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Healthcare Access in Rural Communities

The Rural Assistance Center has a new guide addressing the challenges of healthcare access in rural areas and ways communities and policymakers can address these needs. Areas covered include workforce shortages, health insurance status, distance and transportation, poor health literacy and the stigma of certain conditions like mental health or substance abuse. /da

Thanksgiving Holiday

The RML offices will be closed Thursday & Friday, November 27 & 28 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday!


What’s New on REMM? – November Update

The NLM has announced a new version of the Radiation Emergency Management (REMM)  website .

View updates and changes  in REMM in the November News .  [jh]

Data Visualization Options Flowchart

From OERC’s Freebie Friday blog post:

Looking for an ‘at a glance’ single page to determine which type of data visualization chart is helpful in order to clearly communicate your results?

PDF flowchart at is a very handy reference! The flowchart guides you towards considering the appropriate data visualization chart options after your initial response to the question of “What would you like to show?” answers of comparison, distribution, composition, or relationship. There are brief descriptions of the charts at the Better Evaluation data visualization page that you can click through to get additional information such as a deviation bar graph that includes synonyms, a base definition, examples of how the chart is used, advice about their use, and links to resources for creating them.

Check the OERC blog for other posts: NN/LM Outreach Evaluation Resource Center   – bk

NCCAM Clinical Digest: Meditation for Health

This issue of the digest summarizes current scientific evidence about meditation for health conditions, including cancer symptoms and treatment side effects, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms, anxiety disorders, smoking cessation, and ADHD. /da

DOCLINE Users: 5 Things for Action

All DOCLINE users should be aware of and take action on the 5 following things:

1) Be sure to submit an Out of Office request if your library is not staffed and incoming requests are not monitored because of  holidays, illness, vacations, etc. for an extended period. For more information:

2) Update your institutional record at least once a year. It’s crucial to have the current contact information, borrowing/lending preferences in your record.

3) Review and update your routing table.  Check for and remove any libraries that are closed or are no longer DOCLINE participants (“Not a DOCLINE Library” designation next to the LIBID.)

4) Frequently review and update your serial holdings. It’s so very important to have an accurate holdings record to keep the DOCLINE system efficient.

5) Consider using the EFTS (Electronic Funds Transfer System to streamline and simplify billing  and/or becoming a Loansome Doc provider!

For more on DOCLINE best practices :


New Challenge Available in Librarians in the Wonderful Land of Oz – Houses Falling From the Sky? Never Will Happen To Me: Emergency Preparation Planning

map of Oz

Hello Network Members!

The Game Wizards have been busy busy busy adding more Challenges to the online interactive professional development experience (aka game) called Librarians in the Wonderful Land of Oz.

The newest of these challenges is called “Houses Falling From the Sky? Never Will Happen To Me: Emergency Preparation Planning” located in Munchkin Country.

In this Challenge you will learn that having a role in an emergency is not only a great way mitigate its impact on your stakeholders but also to advocate for your library. Oh, and you can also earn 5 MLA Continuing Education Credits once completed.

The learning objectives for this Challenge are:

1. Increased knowledge of why having a disaster plan in place to provide users continuity of service is important
2.  To create a continuity of service plan.
3. Use the library’s continuity of service plan as a tool  for library advocacy.

Game Tip!

If you want to get on the leaderboard fast, you can play the first Chapter of any of the Three Chapter Challenges (there are 3 with more to come). These are learning sessions (read an article or watch a video) followed by a short quiz.

Check them out and give them a try?

Good luck!

John GW Bramble


A New Manuscript for Turning the Pages from the National Library of Medicine

The latest addition to the Turning the Pages collection is a Mongolian manuscript entitled, Manual of Astrology and Divination. This colorfully illustrated handwritten book is part of the National Library of Medicine’s collection of about 50 manuscripts from Mongolia, many of them dealing with astrology, astronomy, and divination from a Buddhist perspective. Prominent among the subjects divined about are health and wellness.  (mm)

NCBI E-Utilities webinar video available on YouTube

“An Introduction to NCBI’s E-Utilities, an NCBI API” is available on YouTube via the NCBI Webinars playlist.

E-Utilities webinar on YouTube:

This presentation introduces the Entrez Programming Utilities (E-utilities), the public API for the NCBI Entrez system that includes 40 databases such as PubMed, PMC, Gene, Genome, GEO and dbSNP.

The E-utilities are a set of eight server-side programs that allow you to integrate search, download and linking functions of Entrez into your applications.

The video covers the basic functions and URL syntax of E-utilities along with a demonstration using Entrez Direct, a set of UNIX command line programs that allow you to incorporate E-utility calls easily into simple shell scripts.

You can learn more about NCBI’s recorded and upcoming webinars using the links below
* NCBI Webinars playlist:
* NCBI Webinars homepage:

The original above announcement was from the ncbi-announce listserv posted on November 14, 2014

FUNDING STILL AVAILABLE: Professional Development opportunities!

Been looking at a conference announcement?   Thinking about how you could fund your attendance?   The NN/LM MCR thinks about it, too!  Professional development is an essential part of a librarian’s continuing education.  The NN/LM, MidContinental Region would like to invite you to consider applying for Professional Development funding (approximately $1500 per award) which supports Network member librarians.   Applicants are encouraged to think/discuss  benefits they could derive from attending an event and sharing knowledge afterwards at their library, and with upper level institutional administration.   Two awards are designated for activities on E-Science or Data Curation.  Details at: . Questions to Marty Magee,  (mm)