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Lunch with the RML Archives

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Project:  Enhancing Access to Mental Health Information in Northeastern Pennsylvania
Awardee:  Joanne M. Muellenbach / Medical Library, The Commonwealth Medical College, Scranton, PA
Description:  The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) will partner with the Lackawanna County Library System (LCLS) in the design and implementation of a Mental Health in NEPA event directed towards librarians and other public services professionals.  Information literacy, train-the-trainer sessions on how to locate high quality, mental health information for librarians and other public services professionals, would be a key part of the Mental Health in NEPA event.  In addition, the TCMC Library would purchase a core collection of carefully-selected mental health titles and make these resources available to members of the Lackawanna County Library System and TCMC affiliates.

Project:  Mentoring Health Careers through Health Information Projects for High School and Middle School
Awardees:  Debra Rand and Wendy Herman / The Hofstra North Shore‐LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University‐School of Medicine Health Sciences Library, Hempstead, NY
Description:  The Health Sciences Library staff proposes a partnership with students to expand upon current service learning initiatives by targeting the high school and middle school students and staff in a local school district for health literacy and education projects.  Activities will include developing and conducting educational sessions for the Health Related Careers course, providing information about health and science careers, conducting educational health fairs for students and their families, hosting visits to the School of Medicine and North Shore‐LIJ Health System including interaction with students and staff, outreach with school librarians and nurses, development of customized resources (a consumer health information web portal, video tutorials, and print tools) to support all of the activities, and potential use of the web portal, tutorials, and resources for outreach to additional teen and consumer populations in Nassau County.

Project: Supporting the Information Needs of Clarkson University’s Health Sciences Programs through Improved Technology
Awardee:  Regan DeFranza / Health Sciences Library, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY
Description:  The Health Sciences Library provides orientation programs, instructional classes and reference/research services to the Physical Therapy and Physician Assistants programs.  The primary goal is to enable students to find, use, manage and evaluate medical information for academic success and to build the information skills they will need throughout their careers.  The outdated technology available for reference, research and instruction impedes the present delivery and precludes expansion of these services.  This project will provide eight computers in the library computer lab, allow for the addition of a mobile workstation (laptop computer and projector) for teaching in multiple venues, and add an interactive smartboard which will enhance student engagement.


  • MAR Funding Forum / January 2015 [Recording]

    Presenters: Renae Barger, Michelle Burda, Lydia Collins, Kate Flewelling, and Missy Harvey / NN/LM MAR

    Description: If you have questions like these or others, please join us for an open forum to ask questions and receive instant answers from all the MAR staff.

    • Are you considering applying for funding?
    • Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with the application process?
    • Are you clear on which award best fits the kind of activity you want to fund?
    • Do you understand all of what MAR expects you to include in your application?


  • PA Forward:  Libraries Create Healthier Pennsylvania Communities / November 2014 [Recording | Presentation (PPT) | Presentation (PDF)]

    Presenter: Kathy Silks, Project Manager, PA Forward | Pennsylvania Libraries / Pennsylvania Library Association

    Description: This webinar will introduce PA Forward | Pennsylvania Libraries, an action plan designed to communicate libraries’ essential role in preparing citizens to meet the demands of life.  Libraries can help solve some of our society’s biggest economic and social challenges, and that includes the health of our citizens.  Research shows that nothing – not age, income, employment status, education level, or racial and ethnic background – affects health status more than literacy skills.  Through print and online resources, public programs, community outreach services, and on-staff information experts, libraries help people learn healthy habits, make healthier decisions, and actively manage their own and their family’s well-being.

    We will share information about PA Forward’s focus on health literacy and four other essential literacies, its partnerships with eight statewide healthcare organizations, and the high-tech and high-touch ways libraries link citizens of all ages to the most reliable information available to help them prevent disease and manage their health.


  • Got Coverage? Need Coverage? Getting Health Insurance During the Open Enrollment Period / October 2014 [Recording | Presentation (PDF)]

Presenter: Jennifer Syria, Health Insurance Specialist, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Boston Regional Office
Summary: During the next few months, millions of Americans will need to decide how they would like to receive their health care coverage in 2015. This webinar will focus on the Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Period and review the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. Discussion will include important information regarding the types of notices individuals will receive, consumer messaging, and the ways libraries can help inform individuals of their health care options. This webinar will provide valuable information for libraries in both the Middle Atlantic and New England Regions. 


