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MAR Projects Funded 2014 - 2015

Topics on this Page:

Emergency Preparedness / Library Partnership Awards (Request for Proposal)


Integration of the Free Library of Philadelphia as Public Health Preparedness and Response Partner: 2

Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Bioterrorism & Public Health Preparedness Program
Philadelphia, PA

Project Manager: Chad Thomas
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding:  $9,496

This project would further integrate the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP) as a Public Health Preparedness and Response Partner of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH). Dispense Assist is a web-based program that individuals can use to complete and print out Head of Household forms to take with them to the POD (and save valuable time in the mass prophylaxis process, where every second counts).  As a City Public Health Emergency Response Partner, the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP) has agreed to open (as able) library branches with computer and printing facilities where the public can complete, print out, and/or obtain printed copies of Head of Household forms to take with them to the PODs. This project will enable the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Library Project Coordinator to coordinate the evaluation of potential participating library branches and to coordinate emergency response trainings of librarians throughout the city.

Emergency Preparedness Partnering

Township of Washington Public Library
Township of Washington, NJ

Project Manager: Laura Rifkin
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding:  $10,000

Preparing and providing generations of residents with emergency preparedness knowledge and skills, the Township of Washington Public Library hopes to help their residents to avoid unnecessary danger during emergency situations and be better able to provide assistance to their community in time of need. This will be done by partnering with Police, OEM, Fire Department and Ambulance Corps. They will go to both township elementary schools to visit classrooms, sponsor safety preparation assemblies at the middle & high school, and run regular workshops and events at the library for children, adults and seniors.

In addition they have 2 community goals:

  1. Formation of a CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Team) program
  2. To achieve HEARTSafe status--endorsed by the American Heart Association, “HEARTSafe Communities is a program designed to promote survival from sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrest” where in residents partner with a public health official to establish a set of minimum criteria that must be met in order to achieve HEARTSafe status.


Health Information Awareness Awards (Request for Proposal)


Health and Wellness Awareness Program

Coalition of African and Caribbean Communities – Philadelphia (AFRICOM-Philly)
Philadelphia, PA

Project Manager: Eric Edi
Period of Performance: June 1, 2014 – January 31, 2015
Amount of Funding:  $2,470

The Health and Wellness Awareness program is comprised of three phases: (1) a health and wellness fair, (2) health workshops, (3) itinerant HIV campaign. AFRICOM-Philly will coordinate a health and wellness fair targeting the African and Caribbean community. Specifically, the fair aims to reach out to women, children, and the elderly. The fair hosts providers (ActionAIDS, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Sickle cell Disease Association, Philadelphia Department of Health, etc.) who disseminate information about HIV/AIDs, diabetes, cancer, nutrition, domestic violence, child education, etc. National Library of Medicine resources such as MedlinePlus, NIHSeniorHealth and other relevant resources will be highlighted during the health and wellness fair, as well as taught in the health workshops.


Medical Library Project Awards (Request for Proposal)

Collaboration: A Simple Recipe for Improving Research Productivity in the Community Teaching Hospital

Staten Island University Hospital Medical Library
Staten Island, NY

Project Manager: Yelena Friedman
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding:  $8,100

The project is a collaborative effort between the Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) Medical Library and Department of Research. The goals are to:

  • Improve access to and raise awareness of research resources for the residents and faculty
  • Expand research related educational activities presented by the Medical Library and Department of Research
  • Improve a process of monitoring research publications and scholarly activities and reporting the information to the accrediting bodies through creating an institution-wide tracking system

Promoting Evidence-Based Practice: A Nursing and Library Collaboration

Fournarakis Medical Library
Richmond University Medical Center
Staten Island, NY

Project Manager: Andrea Rudner
Period of Performance: July 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding:  $15,000

The librarian and nursing administration will join forces to create a Nursing Education Council, whose mission will be to raise the level of nursing scholarship and increase evidence-based practice at RUMC. The council will launch dual initiatives simultaneously:

