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Get involved in MCR Infrastructure & Outreach!

Developing collaborations among Network members to improve access and sharing of biomedical information resources is an important goal for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine MidContinental Region. We would like to invite you to get involved in carrying out this goal by participating in infrastructure projects and outreach programs. By getting involved, Network members can learn and expand their experiences plus meet new people from all sorts of different backgrounds.

For whatever activity you choose to get involved with, the best place to start is by calling your state coordinator.

Click here for the staff directory!

Attention AHIP members or those working towards AHIP membership! Did you know most of these activities qualify for the Medical Library Association's AHIP (Academy of Health Information Professionals) certification points? Click here to learn more!

Teaching & Training

Looking for more than a 60 second interchange that is typically found while exhibiting at professional meetings and prefer a more intimate/in-depth experience? Do you like to teach? You may consider co-teaching/co-training on NLM or NN/LM resources for groups in your community. (You have seen several of our members already co-teaching during our “Breezing Along with the RML” webinars). There are numerous classes that you can teach or co-teach with a NN/LM MCR Coordinator.

Click here to learn more about the classes we teach

Contribute to the Plains to Peaks Post

Are you good at putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard? Would you like to share the cool things that are going on at your library or institution? We are always looking for members to share what they are doing in our quarterly Plains to Peaks Post Newsletter. Articles are fairly short, about 500 words or so.

Click here to view the current and past issues of the Plains to Peaks Post!

Please contact the Member Services/Wyoming Coordinator Jim Honour or Project Coordinator, Suzanne Sawyer to learn how you can submit your article and share your experience with your colleagues.

Regional Advisory Board and Workgroups

Are you an outcome oriented person? Like to work with others? Do you have good ideas that you’d like to put into play? NN/LM Network members can increase their influence on how the NN/LM MCR operates and the types of services offered by joining the Regional Advisory Board (RAB) or a workgroup.

RAB members (click here for a current list of RAB members) participate in meetings and workgroup activities, which all have a direct impact on the direction the NN/LM MCR is taking.

Workgroups are organized within the MCR's special project areas, from advocacy to technology, from document delivery to community outreach to minority groups. Take a look at the MCR special project areas, see what matches your interests, and then give the coordinator a call!

Tell us your needs

Don’t feel like you are being heard? Are you quick with the delete key when you see a survey or are you well intentioned but never get around to responding to one? We know that responding to surveys, questionnaires, polls, or even participating on a focus group can seem arduous or seen as one of those daily annoyances with little relevance to you. BUT, if we don’t know what you need, we go with known needs from those that DO respond. So, if you have an idea of what could make your work life a whole lot easier and you think would be appropriate for the NN/LM MCR to fill, belay pressing that delete key and tell us about it.