Presenters: Siobhan Champ-Blackwell and Cindy Love, Disaster Information Management Research Center,
National Library of Medicine

Summary: Knowing where to find reliable and authoritative information on a timely basis is key for all preparedness and response activities. Critical information is highly scattered across many diverse sources and can be difficult to find. In this webinar, representatives from the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM Disaster Information Management Research Center (DIMRC) will provide a review on how to navigate through the information maze to efficiently access the best information possible from both government and non-government sources.



  • Bridget Quinn-Carey, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Queens Public Library
  • Michele Stricker, Associate Director, Library Support Services, New Jersey State Library

Bridget will provide a report for the Queens Library Mobile Health Information Classroom: Superstorm Sandy had a devastating effect on the residents of Far Rockaway.  Two Queens public libraries were severely damaged and will be under repair for some time.  Mobile units were being used.  This award supports technology purchases for Queens Library to offer health information services within the mobile units.

Michele will provide a synopsis of two NN/LM MAR funded events that took place following Superstorm Sandy.  The primary goal of these events was to enhance emergency preparedness and response capabilities so the libraries can engage in disaster response in their communities.  As a result, a cohort of public libraries proceeded to receive additional NN/LM MAR funding to partner with emergency planners in order to increase awareness of the value of a public library before, during, and after a disaster.


Awardee: Joey Nicholson, New York University School of Medicine, NYU Health Sciences Libraries
Project: Health Education and Literacy Project (HELP) Curriculum Enhancement
Description: Health Education and Literacy Project (HELP) is a community service project, run by NYU School of Medicine students, dedicated to providing health education and increasing health literacy through lessons at an adult education center in Central Harlem. This outreach project focuses on enhancing the existing curriculum through incorporation of technology in instruction and promoting access to and use of online health information sources, such as MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en Espanol.

Awardee: Charles Wessel, Head of Research and Reference Initiatives; John LaDue, Knowledge Integration Librarian; Julia Jankovic Dahm, Technology Services Librarian, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh
Project: A Clinical Information Tool for Community Health Centers: A Demonstration and Evaluation Project
Description: The feasibility study funded in 2012-2013 concluded free clinical resources are available and can be grouped using an online federated search tool. This round of funding will support the next step in development of this tool by demonstrating its usability, evaluating and validating its content in providing answers to clinical questions arising in the community health setting.


Awardee: Rebecca May-Cole, Pennsylvania Behavioral Health and Aging Coalition, Inc. (PBHAC)
Project: Access to Mental Health Literacy for Rural Pennsylvania Older Adults Pilot Program
Description: The Pennsylvania Behavioral Health and Aging Coalition (PBHAC), a statewide alliance of individuals and organizations concerned about the unmet behavioral health (i.e. mental health and substance use disorder) needs of older adults across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, provides advocacy, assistance, education, resolution, and collaboration, as well as identifying gaps in the behavioral health and aging service systems and collecting data. Our staff and Board of Directors are proud to currently be partnering with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine/Middle Atlantic Region and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare in the initiation of Steps 1 and 2 of our Access to Mental Health Literacy for Rural Pennsylvania Older Adults Pilot Program which was designed to increase the mental health literacy of older adults who live in Pennsylvania. This year the Pennsylvania Behavioral Health and Aging Coalition requests funding from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine/Middle Atlantic Region to be used toward the development, testing, and printing of a Train-the-Trainer Manual that will consolidate the findings from Steps 1 and 2 of the Access to Mental Health Literacy for Rural Pennsylvania Older Adults Pilot Program. The resulting Train-the-Trainer Manual will ensure that the Mental Health Literacy information will be presented throughout the state of Pennsylvania in a consistent and standardized manner.

Awardee: Deborah Emerson and Angela Thor, Central New York Library Resources Council
Project: Consumer Health for Central New York: An Outreach Project for the Central New York Library Resources Council (CLRC)
Description: This project will initially reach out to senior citizens in a four-county area in central New York State (Onondaga, Oneida, Madison and Herkimer Counties).  The Central New York Library Resources Council (CLRC) will partner with the region’s YMCAs and local public libraries.  CLRC will present programming that raises awareness of the many credible web sites available for the health information needs of seniors and families, with particular emphasis on those available through the National Library of Medicine (NLM). CLRC’s Medical Circuit Librarian will prepare a series of classes to introduce attendees to the resources and demonstrate how to use them effectively.

