use the PHI model to help address their pressing health challenges. The 22 states currently without a PHI (as defined by NNPHI) are eligible to apply for this opportunity (click for a map of current NNPHI Members ) . This project will fund up to two states to advance efforts to establish a PHI that meets NNPHI’s definition, with an ultimate goal of improving these states’ public health systems.

Important Dates:
May 30, 2012 (1:00-2:00PM CT): Dialogue4Health Webinar on “What can a Public Health Institute do for my Health Department” featuring additional information on the CFP opportunity).
June 6, 2012: Letters of intent are due
June 25, 2012: Deadline for full receipt of proposals
Late July 2012: Projects are selected
Project Timeline:
Selected states will be notified in late July. The grant period begins August 1, 2012 and continues through March 31, 2013.

Learn More:
Each selected state will receive $10,000. See the Call for Proposals and budget worksheet for additional details. For additional information, please contact Katie Dabdoub, NNPHI Program Coordinator, at

# # #

About the National Network of Public Health Institutes
Created in 2001 as a forum for public health institutes (PHIs), today NNPHI convenes its members and partners at the local, state, and national levels in efforts to address critical health issues. NNPHI’s mission is to support national public health system initiatives and strengthen PHIs to promote multi-sector activities resulting in measurable improvements of public health structures, systems, and outcomes. Learn more about NNPHI and its member institutes at

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