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Toolkit for Hospital Librarians

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

The NN/LM SE/A region created a Toolkit for Hospital Librarians. Organized by David Midyette, SE/A’s Outreach Coordinator, this toolkit includes a diversity of information for hospital librarians. Topics include: technology, assessment and evaluation, leadership, marketing and promotion, health literacy, EHRs, copyright, ILL, open access, citation styles, disaster resources, statistics, and evidence based practice. Take a look at this helpful toolkit at:

Healthcare Workforce and Community Colleges

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

This past Wednesday (August 8th) the Healthcare Workforce COI held a session to discuss the community colleges. Community colleges compose a sizable part of the region’s full membership.

Community college students come from very diverse often non-traditional backgrounds, their educational and career paths may be stop and go. Enrollment is growing as graduating students and unemployed workers seek affordable educational alternatives. The promise of increased job availability, demand for enrollment in community college programs will continue to grow.

Community Colleges offer programs in a wide variety of academic health sciences programs: nursing programs are the majority but other programs abound like dental hygiene, occupational therapy, sonography and radiography, and respiratory therapy.

Community colleges also have a large certificate programs for areas like dental assisting, healthcare interpreter, phlebotomy, dialysis, imaging. Community colleges are also at the center of HealthIT related programs that train students in practice workflow and redesign, implementation management and support, and software support and training.

Librarians at community colleges can specialize in the health sciences but also serve a broader set of academic programs and departments throughout their institutions.

By concentrating on community colleges, the health care workforce COI will examine how librarians provide particular services to health sciences students and faculty while attending to other academic programs and responsibilities. As a learning community it will be a forum for librarians to learn from each other. What are the best resources? How to keep up to date? what are useful standards or competencies?

The healthcare workforce COI can gather formally or informally to exchange ideas, plan and put on distance based and in-person programs, recruit speakers. Pat Gorman of the Community College of Rhode Island is the COI Leader and has heard from several community college and other interested librarians; she is looking forward to hearing from others and move the COI’s ideas forward.

Contact Pat at

Link to Web Session Presentation

Medicare Learning Network Button

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Help health professionals stay informed of the most up-to-date information from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Your library can add the Medicare Learning Network’s (MLN) button to your website. The MLN provides information about educational products, the National Provider Call Program, the FFS Provider Partnership Program, the CMS MLN e-news, electronic mailing lists, and the Contractor Provider Customer Service Program. You can obtain the MLN button.
from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid

Also, you can stay current by joining the MLN Education Products listserv. To join, go to:
2) Enter “MLN”
3) Click search

For more information, contact Valerie Haugen, Director of Provider Information Planning and Development, Provider Communications Group, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

HealthCare Workforce and Community Colleges

Friday, July 13th, 2012

By Pat Gorman

Pat Gorman leads NER’s Healthcare Workforce Community of Interest and is a librarian at the Community College of Rhode Island.

The Healthcare Workforce COI begins its second year with a focus on the many healthcare professionals who are educated and trained in our local community colleges. From certificate programs to associate degree programs, the community college offers a variety of career paths to a highly diverse population and prepares them with the skills and competencies needed to succeed in a healthcare setting. In addition to the traditional academic degrees in fields such as nursing, dental hygiene, respiratory therapy and occupational therapy, these school often have additional workforce programs to support developing fields such as Health IT .

Our goal this year will be to look at the role of the community college the healthcare workforce, to become familiar with the resources available to them, to share regional news and personal experiences, and to explore the many ways that libraries can support these programs.

We invite those who are interested in this aspect of the healthcare workforce to join us in an initial web session on Wednesday, August 8 from 10:00-11:00. To start our thinking on the topic, here is a link to a short Q&A session with Roxanne Fulcher, Director of Health Professions Policy and the Health Professions Education Center at the American Association of Community Colleges: The Role of Community Colleges in Meeting the Nation’s Health Workforce Needs

Register for the HealthCare Workforce Community College Libraries Session on August 8th.

If you can not make the session please let us know you are interested in being a part of the Healthcare Workforce Community of Interest: send us an email.

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