Awardee: Jeanne Strausman, Mahnaz Tehrani, Gerri Flanzraich / New York Institute of Technology Medical Library, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
Project: Parkinson’s Disease Consumer Health Learning Center
Description: This proposal hopes to obtain funding for the creation a Parkinson’s Disease Consumer Health Learning Center. This center will become part of the Adele Smithers Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Center of the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. The medical librarians will provide one-to-one consumer health information training sessions for the patients/caregivers from the Adele Smithers Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Center. Training will consist of showing patients/caregivers how to use a laptop to access consumer health web sites (like Medline Plus), and how to navigate within these websites. Patients/caregivers will also be shown other useful websites such as medical dictionaries, drug resources, equipment, Parkinson’s Disease associations, and web sites with services and resources for caregivers.


Awardee: Robyn Hillman-Harrigan, Rockaway Rescue Alliance Shore Soup Project
Project: Rockaway Rescue Alliance Shore Soup Project Technology Improvement from Superstorm Sandy
Description: The Shore Soup Project intends to utilize technological resources received from this award to establish an ongoing health education program for local residents who are recovering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  In partnership with Queens Public–Peninsula Branch, health information librarians will hold information sessions at the Soup Shore during which attendees can find information regarding the health effects of mold and other health and community issues brought on by Sandy.  Soup Shore staff will also be trained to assist with health information needs.

Awardee: Elizabeth Irish, Schaffer Library of Health Sciences, Albany Medical College
Project: Educating K-12 Professionals to Meet the Health Information Needs of Special Needs Children and Their Parents: A Collaborative Outreach Project of Albany Medical College and the East Greenbush Central School District
Description: Schaffer Library of Health Science Library, Albany Medical College (AMC) are collaborating with EGCSD Pupil Personnel Services and Special Education Department to develop and provide two train-the-trainers sessions to professional school staff and to extend the knowledge gained in these sessions to parents of special needs children as appropriate.   AMC librarians will provide train the trainer sessions to EGCSD personnel.

Awardee: Michele Klein-Fedyshin, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh
Project: Assessment of Information Literary Skills and Training Needs of Hospice Nurses
Description: The University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System (HSLS), in collaboration with the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA), proposes to assess the information needs and information literacy of the hospice/ palliative care nurses working in the community in the Middle Atlantic Region (MAR).  The primary goals of the project are to identify (1) current access to evidence-based practice resources, (2) skill levels in information literacy and (3) any need for training.


  • Once Upon a Time: Using Evaluation Findings to Tell Your Project’s Story / March 2014 [Recording | Presentation (PDF)]

    Presenter: Cindy Olney, Evaluation Specialist, NN/LM Outreach Evaluation Resource Center

    Description: Once upon a time, there was an evaluation report that people actually read. Sound like a fairy tale? Exactly! This presentation will show you how to create more audience-friendly evaluation reports using content structures found in fairy tales and inspirational speeches. The presentation covers a five-step process for developing reports, then shows two different structures that can be used to organize narrative and content to be interesting and motivational to the reader or listener. The formats covered in this webinar can be adapted for written reports, presentations, and even elevator speeches. Don't let your data get in the way of a good story; use your data to enhance it instead.


  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for Libraries / February 2014 [Recording]

    Presenters: Kelly Ayala, Community Relations Officer, USCIS, Newark, NJ and Carla Pendino, Community Relations Officer, USICS, Philadelphia, PA

    Description: Do you have library patrons needing immigration information or services?  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the agency within the Department of Homeland Security responsible for administering immigration and naturalization services and benefits.  Our speakers will provide an overview of the role of USCIS and customer service tools, including how to contact USCIS, check on case status, obtain a form, and where to refer individuals seeking legal assistance.  They will also provide insight into the Community Relations Program, including information about hosting a Naturalization Information Session, ordering a free Citizenship Toolkit, setting up an “Immigration Corner” within your library, and taking a look at the USCIS online Citizenship Resource Center.


  • Award Recipient Project Reports / January 2014 [Recording | Presentation (PDF)]

    Awardee: Nancy R. Glassman, D. Samuel Gottesman Library, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Project: Mac Books for the D. Samuel Gottesman Library Training Room
    Description: Librarians at the Gottesman Library maintain a very active teaching schedule.  Most training sessions are held in the training room.  It is vital that the library upgrade its technology in order to keep up with the needs of users.  The library added six MacBook Pro laptops to fulfill multiple objectives – enabling workshop attendees to learn more effectively in a familiar environment, allowing librarians to reach out to larger groups, and demonstrating to the Einstein community that librarians understand and are able to meet their needs.

