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NLM Systems Back Online

The emergency work on NLM’s Data Center is complete. If you notice any issues with the databases or systems, please let NLM know at Contact NLM.

Your patience is appreciated! /ch

NLM Emergency Systems Shutdown

We have just been notified by NLM of a systems shutdown. Please alert others in your institution who may be affected.

Beginning at 6:00PM, ET, today, Wednesday, 13 August 2014, the NLM will begin a systems shutdown to allow for the emergency repair of the chilled water supply to the NLM Data Center. 

These systems may be restored as early as 8:00 AM ET Thursday, 14 August, but possibly as late as 11:00 AM ET. 


Most of the databases and systems on the NLM network are expected to be impacted. 


Please check the NLM website  for updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  /ch

Webinar Series on the NIH Public Access Policy

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern/Atlantic Region will host two free Webinars on the NIH Public Access Policy and the role of libraries.
1. The NIH Public Access Policy – Information for Librarians
Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT

We will discuss the following topics:

  • Review basics of the public access policy, and the role of librarians;
  • Present the Public Access Compliance Monitor;
  • Answer questions about the policy sent to us in advance via the online registration form;
  • Address issues and questions raised during the Webinar.
2. The NIH Public Access Policy – Views from the Library Trenches
Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Time: 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM EDT

You have heard the specifics of the NIH Policy. Now find out how librarians are responding to the need to get researchers up to speed on compliance with the policy. Join us to find out the following:

  • What strategies librarians are using to support their communities. What’s worked; and what hasn’t;
  • How to get started, and which groups to work with at your institution;
  • What tools librarians can use to help researchers and improve compliance rates;
  • How librarians can work with each other to improve outcomes.

This Webinar will feature presentations from three libraries with experience on the ground helping researchers with the NIH Public Access Policy, followed by a Q&A with the audience. The presenters will discuss their unique approaches in the trenches of supporting and providing outreach on the policy.

Space is limited, more information./da


Webinar: Using the New NCBI Variation Viewer to Explore Human Genetic Variation

Your researchers may also  be interested in this.

When: August 13, 2014 11-12 MT, 12-1 CT


This presentation will show you how to find human sequence variants by chromosome position, gene, disease names and database identifiers (RefSNP, Variant region IDs) using NCBI’s new Variation Viewer .

You will learn how to browse the genome, navigate by gene or exon, filter results by one or more categories including allele frequencies from 1000 Genomes or GO-ESP, and link to related information in NCBI’s molecular databases and medical genetics resources such as ClinVar, MedGen and GTR. You will also be shown how to upload your own data to add to the display, and download results. Anyone who works with clinical or research variation data will find that the Variation Viewer provides a convenient and powerful way to access human variation data in a genomic context that is fully integrated with all other NCBI tools and databases. /ch

Announcing: a NEW way to connect with NN/LM MCR Staff – Online Office Consults

Beginning this week (Tuesday, August 12, 2014) the folks at the NN/LM MCR will be offering a new way to connect with them by offering online consultation services. MCR staff have created online offices where you can go and meet with them to talk about pretty much anything under the sun or on something in their work expertise (or hobby) area.

We know what you’re thinking…you have always been able to connect with MCR staff just by picking up the phone or by shooting them an email, but can a phone or an email share a live view of a webpage (either yours or theirs), download a document right there and then, or see how messy John’s office is? NO! We didn’t think so! Go check out our staff webpage  and see the many expertise areas of our staff.

Some examples of what we can help with…

Claire says she can help you with: making the most of the services and resources available rom the NN/LM MCR; focus groups by the book or what corners can be shaved and still get results; and if you’re a solo librarian and want to speak to someone who understands librarian-ese, or maybe you have a wild idea (or not so wild idea) and want a second opinion.

Marty says she can help you with: how to make education fun and interactive; using course management software (e.g. Moodle, MoodleRooms, Blackboard, etc); improving business skills, such-as communications, project management, and software tools (e.g. Microsoft Office Suite, search engines, etc.); NLM online databases (PubMed, MedlinePlus, NIH Senior Health, PhPartners, etc.) and of course any of her hobbies related to reading, walking, genealogy, cooking, etc.

Dana would really like to help with: developing community partnerships; issues surrounding health information literacy; supporting public health efforts; and how to get your MLA Consumer Health Information Specialization certification.

Jim can help you with: everything DOCLINE-EFTS-LINKOUT-Loansome Doc; online instruction; NLM Databases (especially consumer health/education); and Emergency Preparedness.

Rachel would like to help you with NLM databases and mobile apps, search engines,  desktop computing tools including Microsoft Office Suite and Web 2.0 apps, increasing internet access to restricted resources, and electronic health records and patient education.  She’s also available if you want to discuss photography, folk music, or have an online hammered dulcimer lesson.

