Member Input

The MidContinental Region encourages member input on all aspects of Regional programming. Two formal mechanisms - questionnaires and focus groups - have been put in place to provide members opportunities to provide feedback, recommendations, comments and to let the Region know about the ways Members work and the kinds of support they want. Formal reports are posted for formal input solicitations.

Member input along with the data derived from the Network Member Questionnaire are used to inform programming and to observe trends in health sciences libraries in the Region . Results of the questionnaires are compared with those done previously to ensure that Region staff are aware of shifts in attitudes, services, and member needs. The RML notes many gains throughout the region since 2002 - in access to electronic resources, outreach and training activities, and awareness of RML, NNLM and NLM resources and services. The RML notes with concern the continuing loss of personnel in hospital libraries - both at the professional and non-professional levels.

Network Member Questionnaires

A paper questionnaire was sent to 216 (130 hospital, 86 academic and other libraries) Network members in the Fall of 2002. The responses were used to establish baseline data for the region - who are our members, what resources do they have available to them, what kinds of teaching and outreach activities do they do, how do they address their continuing education needs, and what services and programs of the RML and the NLM do they use and find valuable. Follow up was done using the online tool Survey Monkey 2005, 2008 and 2013.

Reports of the results of the questionnaires for 2002 and 2005 are available on request.The 2008 report can be downloaded from this page and the 2013 report will be made available once it is completed.

  • 2013 Network Member Questionnaire Results
    This report discusses responses from academic, hospital and other organization library Network members. 118 (53.4%) of 221 Network members responsed to the questionnaire
  • 2008 Network Member Questionnaire Results.
    This report discusses responses from academic, hospital and other organization library Network members. 130 (64%) of 203 Network members responsed to the questionnaire

Focus Groups

Focus groups are held periodically with Network members from health sciences and public libraries around the region. The report from the 2010 sessions held with health sciences librarians is available here for download. Earlier reports may be requested.

  • 2010 Medical Library Network Member Focus Groups Report
    The 2010 Network Member focus groups addressed current issues in the health care landscape and the potential impact on medical libraries. Comments from focus group participants addressed how medical librarians spend their time, changes they expect will affect their institutions, how those changes will affect the library, and what the RML can do to support them. The sessions were conducted for the first time using Adobe Connect, allowing more Network members to participate. This report looks at the discussions and draws conclusions from the very rich comments captured in each session. NN/LM MCR staff reviewed the report for implications for RML activities and services. Eighteen action items are included in the Conclusions section of the report.

Other Feedback

Periodically the NN/LM MCR solicits feedback from Network members and other audiences for RML programs and services on specific topics and the reports of those activities are posted here.

Reports of the Focus Groups are available for download.

Members are encouraged to contact their liaison, the Assessment and Evaluation Liaison or the RML office with questions, concerns or for assistance in designing and conducting evaluation of their programs.

Contact Betsy Kelly, Assessment and Evaluation Liaison, with questions or comments about the program or for assistance in designing evaluation criteria for outreach projects and activities.