Awardee: Irina Meyman, Health Sciences Library, Lutheran Medical Center
Project: It is All about the Apps
Description: The Health Sciences Library wanted to begin using iPads as new form of information management at the Lutheran Medical Center.  The iPad would provide medical staff, and out-of-state residents, fast and easy access to the library resources and services.  They purchased 13 iPads and used them to create a collection of medical applications, electronic textbooks and databases.  This will greatly improve and enhance the delivery of healthcare information to the medical and nursing staff of the Lutheran Medical Center.

Awardee: Christina Rivera, Long Island Library Resources Council (LILRC)
Project: mHealth: Exploring Mobile Health with iPads
Description: The Long Island Library Resources Council sought to utilize an emerging technology—the Apple iPad—for innovative discovery and dissemination of health-related information in a mobile format.  iPads provide a number of unique medical and health-related applications (apps) that are designed for Apple devices and are available free of charge to our target audience, which is medical and health sciences libraries in Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island, NY.  As a secondary aim, the devices would contain selected readings on how libraries are currently implementing these types of devices into library programs and services.  This would include best practices information and current trends and issues involved with implementing these types of devices. Thus, allowing our target audience to gain current awareness and knowledge through self-guided readings.

Awardee: Jean D. Winstead, Health Sciences Library, Beebe Medical Center
Project: Technology Upgrades to Improve Access to Library Resources at Beebe Medical Center
Description: The Beebe Medical Center (BMC) Health Sciences Library provides a variety of resources and services to physicians, clinicians and staff.  Beebe has not only been supportive of library initiatives but continued to utilize library services in new initiatives and promote the use of the library.  But more up-to-date equipment was needed to assist clinicians and team members with their medical resources needs.  Current equipment was heavily used and substantially out-of-date.  The librarian had no laptop which would have been beneficial in promotional visits throughout the hospital and satellite locations.  iPads would be extremely helpful to provide training opportunities at satellite locations where there may be limitations to accessing resources.


  • Award Recipient Project Reports / November 2013 [Recording | Presentation (PDF)]

    Awardee: Patricia Carroll-Mathes, Southeastern NY Library Resources Council (SENYLRC)
    Project: Medical Librarians Reaching Staff Where They Can Be Found
    Description: To enable SENYLRC member hospital librarians to engage more hospital healthcare staff where they are—conference rooms, library, hallway, offices, or offsite locations.  Having a mobile iPad will allow for the encounter and demonstration of online resources to occur in any location.  In several hospitals, iPads will be used for patient education at the bedside, as well as to teach healthcare educators and nurses, other out-patient staff about the NLM patient information resources which can be promoted for patients, their families, and community members.

Awardee: Diana Cunningham, Deborah Crooke, and Phoebe Stein, Health Sciences Library, New York Medical College
Project: Better Technology for Better Reference Service
Description: The purpose of this project is to implement technologies to increase the capacity to provide high-quality reference service and increase the visibility and role of the library’s departmental liaisons in reaching their client base, and to enhance the capability to serve our community through several related projects which are part of our strategic mission including the replacement of department web pages with LibGuides, a customized journal alert service, and an improved virtual reference service using LibAnswers with LibChat.

Awardee: Kristine Delaney, Crouse Hospital, College of Nursing
Project: Mobile Device Lending Program
Description: A tablet lending program will introduce educators, students and support services (Library) to mobile technology and digital delivery of knowledge resources.  Pre-loaded devices will have digital versions of textbooks in support of the College curriculum, drug information and access to Library databases. Tablets will also be configured for secure access to the EHR providing students all resources needed for just-in-time information access to provide plans of care.  Devices will ease resource availability on hospital units, currently strained by demands of CPOE implementation.  Finally, tablets will provide equitable access to resources for nursing students and educators who may otherwise lack the resources of personal ownership.


  • Award Recipient Project Reports / October 2013 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Awardee: Deborah Magnan, Samuel and Sandra Hekemian Medical Library, Hackensack University Medical Center
    Project: Hackensack UMC PC Upgrade Project
    Description: The Samuel & Sandra Hekemian Medical Library and its Community Health Library (CHL) were in need of new computers for library staff members and CHL end‐users. Current computers were outdated and inefficient in providing access to health and other needed information.