  1. The librarian will travel with a mobile library cart containing a laptop, an iPad tablet pre-loaded with nursing resources and apps, and a selection of nursing print journals and books, to each nursing floor for interactive workshops on librarian services, library resources, and literature searching using nursing and medical databases.
  2. A cohort of nurses will be recruited to develop and execute several nursing research projects to be presented at Nursing Research Day in March 2015, which will be hosted by RUMC and co-sponsored by Sigma-Theta Tau and area nursing schools. This cohort of nurses will be mentored in research practices by the librarian and other medical and information professionals.
  3. Additionally, a speaker’s series highlighting the work of professionals engaged in nursing scholarship and evidence-based practice will be organized and open to all nurses.


Outreach to Consumers (Request for Proposal)

Cooking for Good Health and Happiness

Laurel Public Library
Laurel, DE

Project Manager: Wendy Roberts
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $1,500

This interactive program will introduce older adults to healthy cooking techniques and free online health information resources. Targeting people with obesity, diabetes and other weight-management concerns, a series of three, two-hour sessions will begin with a demonstration of how to prepare at least two recipes for healthy weight loss. A certified chef will show how to use nutritious ingredients and low-fat, low-sodium cooking techniques. Each session will conclude with a thirty-minute computer-based demonstration of how to find reliable health information online, focusing on what is available through MedlinePlus. Limited to twenty, participants will receive individualized instruction in healthy cooking and accessing online health information, from three highly qualified professionals.

Health Literacy and Positive Youth Development: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Advance African Development , Inc. (AAD)
Pittsburgh, PA

Project Manager: Annamore Matambanadzo
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $15,000

Advance African Development Inc. (AAD) seeks to implement a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and multi-year school-based intergenerational health literacy and service learning program at two participating Pittsburgh Public Schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. AAD’s health literacy program is a school-based intervention being implemented during Health I & II class periods at participating Pittsburgh Public School District’s 6-12th grade schools. Helping students stay healthy and developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills is foundational to the mission of schools. AAD wishes to support this mission through a train-the-trainer model program which will utilize university/college student volunteers as facilitators and mentors. Additionally, local community members with relevant health-related expertise will serve as guest facilitators and presenters for the health literacy program.

Empowering Diabetic and Cardiac Disease patients with Quality Health Information Instruction

Kaleida Health Sciences Libraries, Buffalo General Medical Center, Kaleida Health
Buffalo, NY

Project Manager: Keith C. Mages
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 – April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $8,779.14

The goal of the Outreach to Consumers project is for Kaleida Health librarians to teach diabetic patients, being treated at Buffalo General Medical Center’s (BGMC) Heart & Lung Center (HLC) how to access, evaluate and use quality internet-based health information resources. The instructional outcomes will be measured through the use of pre- and post-tests, one month follow-up questionnaires, and a visitor’s log to record follow-up information seeking activities in the Wellness Center Library (WCL). Kaleida Health Sciences Libraries propose purchasing six tablet computers and accompanying accessories to accomplish this goal. The tablet computers will enable the librarians to conduct an educational intervention, based upon a pre-set curriculum, with patients being seen in the HLC. Librarians will meet with the patients in the HLC and will work with participants individually or in small groups based on the patients’ schedules. The educational intervention will focus on the National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus website, as well as the websites of national health organizations such as the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Heart Association (AHA).

Technology and Your Health – A Program for Low Income, Underserved Youth

YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

Project Manager: Aliya Durham
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $9,622

The YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh proposes to work with the Pitt Science Outreach program this summer (2014) to offer a new 6-week program called Technology and Your Healthat 4 of our Ys and at the Homewood-Brushton YWCA. This program’s goal is to interest youth in 4th-6th grade, from low income, underserved areas in (1) learning about science and health, (2)becoming comfortable with the increased use of technology in all aspects of our lives, (3)learning how to access and interpret health information on the web, using National Library of Medicine resources, and (4) learning how to design, test, and analyze scientific questions using information learned from web resources. The hope is that at the end of the 6-week program youth will have a better understanding of how science and technology can positively affect their everyday life, know more about healthy lifestyle choices, and be equipped to find new information on the web at any time using National Library of Medicine resources.

