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NN/LM Site Visit: Questions for Public Session

1. How has the MCR made a difference for you or your organization?

2. What MCR projects and services are particularly effective or important?

3. The NN/LM MCR operates through a distributed model where we have at least one liaison in every state rather than a centralized model where all staff work out of a single library.
What do you see as the strengths of distributing staff?
What do you see as the weakness of distributing staff?

4. How have you as an NN/LM Network member provided input and feedback into the MCR program?

5. Please refer to the list of NN/LM MCR goals. Based on Network member feedback and your own experiences, which goals are being met well by the RML’s activities?

6. Are there goals that need more attention? What services and activities would help the RML meet these goals

7. What could NLM do to help RMLs toward these goals?

8. What needs in your region are not being met and what could the MCR do to meet them?

9. What could NLM do to meet these needs?

10. Based on our discussion today, please summarize what you think are some of the most important things for the RML and NLM to consider in planning for the future?

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