    Awardee: Mark D. Puterbaugh, Warner Memorial Library, Eastern University
    Project: Mobile Instructional and Design Lab
    Description: Eastern University developed a Mobile Instructional and Design Lab (MIDL) to develop and use new technologies to meet the needs of a rapidly changing and growing mobile population.  MIDL partnered with Eastern University faculty to incorporate health information literacy into mobile formats.

    Awardee: Shelly Warwick, Touro-Harlem Medical Library, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine/Touro College of Pharmacy
    Project: Enhancement of Student Learning and Community Outreach through the Use of Portable Devices
    Description: This was a proposal to purchase 15 iPad tablets, plus accessories to: improve assistance in the library, show students how portable devices can be used to provide better patient care during clerkships and practice experiences, and enable enhanced teaching possibilities to small groups of students and community residents in non-computer classroom settings both through instruction by library personnel and by lending some or all of the iPads to others who wish to teach in non-computer classroom settings.


  • Affordable Care Act:  Hear from the Experts! / Special Event - October 24, 2013 [Recording | Transcript]

    Description: Assistors, Navigators and Marketplace Guides are certified and trained to educate and provide enrollment assistance to individuals and small businesses about health insurance options available through the Marketplace.  We have invited a representative from DE, NJ, NY and PA to participate on a panel discussion and answer questions about assisting consumers with the Marketplace. 

    Panelists included:

    • Robin Stockton / Center for Family Services, Navigator Program, Camden, NJ
    • Rebecca Cashman / Resources for Human Development, Inc., Navigator Program, Philadelphia, PA
    • Lauren Pendergast / Program Coordinator for the Marketplace Guides at Christiana Care Health System, Wilmington, DE
    • Kathy Cannatelli / Director, Community Health & Preventive Medicine, Christiana Care Health System,  Wilmington, DE
    • Catherine C. LaMay / Program Manager, Saratoga Hospital Health Insurance Navigation Program, Saratoga Springs, NY

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Update / August 2013 [Recording (no audio available) | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Presenters: Renae Barger, Executive Director, NN/LM MAR; Lydia Collins, Consumer Health Coordinator, NN/LM MAR; and Bill McKendree, Team Leader and Director of Training, APPRISE Health Insurance Program, Allegheny County, PA

    Description: This session will present an overview of the Affordable Care Act; resources to assist with the upcoming Marketplace enrollment; and ways you can stay informed.


  • The Group Licensing Initiative: An Update and Why Your Library May Want to Join / July 2013 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Presenter: Robb Mackes, Group Licensing Initiative Project Manager

    Description: Robb provided an update on how the Group Licensing Initiative can help your hospital library.  The presentation was followed by an open question and answer session for attendees.

  • Award Recipient Project Reports / June 2013 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF) | Supplemental Materials (PDF)]

    Awardee: Jeff Garvey, Hunter-Rice Library, Samaritan Medical Center
    Project: Northern New York Critical Access Hospital Project
    Description: The purpose of this project was to introduce and provide library services to four critical access hospitals in Northern New York.  The project presented two training sessions on finding authoritative health information using freely accessible Internet sources, provided access to documents identified and offered additional reference assistance as needed.  Upon termination of the project, the Hunter-Rice Library will continue to provide access to basic library services.

    Awardee: Annamore Matambanadzo, AIDS Coalition of Southwestern Pennsylvania (ACSWP)
    Project: Targeted HIV/AIDS Outreach to Consumers
    Description: The AIDS Coalition of Southwestern Pennsylvania will enhance and expand targeted HIV/AIDS outreach to consumers at highest risk for the disease using portable electronic technologies such as iPads. Minority health professionals will be trained to provide presentations, trainings, tables at health fairs, and special commemorations will be visited as outreach opportunities to demonstrate HIV/AIDS information retrieval to African American and African Immigrant populations in the region.

    Awardee: Lydia Witman, Clinical Librarian, Pennsylvania Hospital
    Project: Mobilizing Knowledge Resources: iPad Use by Hospital Clinicians
    Description: The availability of handheld computing devices has increased and adoption of these devices has become increasingly widespread. Librarians and other information professionals are challenged to stay abreast of new devices, in order to support the clinicians who use them. This award was used by the Pennsylvania Hospital Library to purchase 10 iPad devices (iPad2, 16 GB, Wi-Fi enabled), half of which to be used by library and other information professionals at the hospital, and half loaned out to clinicians to support their professional information needs.