Barb knows a lot about: identifying library value unique to your institution; developing better business skills; how to conduct marketing and promotion efforts; finding the return on investment for your library; issues surrounding patient safety and diagnostic error; NLM resources; and issues around health information literacy. And if you have similar hobbies, such as: knitting; stained glass, reading books

John will talk your ears off, if you let him, on: gaming in adult learning; NN/LM resources and services; NLM databases; website design and online communication tools use/implementation; desktop computing tools (e.g. MS Office products, Web 2.0 apps); and mobile (Apple Products) Devices and app management/use. John also has his hobbies he likes to talk about, like: welding metal together in interesting ways; cooking for others; whitewater rafting; alpine skiing; and digging in garden.

Contact John Bramble,, if you have any comments or questions about any of the above.


The NIH Public Access Policy – Information for Librarians (August 19, 2014)

When: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 11am- 12:30pm MT, 12pm – 1:30pm CT

Register at:  Space is limited.

Join  a discussion about the NIH Public Access Policy and the critical role libraries play. Presented by Dr. Neil Thakur, National Institutes of Health, and by Kathryn Funk, National Library of Medicine.

This webinar will:

  • Review basics of the public access policy, and the role of librarians;
  • Present the Public Access Compliance Monitor;
  • Answer questions about the policy sent to us in advance via the online registration form;
  • Address issues and questions raised during the webinar.

Please list any questions you would like addressed during the webinar in the “Questions & Comments” section located on the online registration page.

Sponsored by the NIH and by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern/Atlantic Region. /ch

Annual Report: How MCR Staff Spent Our 2013-2014 Year

I’m sure you’ve heard us recommend writing an annual report to show your value. We practice what we preach and do one every year for the National Library of Medicine our funding agency. We also do it for you our constituency. You can read our annual report for 2013-2014 on our web site.  Our highlights from last year were:

  • Contract Site Visit:  NLM pulled together a team to review activities of the region. The site visit report was very complimentary and you can read what they said in our report.
  • Bringing Health Information to the Community blog questionnaire: We assessed who was subscribing to the blog and their interests.  Find out who’s reading this blog and their favorite subjects in our report.
  • Training and Presentations: This year MCR offered 82 in-person and online classes reaching 1,543 participants. Ten training sessions were recorded and viewed by  823 people. Twelve presentations were recorded and received 515 views.
  • Expert Health Search: Barb Jones, Missouri/Library Advocacy Coordinator, worked closely with the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine to develop this national program. Patients are offered literature searches and information and information delivery by health sciences librarians.
  • Funding: The MCR funded 4 members  for professional development award; 2 members received EFTS subsidies; 3 CBOs received an iPad and data services to successfully increase their information access out in the community.
  • Mission I’mPossible: We initiated the Mission I’mPossible game and recruited 15 agents to play. /ch

Joint Commission Topic: Communication Resources

The Joint Commission has compiled a list of resources to support Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient-and Family-Centered Care. This annotated list supports communication with the diverse populations that are served by hospitals. /ch

Jobs at NLM

NLM has 6 vacancies in Library Operations and the National Center for Biotechnology Information.The short posting time reflects the government’s effort to hire talented people quickly. See the Technical Specialist postings for job descriptions on the NLM Job Openings page or on and follow the instructions to apply. One posting is for “Status Candidates” (Merit Promotion and VEOA Eligibles) and the other is for for “All US Citizens.”

Please contact NIH Human Resources Specialist Zenaida Olivero for further information.

Technical Specialist positions are open in the following areas:

  • The National Network Office administers the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM).
  • The MEDLARS Management Section of the Bibliographic Services Division (BSD)
  • Indexing Unit A
  • Indexing Unit B
  • The Medical Subjects Headings (MeSH) Section
  • The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)  /ch

Coffee and Conversation! Thursday, August 7, 2014

Coffee and Conversation!
Is your searching/information seeking biased?
Take a break and join us for an informal discussion on bias in information seeking.

Our discussion will focus on the following questions:
· Can bias affect information seeking/information retrieval? If yes, what is the bias and how does it impact information seeking?

· What should we be aware of within our own thinking when searching?

· What steps/actions can we take to reduce the impact of bias in our searching?
Lorri Zipperer, Rebecca Graves and Barb Jones will be discussing the following articles:

Windschitl, PD, Scherer, AM, Smith, AR, Rose, JP. “Why so confident? The influence of outcome desirability on selective exposure and likelihood judgment.” (2013) Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 120 (1), pp. 73-86.

Scherer, AM, Windschitl, PD and Smith AR. “Hope to be right: Biased information seeking following arbitrary and informed predictions” (2013) Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 49 (1) pp. 106-112.

Hart, W, etal. “Feeling validated versus being correct: a meta-analysis of selective exposure to information” Psychological Bulletin, 2009, 135 (4), ppl 555-588.

Please join us on August 7th at 2:30 CT,/1:30 MT/3:30 ET/12:30 PT).

To attend the session log in as a guest at

We’ll be learning together and hope you can join us. (bbj)