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UN Releases Ebola-Info Sharing App

The United Nations International Telecommunication Union has released the “Ebola-Info-Sharing” mobile App. The app offers access to the latest Ebola news from official sources, including an interactive map on Ebola. It also facilitates coordination among organizations responding to the Ebola crisis through a password protected feature that allows users to store and share useful contact information and participate in a discussion forum.


Link to Google Play:

Tips for Succeeding in Your First Few Months at a New Job

E-Books Go Out of Fashion as Book Sales Revive

Focused Outreach Vermont (from NN/LM NER)

If you are planning or currently conducting an outreach project, you might want to take a look at the Focused Outreach Vermont article in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region (NN/LM NER) newsletter (posted January 13, 2015). NN/LM NER’s Focused Outreach Project uses carefully planned outreach activities and strong community-based collaboration to connect underserved communities with NLM resources and services. The Ner’eastah article, which is an abstract of a full report, highlights outreach results through a succinct description of evaluation findings.

I particularly applaud NN/LM NER’s reporting method. They provide a quick overview, featuring the results of their efforts, with easy access to full details for those who want it. The full report describes the project’s community assessment process and findings. You also get a more thorough description of documented outcomes, laid out in a highly readable format. A nice added feature is the infographic in the beginning of the report.

This is a great example of how to use evaluation to publicize and advocate for successful programs!

DOCLINE Annual and Quarterly Statistical Reports Now Available

NLM has released the following DOCLINE quarterly statistical reports for October-December 2014:

  • Summary DOCLINE Borrower Statistics (Reports 1-1A, 1-11A, 1-1AT)
  • Summary DOCLINE Lender Statistics (Report 1-1B)
  • Detailed DOCLINE Borrower Statistics (Reports 1-2A, 1-22A)
  • Detailed DOCLINE Lender Statistics (Report 1-2B)
  • Resource Library Quarterly Report – Fill Rate (Report 2-14)
  • Loansome Doc Detailed Lender Statistics (Report 5-1A)
  • Loansome Doc Summary Statistics (Report 5-1B)

NLM has also released the following DOCLINE yearly statistical reports for January-December 2014:

  • Ranked List of Serial Titles – Borrower (Report 1-8B)
  • Ranked List of Serial Titles – Lender (Report 1-8D)
  • Summary DOCLINE Borrower Statistics (Report 1-1AY)
  • Summary DOCLINE Lender Statistics (Report 1-1BY)
  • Detailed DOCLINE Borrower Statistics (Report 1-2AY)
  • Detailed DOCLINE Lender Statistics (Report 1-2BY)

Please note: Reports 1-11A, 1-1AT and 1-22A are only distributed to libraries that have entered requests in DOCLINE for other libraries. Report 2-14 is only distributed to resource libraries.

DOCLINE statistical reports are available by going to Requests, then Reports in the DOCLINE menu. Instructions for downloading and printing reports may be found in the “Request Reports” section of the online manual (click the Help link at the top of the DOCLINE screen) or in the Reports section of DOCLINE’s FAQ page.


Credit Card transactions can promptly be processed, provided the information we have on file is complete and accurate. Please keep in mind that when your Credit Card expires, your ‘new’ information needs to be updated with EFTS. When a new card is issued, not only the expiration date changes, but also the 3 digit verification number (located on the back of your card in the signature line) also changes. Without that proper information we are unable to process your request and consequently must ‘decline’ that request for a credit card transaction. Whenever any changes occur with your Credit Card information please print the “Credit Card Transaction” form: fill it out with the updated information and FAX, e-mail or phone in the updated info to our office as soon as possible as to avoid any delays in processing your Credit Card transaction request.

Jola Sliwinski, EFTS Program Coordinator /

Job Ad: Associate Director for Content and Informatics, New York, NY

Mapping an Outreach Project Webinar Series

MAR has teamed up with Outreach and Evaluation expert, Cindy Olney, from the NN/LM Outreach and Evaluation Resource Center (OERC) to offer a 4-part webinar series, eligible for up to 8 MLA CEs.

Mapping an Outreach Project:  Start with Information; End with a Plan is designed for anyone who wants to garner support, financial or otherwise, for a new project or service.  You will learn how assessment and evaluation can be effective tools for project planning and proposal writing.  Assessment enables you to gather compelling information about the need and viability of your project.  It also helps you build relationships with potential partners.  Adding evaluation methods to your program plan helps you “begin with the end in mind,” making desired results the centerpiece of your project proposal.  This class will elaborate on information contained in the OERC Planning and Evaluation booklets.

  • Webinar 1:  January 12 / Noon – 1:00 pm (ET)

Know the factors that influence people to adopt new ideas and technology so you can choose the best strategies for your project

  • Webinar 2:  January 14 / Noon – 1:00 pm (ET)

Gather information about your target audience that is most effective for planning your project

  • Webinar 3:  January 26 / Noon – 1:00 pm (ET)

Use a project-planning tool that allows you to logically link resources and activities to desired results

  • Webinar 4:  January 28 / Noon – 1:00 pm (ET)

Incorporate evaluation into your project and understand how your plan can be expanded into a full project proposal

These classes will be followed by a special 2-hour Grants and Proposal Writing course, offered online February 2nd / 10 am – Noon

The Perils & Promises of Genomic Medicine (Boost Box session)

Presenter:           Carrie Iwema, Information Specialist in Molecular Biology, Molecular Biology Information Service / Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh

Date / Time:       Tuesday, January 13, 2015 / Noon – 1 pm (ET)


Online / No Registration Required / 1 MLA CE will be awarded

Description:  Advances in DNA sequencing technologies have greatly reduced the cost of whole genome sequencing and created fascinating new areas of study—personal genomics and personalized medicine.  Empowered by recent technological advancements, scientists now have the ability to rapidly compare genetic alphabets of groups of people who show a particular trait with those that do not.  Access to your personal genome enables you to identify genetic risk factors or inheritable disease markers you are carrying and can help you and your doctor choose the appropriate medications, dosages, and healthcare strategies.  It is more critical than ever to have a basic understanding of the science behind these advances, as well as the associated ethical, legal, and social issues, in order to actively participate in this exciting and rapidly changing field.

DOCLINE Training

Join us for the 2nd part of our 4-part DOCLINE webinar series:  DOCLINE:  Routing Tables.

You do not need to register and it’s FREE!

When:  Wednesday, January 14, 2015 / 1 pm (ET)


It’s recommended that you have access to DOCLINE to take the class (the hands-on component of the class requires you to log-in to your DOCLINE account to complete the interactive exercises).

Login and enter your name.  You will receive instructions for the audio portion after entering the room.

You can earn 1 MLA CE credit for each class by participating in exercises.

For additional information about classes:

You are encouraged to test your connection prior to joining the class. To test your connection, go to this web address:

UPCOMING CLASSES (Same place and time)

January 21, 2015                  DOCLINE:  Serial Holdings

January 28, 2015                  DOCLINE:  Borrow and Lend


Irene Williams, Network Services Coordinator NN/LM GMR

Patricia Devine, Network Outreach Coordinator NN/LM PNR

Michelle Burda, Network and Advocacy Coordinator NN/LM MAR

Jim Honour, Wyoming/Member Services Coordinator NN/LM MCR