  • The NIH Public Access Policy: Pathway to Compliance / May 2013 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Presenter: Andrea Ketchum, Reference Librarian, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

    Description: A major change for NIH-funded researchers in July 2013 is enforcement of mandatory compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy: funding will be withheld if publications arising from that award are not in compliance. Become familiar with the NIH Public Access Policy and learn about tips and tools from the National Library of Medicine for helping NIH investigators manage compliance.  Objectives include learning what manuscripts are covered by the Policy, the criteria for compliance, and the key NIH/NLM tools used by investigators to link research publications to grants. 


  • What's Your Favorite Health-Related App / April 2013 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Presenter: Missy Harvey, Technology & Communication Coordinator, NN/LM MAR

    Description: Missy highlighted some apps that users may find helpful.  She also opened the floor to invite attendees to share about their favorite apps as well.


  • Sharing Experiences and Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy / March 2013 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Neil Rambo, Director, Health Sciences Libraries & Knowledge Informatics, NYU School of Medicine, NYU Langone Medical Center, NY

    Laraine Tursi, Director, Medical Library, Coney Island Hospital, NY

    Karen Parry, Manager of Information Services, East Brunswick Public Library, NJ

    Bridget Quinn-Carey, Chief Operating Officer, Queens Library, NY

    Rebecca Hamilton, State Librarian/Assistant Secretary, State Library of Louisiana

Description: Representatives from damaged or destroyed academic, hospital and public libraries spoke on the state of their library/institution immediately following the hurricane, response efforts, follow-up activities and lessons learned to prepare for a future disaster. Rebecca Hamilton from the State Library of Louisiana also presented lessons learned from Katrina and changes they made that helped them prepare for later responses to Gus and Rita.


  • Emergency Preparedness Projects and Activities / February 2013 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Presenter: Vickie Souve, Monroe County Department of Public Health, Office of Public Health Preparedness, Rochester, NY

Description: Vickie gave a brief on the NLM demonstration project she completed in partnership with the Rochester Public Library’s Arnett Branch.  She then discussed the importance of not just teaching people about preparedness, but about moving the community towards a state of readiness and how local libraries and response organizations might work together to do this.


  • Award Recipient Project Reports / January 2013 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Awardee: Cathy Boss, Booker Health Sciences Library – Jersey Shore University Medical Center
    Project: Connecting Service Personnel, Veterans and Military Families to Health Information Resources via Mobile Outreach
    Description: Booker's project proposed to develop an iPad mobile teaching lab and an iPad-based class on health information resources available for area service personnel, veterans, and military families in Monmouth County. The mobile lab would enable the Library to extend its outreach services beyond health fairs to area VFWs and American Legion facilities that do not have computer facilities. The mobile lab would also allow the Library to bring resources to the increasing number of homeless military personnel in the area. Library Services team members traveled to offsite locations in order to provide resource access to veterans and military families.

    Awardee: Susan Santa, Health Reference Librarian, Syosset Public Library
    Project: Consumer Health Outreach to Older Adults: Health Literacy Training in the Syosset Public Library and Local Senior Housing Complexes
    Description: The Consumer Health Outreach to Older Adults project aimed to develop an education program to train older adult patrons to use computers and the Internet to access health information. The objectives of the project were: (1) to teach older adults about and assist them in making use of the rich online information resources available to meet their daily health information needs (2) to adapt existing information training resources developed by the NLM and NIH for use by public libraries in the training of older adults; and (3) to increase the impact of the rich and authoritative online health resources of the NLM and NIH in particular NIHSeniorHealth and MedlinePlus. Susan traveled to a variety of local senior housing complexes in order to conduct training sessions.


  • Award Recipient Project Reports / November 2012 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Awardee: Mary Evans, HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley: Medical Libraries at Benedictine, Kingston, and Margaretville Hospitals
    Project: iPads and Clinical Staff: Using Mobile Devices to Access Evidence-Based Knowledge
    Description: Their plan was to acquire five iPads. One would be for the use of the Benedictine librarian, and one would be for the librarian at Kingston Hospital. The third and fourth would be made available for loan to nurse educators or nurse managers at Benedictine and Kingston Hospitals for them to use and demonstrate in the clinical areas. The fifth one would be for use by the Director of Education and the Director of Nursing at Margaretville Hospital. All three hospitals have wireless guest access that would support the iPads.

    Awardee: Beth A. Lewis, Fox Chase Cancer Center / Talbot Research Library
    Project: iPads to Support Outreach, Mobile Technology and Instruction Outside the Talbot Research Library
    Description: The award funded 3 iPads and relevant hardware/software for medical librarians to enhance and expand outreach reference service, to allow librarians to learn and use mobile applications of products, to support clientele in using these tools, and to increase visibility of the library and librarians in the institution.

