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Making Blue Button Access to Immunization Records Quick, Easy, and Convenient

It’s back to school time and many parents need immunization records for the school nurse.  But this information is rarely available online in an EHR.  In October 2013, ONC and CDC launched a project in five states that connects a secure and convenient web-based portal to immunization data that can be made available to both health care providers and consumers (or in many cases, parents).  Read the full article to find out how this works and which states are participating.

Share Your Impact Stories Today

Attention librarians who have stories to share about how they have played a pivotal role in saving patient’s lives, improved their outcome, and/or reduced their length of stay. We’re also looking for librarians who have saved their institution millions (thousands or hundreds is okay, too) of dollars by helping your institution make major decisions. We know there are stories out there to be told!

Join us (Tuesday, September 2, 2014 1-3 MT, 2-4 CT) for an online celebration of the value of what health sciences librarians bring to healthcare. This is not a time to be shy! It’s time to puff up your shoulders brag. Drop in anytime–stay as long as you can–leave when you have to.

With October being Medical Librarians Month. Your stories will be collected and made available on the web for you and others to use (more about this later). We also plan to use some of these stories for a financial impact research project that the RML is working on.

When: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 1-3 MT, 2-4 CT


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Talking With Your Doctor Presentation Toolkit

The National Institute on Aging has created a presentation toolkit based on the booklet Talking With Your Doctor: A Guide for Older People. The toolkit includes slides, speaker notes and participant handouts.

Topics include:

  • Get ready for a doctor’s visit
  • Effectively talk with a clinician about health concerns
  • Make collaborative decisions about treatment
  • Remember what was discussed following the appointment

Access the toolkit:

New OERC Webinar: Eval 2.0

The OERC debuted a brand new webinar for the NN/LM Greater Midwest Region’s monthly Lake Effect webinar series on August 21. The new webinar, Evaluation 2.0: Trends, New Ideas, Cool Tools, presents emerging trends in evaluation practice that emphasize stakeholder interaction and social engagement. It also covers popular tools and methods that allow you to draw others into the evaluation process and raise the visibility of your program or services. The NN/LM GMR makes recordings of Lake Effects presentations publicly available, so click here to listened to the  Eval 2.0 webinar.

If you are interested in attending a live presentation of this webinar, please contact the OERC or your National Network of Libraries of Medicine regional office. Descriptions of other  OERC webinars that can be offered upon request are listed here.

Recording now available from Discover NLM Resources and More – Aug. 27, 2014

Statistical Resources:

One MLA Credit is available for this session up until Sept. 17.  Questions to Marty Magee :

EDUCATION: Save the dates for September offerings in Breezing and Discover NLM Resources

  • Wednesday, September 17, 10:00 MT/11:00 CT

Breezing Along with the RML:  Copyright FAQ – Get answers to the most common questions asked of librarians today.   If you find an image on the Internet, can you use it? Can the author of an article post it on a webpage? How can journal clubs share articles?  Presented by Heather Brown and Marie Reidelbach from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

  • Wednesday, September 24, 1:00 MT/2:00 CT

Discover NLM Resources and More:  Topic Specific Queries in Public Health  presented by Monica Rogers

Join us at:   Equipment: connection to the Internet and a phone,  Login: as a guest with your first and last name. Instructions to connect to the audio will show up once you’ve logged in.  No registration required. Captioning will be provided and the session will be recorded.  One hour MLA CE will be available for the Discover NLM Resources session.   Questions to


There is a new MCR game blowing in from the far north…

Hello Network members!

Do you recall last year’s awesome game hosted by the RML? Mission I’mPossible? where Agent Kitty Serling was our winner? Were you one of the agents playing the game or maybe you wished you were?

Well, have we some great news for you folks who like playing games while at the same time competing with your colleagues, learning new things, and doing good stuff at your library or institution.

We don’t want to give the theme away…yet! But I will give you a tiny hint. It involves cyclones, witches, munchkins, and cities made of emeralds plus part of the storyline is located in one of the states in our region and starts with the letter “K”. If you are lucky (or super smart) and can name the theme, please contact John Bramble with your answer to see if you’re correct.

Please stay tuned to future RML news announcements for details and launch date!



Ebola Outbreak Information Resources Page

Forwarded from NLM:

A new web page, Ebola Outbreak 2014: Information Resources, is now available from the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) Disaster Information Management Research Center. The resources on this page may be of value to international and local organizations and individuals providing Ebola outbreak-related services in West Africa, as well as friends and family of people in the affected region.

Also, a reminder that NLM has activated the Emergency Access Initiative in support of medical efforts in West Africa. For a description of the Emergency Access Initiative (and other resources from publishers) see Free Resources from Publishers for Medical Responders on the new Ebola Outbreak page.

The news story, NLM Launches Emergency Access Initiative, Granting Free Access to Books and Journals for Healthcare Professionals Fighting Ebola Outbreak, provides more detail on the NLM response to the Ebola outbreak.   /ch


Our Impact Stories

Join us for a celebration of the impact health sciences librarians have on healthcare. Share your proud moment when you saved a life, played a key role in a patient’s health care choice, saved your institution thousands of dollars, helped your institution make a major decision. We all have these stories. Let’s not be shy, it’s time to brag about them.

October is Medical Librarians Month. Your stories will be collected and made available on the web for you and others to use. More about this later. We also plan to use some of these stories for a financial impact research project that the RML is working on.

When: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 1-3 MT, 2-4 CT
Login: as a Guest with your first and last names. Have the system call you on your phone. /ch

MCR’s Online Office Consults…check it out!

A few weeks ago, we announced a new way you can access your RML staff by going to their online offices during their office hours.

We know what you’re thinking…you have always been able to connect with MCR staff just by picking up the phone or by shooting them an email, right?

I ask (again), can a phone or an email share a live view of a webpage (either yours or theirs), download a document right then and there, see Claire’s bright smile, or see how cool Marty has set up her online office? If you answered “yes” you’re wrong or using some newfangled phone/email service that you’re obligated to share with me what it is.

Come, on! Come and check out our new staff webpage  and see the many things we can help you with. Caution! Conversations could be frank!