Just for the Health of It Goes Mobile

East Brunswick Public Library
East Brunswick, NJ

Project Manager: Karen T. Parry
Period of Performance: June 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $5,088

The East Brunswick Public Library is requesting funding to mobilize it’s Just for the Health of It initiative with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School to promote health literacy among new immigrants, indigent populations, and groups by visiting these populations where they convene.  Both schools have requested that the East Brunswick Public Library’s certified team of consumer health librarians participate at offsite events such as health fairs; collaborative outreach projects alongside medical students; blood drives; and hospital support groups. By partnering with medical students and hospital personnel, the library can expand the Just for the Health of It initiative by teaching both health consumers and health providers how to access quality health information via the health portal, in order to better serve the underserved populations that do not frequent the library.

Mental Health First Aid Instructor Training

Atlantic County Library Foundation
Mays Landing, NJ

Project Manager: Elizabeth Bliss
Period of Performance: October 20-24, 2014
Amount of Funding: $3,296

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor Training is an intensive, 5-day course, designed to instruct and certify mental health professionals and laypeople with a strong interest/background in mental health to train employees of public institutions (such as police officers, service organizations, churches, schools) and other community members in MHFA.  The Project Manager will take the instructor training with the goal of offering training to NJ public librarians.

Mental Health First Aid for Library Staff

New Jersey State Library
Trenton, NJ

Project Manager: Jennifer Podolsky
Period of Performance: July 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $15,000

To provide New Jersey library staff with mental health literacy tools and resources to deal calmly and effectively with customers who may be suffering from stress or mental health issues in their lives. This encompasses both the quality of the service to the customers and providing support for the library staff members. This activity falls under the focal areas of “Professional Development and Self-Care” identified in our recent statewide planning for New Jersey libraries.  The NJ State Library will partner with the Mental Health Association of New Jersey to provide Mental Health First Aid trainings to public library staff throughout the state of New Jersey.


Outreach to Health Professionals (Request for Proposal)

Enhancing Access to Mental Health Information for Health Professionals in Northeastern Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth Medical College
Scranton, PA

Project Manager: Joanne M. Muellenbach
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $15,000

The Outreach to Health Professionals Award will allow The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) to design, deliver and/or sponsor, one or two sessions in support of a regional Mental Health Symposium focused on specialized populations for health professionals throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Symposium would be offered in the Spring 2015, in order to improve health professionals’ access to high quality mental health information and to support the Award goals. At least five mental health information training sessions would be designed for health professionals throughout our 16-county region. Sessions would be held at TCMC regional campuses in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Williamsport, as well as in East Stroudsburg and Sayre during the contract year. We would also invite librarians and other public service professionals to attend the regional training sessions. In addition, the TCMC Library would purchase a core collection of carefully-selected mental health titles with a focus on the specialized populations and promote them to health professionals throughout our region.

Understanding the Psychiatric Issues of Dementia

Pennsylvania Behavioral Health and Aging Coalition, Inc.
Harrisburg, PA

Project Manager: Rebecca May-Cole
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $11,440

The Pennsylvania Behavioral Health and Aging Coalition (PBHAC), a statewide alliance of individuals and organizations concerned about the unmet behavioral health (i.e. mental health and substance use disorder) needs of older adults across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, provides advocacy, assistance, education, resolution, and collaboration, as well as identifying gaps in the behavioral health and aging service systems and collecting data. Our staff and Board of Directors are proud to propose a one-day training seminar “Understanding the Psychiatric Issues of Dementia.” This program will be a statewide opportunity for mental health providers; such as psychologists, family therapists, psychiatric nurses, and social workers; as well as other individuals who work with older adults such as directors of Area Agencies on Aging, aging care managers, service coordinators, and others; to understand the psychiatric issues that can occur when an individual has a dementia diagnosis. We plan to hold the “Understanding the Psychiatric Issues of Dementia” seminar in November of 2014 to coincide with National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month.