    Awardee: Debra Rand, Hofstra North Shore - LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University
    Project: Exploring and Evaluating the use of iPad Technology in a First Year Medical School Curriculum
    Description: iPads loaded with a defined group of textbook applications (apps), study/productivity tools, and medical related apps were distributed as a pilot project to a cohort of ten faculty and ten students to determine the feasibility, efficacy, and preference for this type of technology in improving access to health and scientific information in the classroom, the initial clinical experience (ICE), and in the student’s self‐directed learning. Usage was tracked, training was provided, and the technology was assessed to determine if requiring iPads is a viable technology solution for upcoming student classes.

    Awardee: Mary Jo Russell, Vassar Brothers Medical Center / Health Quest
    Project: “Librarians Without Walls” – Applying Mobile Technology to Virtual Library Services at a Regional Medical Center
    Description: iPads were purchased to improve library services by allowing librarian/patron encounters to occur in any location. Improvements in services included immediate demonstrations, portability, instant access to e-resources in meeting settings, simplified exchange, and hands-on experience. Wireless access and portability allowed for a more proactive outreach to boost awareness of library resources and services, not only to in-house staff but also to underserved staff in areas such as outpatient therapy, oncology care, wound care, specialty surgery, ob/gyn clinic and home health.


  • Award Recipient Project Reports / October 2012 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Awardee: Patricia Carroll-Mathes, Southeastern New York Library Resources Council (SENYLRC)
    Project: Expanded Information Access for Public Health Workers: A Partnership between the Dutchess County Department of Health (DCDOH) and Southeastern New York Library Resources Council (SENYLRC)
    Description: The Southeastern NY Library Resources Council partnered with the Dutchess County (NY) Department of Health and other departments in Dutchess County (Mental Health, Aging and Emergency Management), to expand the access to, and use of, freely available, quality health information by public health workers through a combination of education and training for the 130 person Health Department and to offer subsidized document delivery services through Loansome Doc and web-based interlibrary loan (ILL) request forms.

    Awardee: Barbara Ciambor, Rochester Regional Library Council (RRLRC)
    Project: Outreach Training to Unaffiliated Health Professionals
    Description: Provided a training program to health professionals in the rural counties surrounding Rochester, NY: Livingston, Ontario, Wayne, and Wyoming counties. Training was how to identify and use reliable web-based and free information resources when they have a need for patient care or patient safety information. The emphasis was on unaffiliated health professionals, especially RNs and social workers, although other health professionals will also be welcomed to any sessions. To better reach target audiences in these rural areas, the training sessions were delivered via live and recorded webinars as well as through on-site training. It was proposed that there would be five onsite sessions and four live webinars. The live webinars were recorded and available on the CLIC-on-Health “For Local Health Professionals” site, as well as being freely available to anyone.

    Awardee: Bridget Conlogue and Joanne Mullenbach, The Commonwealth Medical College
    Project: Integrating Library Resources, Technology, and Point-Of-Care
    Description: The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) librarians purchased 10 tablets for use by second year medical students, as a pilot program to enable convenient and easy access to clinical and health information via library resources while students are out in the field. Students were encouraged to take tablets with them into clinical settings, i.e., physician’s offices and hospital settings, for the benefit of patient education, to support their own learning and research, and to share with teacher physicians up-to-the-minute clinical information resources.

    Awardee: Julia Sollenberger and Steve Clary, University of Rochester
    Project: Spearheading the Transition to iPads in the Medical School Curriculum at the University of Rochester Medical Center
    Description: The Library purchased iPads and associated software and accessories for the librarians, technology support staff, and e-Learning staff to the Library. Hands-on experience and training in iPad technology was intended to extend the knowledge base of those librarians and staff and prepare them to support the customers of the Library in their use of these mobile devices. In particular, the library prepared for the planned 2012 rollout of iPads to first-and second-year medical students. These devices were purchased and loaded with resources and apps deemed necessary for enhancing the students’ learning and information seeking.


  • Award Recipient Project Reports / September 2012 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Awardee: Kristina Flathers, Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children of The Nemours Foundation
    Project: iRound: Bringing EBM to Family Centered Clinical Teaching Rounds
    Description: The project outfitted three General Pediatrics Residency teams with iPads; one each will be distributed to the senior resident, the attending physician, the librarian and the nurse. Each team member was given the capability to access electronic medical records (EMRs) through the iPad on the Nemours secure network and perform their own searches within the library portal for access to electronic EBM and library resources.

