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Value of Library and Information Services in Patient Care Study
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November 2014

Two articles have been published related to the Value Study:

  • Marshall JG, Morgan JC, Klem ML, Thompson CA, Wells AL. The value of library and information services in nursing and patient care. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing 2014 Sep; 19(3):39-46:
  • Marshall JG, Morgan JC, Thompson CA, Wells AL. Library and information services: impact on patient care quality”, International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 27(8), 672-683:
May 2014

Three presentations at MLA 2014:

  • The Value Study as a Tool for Library Advocacy (contains a great collection of examples of how different libraries have used the Value Study results) / Joanne Gard Marshall, AHIP, FMLA – Professor, University of North Carolina and Julia F. Sollenberger, AHIP, FMLA – Associate Vice President and Director, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • The Value Study: An Example of Community-Based Collaborative Survey Design / Joanne Gard Marshall, AHIP, FMLA – Professor, University of North Carolina
  • The Value Study: Key Results and Implications for Hospital Librarians (part of a panel entitled "Soaring from a Solid Base") / Joanne Gard Marshall, AHIP, FMLA – Professor, University of North Carolina
February 2014 The January 2013 JMLA article on the Value Study was selected as the recipient of the Eliot Prize for publication of the year.

September 2013 Julia Sollenberger, has co-authored an article with her University’s Chair of Neurology that has appeared in the Sept. 25th issue of JAMA.  

Julia Sollenberger says…”Thanks to all of you for your great work, collaboration and advice as we have gone through this entire process.  We are making a difference, folks!”

Remember – Julie has asked if you have “stories” to share about how you have used the Value of Libraries Study research data in your own institutions.  She would really like to get that information from you.  Please send to:

June 2013 JMLA reports that the article has become the most read article they've recently published. Since January 2013 there have been 2,489 full text views and 1,109 downloads in PubMed Central. In that same timeframe, there have been 2,481 hits on our Value of Libraries website.
November 2012 Marshall JG, Sollenberger J,  Easterby-Gannett S, Morgan LK, Klem ML, Cavanaugh SK, Oliver KB, Thompson CA, Romanosky N, Hunter S. The value of library and information services in patient care: Results of a multi-site study. Journal of the Medical Library Association 2013 Jan; 101(1):39-46. DOI:
August 2012 Received Honorable Mention Research Poster Award 2012 MLA Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA
May 2012 Paper and poster was presented at the 2012 MLA Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA
June 2012 Presented Lunch with the RML session for MAR