Assessment of the Online Health Information Needs of Medical Providers Working in Urban and Rural Underserved Areas

Southwest Pennsylvania Area Health Education Center
Pittsburgh, PA

Project Manager: Lynne L. Williams
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $14,868

As the volume of health information proliferates at an ever-increasing pace, medical providers working with patients must stay abreast of the changes. In this era of web-based information, we seek to understand where providers are searching for the latest information about topics that pertain to patient care. We also seek to understand the training needs of providers around web-based health information. We will complete a needs assessment of providers working in urban and rural underserved practices. Based on the responses to the assessment and in collaboration with the staff at the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Middle Atlantic Region (NN/LM MAR), we will develop training materials and a training program to meet the providers’ needs.

Skype Your Medical Librarian: Linking North County Critical Access Hospitals

Samaritan Medical Center, Hunter-Rice Health Sciences Library
Watertown, NY

Project Manager: Michael K. Chartrand
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $10,837

The Skype Your Medical Librarian project will be administered by the staff of the Hunter-Rice Health Sciences Library / Hospital Services Library Program. This plan calls for the purchase of seven laptop computers, one for each of the six critical access hospital within the scope of this project and one laptop to be shared among the three medical librarians answering patron video reference questions via Skype from the Hunter-Rice Library at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown, New York.

Outreach to Librarians, Health Professions Faculty, and Students in Health Sciences programs at Community Colleges: a Partnership between Southeastern NY Library Resources Council (SENYLRC) and SUNY Dutchess, SUNY Orange, SUNY Rockland, SUNY Sullivan, and SUNY Ulster

Southeastern NY Library Resources Council (SENYLRC)
Highland, NY

Project Manager: Patricia Carroll-Mathes
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $15,000

The Southeastern NY Library Resources Council (SENYLRC) is planning to partner with five community colleges in the Mid-Hudson Valley to expand the access to, and use of National Library of Medicine health information resources by health practitioners in the region. A combination of education and training for community college reference and instruction librarians will extend this awareness to health professions faculty and students, using a Train-the Trainer approach. The outreach to faculty and students will take place during the 2014-2015 academic year through college specific plans which will target health professions students in general, but especially graduating students so they will be better prepared to transition to the workplace and support ongoing education and professional information needs.


Technology Improvement (Request for Proposal)

The Work of a Country Doctor: Digitizing the Notebooks, Photographs, and Ephemera of Dr. H.T. Jackson

University at Buffalo, Health Sciences Library
Buffalo, NY

Project Manager: Keith C. Mages
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding:  $2,198.55

The Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection, of the University at Buffalo’s (UB) Health Sciences Library, proposes to digitize unique components of our recently acquired collection of Dr. H.T. Jackson (1846-1926), an upstate New York physician who practiced in the rural village of Verona, NY during the late 19th century. This project will enable the purchase of an overhead scanner and laptop computer to make digitally available the notebooks, photographs, and ephemera of Dr. Jackson, an 1881 graduate of UB’s medical school and a country doctor whose professional life was inseparable from the community in which he lived. Although a small collection, these objects, when made available through the University Libraries’ Digital Collections can help viewers gain unique perspective into the education received, the daily activities preformed, and the challenges implicit in the practice of turn-of-the-20th century rural medicine.

Bridging the Gap:  Using Technology to Increase Older Adults’ Health Literacy Skills

Marian Sutherland Kirby Library
Mountain Top, PA

Project Manager: Gemma Williams
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding:  $3,200

The Marian Sutherland Kirby Library is seeking to fund two computers designed for use by older adults with a large print keyboard, large touchscreen monitors, a mouse designed for older adults, and headphones to help block noise and increase hearing capability.  By adding two computers designed for seniors with hearing and visual impairments, the Marian Sutherland Kirby Library will be addressing the technology needs of older adults and increasing older adult’s access to online health information.  Library staff will provide scheduled one-on-one training sessions with older adult patrons that focus on (1) basic use of the computers, (2) finding and using reliable online health information resources such as Pillbox, NIHSeniorHealth, and MedlinePlus, and (3) evaluating the reliability and safety of health information websites.