    Awardee: Bruce Johnston, Robert Morris University
    Project: Advancing Technology in Nursing Education: Integrating iPads into Clinical Practice and Patient Education
    Description: Robert Morris Library and the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, along with UPMC Passavant, used state-of-the-art technology to augment and improve nursing education as well as patient education activities. By adding iPad2 devices and relevant apps, this project improved the technology mix for accessing health information. Nursing students were the target audience, along with clinical instructors working with the student nurses on patient care units, as well as the RMU Clinical Faculty Instructor and Health Sciences Librarian.

    Awardee: Joey Nicholson, New York University School of Medicine
    Project: Pilot Project using Anatomy Apps and Mobile Resources to Improve Learning in the Anatomy Lab
    Description: NYU purchased an iPad for the Education and Curriculum Librarian to support and demonstrate new anatomy teaching technology, as well as 30 copies of the Netter’s Anatomy Atlas iPad application and Grant’s Dissector through Inkling to be used on 30 NYU School of Medicine iPads supplied to the anatomy lab. At the beginning of their anatomy course, students received a demonstration from the Librarian of how to access and use the iPads that included an overview of what is in each of the apps and how they can be used to support anatomy education. Students were able to go back and forth between the 3D visualization and the reference applications in real time as they dissected cadavers to support their learning and retention.

    Awardee: Cristina Pope, Upstate University Health System, Health Sciences Library
    Project: Emergency Preparedness: Enhancing Communication and Access to Health Information Resources
    Description: The pilot project's primary objective was to determine whether the incorporation of an iPad loaded with emergency preparedness resources and an online synchronous communication application would enhance the Emergency Preparedness Regional Partnership's ability to prepare for catastrophic events through planning; provide a forum to strengthen collaboration among emergency preparedness partners throughout the healthcare system; facilitate the development of exercises and evaluations; facilitate the delivery of emergency preparedness training and education; provide information sharing and communication between preparedness partners and build emergency response capability.


  • NLM’s K-12 Resources / August 2012 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Lydia Collins, Consumer Health Coordinator, NN/LM MAR
    Elizabeth Irish, Assistant Director, Schaffer Library of the Health Sciences, Albany Medical College
    Deborah Lyman, Columbia High School Librarian, East Greenbush Central School District

    Description: The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has a variety of children’s resources that are freely available for use by librarians, K-12 educators and even parents.  Learn about resources in Biology, Careers, Environmental Health Science/Chemistry, General Health and Genetics. There will also be time for discussion surrounding how to implement these wonderful resources into your setting.  Also, Ms. Irish will share information about her current NN/LM MAR Award to provide outreach to the K-12 population.


  • Group Licensing Initiative / July 2012 [Recording | Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]

    Presenter: Robb Mackes, Group Licensing Initiative Project Manager

    Description: Learn about the benefits of group licensing and joining the Group Licensing Initiative. The Group Licensing Initiative, formed in 2002 under the umbrella of HSLANJ, researches, approves and establishes relationships with vendors, negotiating all pricing and assisting members with licensing needs.  MAR supports GLI in its efforts to connect libraries in the Middle Atlantic Region to cost-effective electronic resources. Currently, there are about 100 members, linking more than 35,000 physicians and 88,000 nurses in New Jersey, New York and Delaware, as well as 40,000 physicians and nurses in Pennsylvania.


  • Value of Library and Information Services Update / June 2012 [Recording | Transcript]

    Julia Sollenberger, Chair, Value Study Planning Group, Associate Vice President and Director, Medical Center Libraries and Technologies, University of Rochester Medical Center

    Joanne Gard Marshall, Principal Investigator, Alumni Distinguished Professor, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Description: The speakers presented the results and future directions of the Value of Library and Information Services in Patient Care Study. The purpose of this study is to understand the value of the health library, information services and the librarian. A community-based collaborative research process was used to design the survey data collection instruments and protocol. This study is expected to generate substantial evidence regarding the impact of the library on clinical decision making.


  • MAR Update / May 2012 [Transcript | Presentation (PDF)]
    • Presenter: Renae Barger, Executive Director, MAR
    • Description: The MAR Executive Director presented an update. This included highlights from our first year, along with staff introductions and plans for year 2 activities and classes.