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  • MAR now offers 1 MLA Continuing Education (CE) credit per Boost Box session
  • Details are provided at the end of each session

Compelling Counts: Trends in Evaluation Data Reporting / September 8, 2015

Description: No need to bury evaluation data about library services and outreach programs in a 69-page annual report that nobody reads! Look around and you’ll see lots of examples of how numbers and anecdotes are being used to motivate, advocate, and engage. This presentation will highlight trends in evaluation information use that can be adopted by librarians, including the following:
  • What to report: a simple method called Appreciative Inquiry to help you do informal audience analysis any time you are around a user or stakeholder.
  • Designing your message: Lessons from inspirational speakers to help you shape messages about your programs and services.
  • More pictures; fewer words (and numbers): Trends in evaluation reporting that make reports easier and more interesting to read.

Presenters: Cindy Olney is the Acting Assistant Director of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Outreach Evaluation Resource Center (NN/LM OERC). She has been a program evaluator for more than 25 years. Karen Vargas is the Evaluation Specialist of the NN/LM OERC. Prior to joining the OERC in February 2015, she was the Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator for NN/LM South Central Regional Medical Library (located in the Houston Academy of Medicine Texas Medical Center Library).