Tablets and Apps for On-the-Go Healthcare Practitioners

Health Sciences Library, Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Stratford, NJ

Project Manager: Micki Mcintyre
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding:  $9,987

Access to, and knowledge of, the latest technology allows our health care professionals to offer the best patient care possible. Our students, faculty and house-staff need an opportunity to be educated about and to evaluate mobile devices and apps to determine which best meet their clinical information needs. We will do this by allowing them to sample current technology across platforms; by providing expert guidance to quality apps for clinical care and productivity; by creating educational videos for on-demand training; by providing in-person one-on-one training; and hosting technology fairs on campus, int eh library and at the primary teaching hospitals served by the medical school.

Going Green, Going Mobile, Going Kiosky:  Enhancing Reference Services for LIU Brooklyn Students

Brooklyn Campus Library, Long Island University
Brooklyn, NY

Project Manager: Gloria Willson
Period of Performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015
Amount of Funding: $10,000

We are submitting this proposal for additional new technology to our current offering of computer access and reference services. In alignment with the University’s Strategic Plan goals to improve the student experience, to improve graduation and retention rates, and to make LIU a “greener” and more sustainable operation, the LIU Brooklyn Library is requesting “Reference Kiosks,” a book scanner with multiple file management and transfer capabilities, and a laptop for extending reference services outside the library through the pilot of our Roaming Reference service.


Professional Development Awards (Award Announcement)

PubMed for Trainers (Stony Brook)
June 17-26, 2014

Stony Brook University Health Sciences Library
Stony Brook, NY
Project Manager: Michael Bailou Huang
Amount of Funding: $1,058

Funding will support Michael Huang, Stonybrook University Health Sciences Library, to attend the PubMed for Trainers course in Bethesda, MD on June 26, 2014.

PubMed for Trainers (Eastern University)
June 17-26, 2014

Eastern University, Warner Memorial Library
St. Davids, PA
Project Manager: Mark D. Puterbaugh
Amount of Funding: $670

Funding will support Mark Puterbaugh, Eastern University to attend the PubMed for Trainers course in Bethesda, MD on June 26, 2014.

2014 MAC-MLA Annual Meeting, From Old to New: Historic Foundations to Unimaginable Frontiers
October 19-22, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association (MAC-MLA)
Chapel Hill, NC
Project Manager: Carolyn Biglow
Amount of Funding: $1,500

Award funds will help support the cost of CE instructors for the 2014 MAC-MLA Annual Meeting, "From Old to New: Historic Foundations to Unimaginable Frontiers" and reduce rates for class participants.

Embedded and Empowered: Making an Impact with Embedded Librarianship
July 25-26, 2014

Central New York Library Resources Council (CLRC)
Syracuse, NY
Project Manager: Deirdre Joyce
Amount of Funding: $1,498

Funds will support CLRC to offer LRC a full-day workshop on Embedded Librarianship to hospital and health sciences librarians in upstate New York.  CLRC will work through the NY 3Rs Association, Inc. to attract the widest possible audience.


Continuation Awards

Electronic Licensing

Health Sciences Library Association of New Jersey (HSLANJ)
Princeton, NJ

Project Managers: Robb T. Mackes, Barbara S. Reich, and Robin D. Siegel
Amount of Funding: $10,000
Period of Performance: May 1, 2013 - April 30, 2014

For 12 years, the Health Sciences Library Association of New Jersey (HSLANJ) Group Licensing Initiative (GLI) has been working with hospital libraries to provide access to quality and authoritative knowledge based information resources at reduced prices.  Since 2010, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) Middle Atlantic Region (MAR) has provided financial awards to assist the GLI with various aspects of the business of managing the GLI.  Monies have been used to pay for legal work, public relations, database programming, salaries and exhibit costs.  As we embark on year five, award monies will be used to implement a secondary phase of marketing and public relations.  Funding will support the professional creation of social media outlets to give the GLI a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as a series of electronic newsletters.  Additionally, the project manager will be supported to attend a new group of meetings with local consortia in PA and NY.