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Vol 10 No 2 – January 2012


open book
Who will have the last print copy of our core medical journals? If MedPrint is successful, 13 DOCLINE libraries will have the last print copies. The National Library of Medicine has developed a collaborative plan for DOCLINE libraries all across the country to commit to preserving print copies of 250 Abridged Index Medicus® and PubMed Central® titles for 25 years; that is until 2036. If you are a DOCLINE library and have any of the titles in your collection, you could be one of the twelve libraries. The National Library of Medicine is committed to holding the 13th copy. (more…)

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Hospital Evaluation Scan

Image of a man on a library ladder at a tall bookshelf.


The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental Region has had several library closures during the past five-year contract. For this reason we decided to monitor the ongoing status of our member libraries. We intend to look at trends in budget and issues related to budget such as the collection budget, staffing, library location, and hours of operation. We assume that the budget is a primary factor in the library’s continuing operation. We are also tracking information on the service to and importance of the various groups (e.g., management, physicians, etc.) in the hospital and external events that impact the library. From this data we hope to determine the qualities in the librarian and library’s operations that are indicators for success or are warning signals that indicate the need for assistance. (more…)

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What’s New with…

     – the NN/LM National Library Medicine of Training Center (NTC)


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Consumer Health Literacy in the Public Library

Photo of Christina Pryor

Christina Pryor, MLS
Reference Manager
St. Louis County Library

I came to St. Louis County Library just over a year ago as a Reference Librarian but prior to that I was a corporate medical Research Librarian. I had also worked at a medical publishing company and an academic medical practice. In all I had almost a decade of experience in the medical area but I assumed that was over when I moved to the public library setting. (more…)

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Book Review: Internal Bleeding

Darell Schmick
Information Services Librarian
University of Missouri-Columbia

I had a chance to read Internal Bleeding: The Truth Behind America’s Terrifying Epidemic of Medical Mistakes. Penned by two physicians, the authors do a great job explaining the shortfalls present in the healthcare field, the errors that can arise from such shortfalls, and what actions the reader/patient can take to be better protected from medical errors. (more…)

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Faith Community Nursing

– A Holistic Approach to Care

Parish Nurses Stained Glass Window Logo2011 marked the 25th year for the Westberg Parish Nurse Symposium. This annual event brought together faith community nurses (FCN)1 – also known as parish nurses, congressional nurses, health ministers, pastoral associates, parish care coordinators, church nurses, and health ministry nurses – from around the United States, to explore their roles in the integration of traditional nursing care with the spiritual and emotional needs of individuals. (more…)

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