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Mission I'mPossible: A game for Network members

Good morning Mr. or Ms. Net Workmember,

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental Region is inviting you to engage in a game where the mission, should you choose to accept it, is to accomplish as many tasks as possible to accumulate points that will, depending on your performance as a librarian, earn you a spot on the leader board and potentially lead you to winning the game.

Many of the tasks you will be completing will challenge and increase your skills and knowledge as a librarian. You will be asked to advocate for yourself and your library program, participate in professional development activities, increase you skills in the use of technology that can enhance your library’s reach and enrich your library’s program.

As challenging as this might be, we are confident that you will be able to take on anything thrown at you.

As always, should you or anyone on your IM Force Team be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

This description of the game theme will self-destruct in five seconds.

Good Luck!

Game Access and Platform

Game Player Types

Player – Eligibility and Responsibilities

  • Eligible players are individuals from National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental Region member institution. Certain exceptions to rules can be made.
  • Completes tasks to earn points.
  • Alerts Game Master or Administrator of any system glitches or other errors.

Game Masters – Responsibilities

  • Develops game tasks for players to accomplish.
  • Determines if player adequately accomplishes tasks.
  • Distributes bonus point in appropriate situations.
  • Current Game Master Players (MCR Staff Directory):
    • Abbey, Dana
    • Bramble, John
    • Hamasu, Claire
    • Honour, Jim
    • Jones, Barb
    • Kelly, Betsy
    • Magee, Marty
    • Rogers, Monica
    • Shipman, Jean
    • Vukas, Rachel

Game Boss – Responsibilities

  • Develops all front end and back ends for game play.
  • Work with other game levels players to ensure smooth/fair game play.
  • Acts as or appoints a referee who determines outcome of any disputed game play.
  • Current Boss Players:
    • Bramble, John
    • Steadman, Matt

Game Duration

The game, “Mission I’mPossible”, begins September 14, 2013 and will end April 30, 2014. All game Task Types must be played within this time period. Exceptions can be made by Game Masters in certain situations or type of tasks being played.

Game Winner

The winner of the “Mission I’mPossible” game is the player with the most accumulated points across the play areas (Advocacy, Education, Health Information Literacy, and Technology). The winning player must have earned at least 110 points in each play area.

The winning player will be will be recognized on the MCR web site, the RML News Blog, and P2PP Newsletter. The NN/LM MCR will also provide them with a Game Winning Certificate and send announcements to the editor of the MCMLA Express of their spectacular win.

Earn Points

To earn points, players must:

  • Accomplish tasks described in each of the game areas and demonstrate this to the appropriate Game Master.
  • Players must follow the instructions outlined in the game area on how to accomplish the task and how to apply points to their player account/profile.
  • A Game Master can issue bonus points to a player who when above and beyond the expected level of effort.

Point Distribution:

Points are distributed in the following schedule:

Point Amount Task Type Description
10 Points See It To earn "See It" points, the player must demonstrate to the Game Master that they viewed, read, or in some other manor, performed the requirements to earn game points. A few examples are:
  • The Technology Game Master creates a task requiring the player to learn about Twitter and its application in a library program. To earn "See It" points, the player is required learn to about Twitter and demonstrate their knowledge by answering the correct answer(s) to a quiz located in the Game Play area.
  • Or, a player can attend a Breezing Along with the RML session. A special point code will be distributed to players who stay to the end of the session or view the entire archived session.
  • Or, a player can attend a Breezing Along with the RML session and must demonstrate that they were there AND paying attention by answering the correct quiz question in the Game Play area.
30 Points Do It To earn "Do It" points, players must have first received "See It" points for this game task. Exceptions can be made to this rule by the Game Master in certain situations. The player must then demonstrate that they have performed the game task as described in the task instructions. For example:
  • The Technology Game Master created a task that requires a player to demonstrate their use of Twitter in a library setting. The player would need to demonstrate that they created a Twitter account, have had it set up with basic features, have tweeted and re-tweeted tweets.
70 Points Teach It Players who are earning “Teach It” points must first have received “Do It” points. Exceptions can be made to this rule by the Game Master in certain situations. The player must then demonstrate to the Game Master that they have performed some form of teaching, promotion, or presentation on the value of the task to at least one person. For example:
  • The Technology Game Master created a task that requires the Player to teach at least one person about Twitter. The person being trained by the player would need to demonstrate their knowledge of Twitter to at least the “See It” level as described above. They could do this by lecture, presentation, write an article for their institution’s newsletter, etc.
5 Points Bonus Points There are two ways a player can earn “Bonus” points:

The first way bonus points can be awarded is when a Game Master observes a player who has gone above and beyond the requirements of "Do It" or "Teach It" tasks areas. The second way is if a player alerts a Game Master that they feel they have gone above and beyond what was required of them. There are no bonus point for "See It" points.

For example: if a Game Master alerted of or observes a player:
  • Continuing to contribute content or enhancements to their Twitter account that makes it a growing / more robust resource (an example of a “Do It” activity
  • a player teaching to 2 or more individuals, writing an article on using Twitter / discussing it as a resource, or creating a web guide. (examples of “Teach It” activities).
  • Enhancing their player profile. For instance, adding their photo, or completely filling out their profile.
  • Recruiting Network members to play the game.
  • Requests a copy of the game to be played at their institution.
Points can be awarded in 5 Point increments and is at the discretion of the Game Master.

Changes to how game is played:

Changes to game play may take place at anytime and without notice. The NN/LM MCR will make every effort announce the change with as much lead time as possible before changes go into effect.

Reasons for changes to the game would be to make game play better or enhance the gaming experience. Changes may include: rules; point distribution; tasks; theme and game layout design; etc. Players may request that changes be reconsidered or redacted by submitting their reasoning to an Administration Level Player within 10 days of the change.