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Special Advisory Groups (SAGs)

There will be four groups, each with a particular focus:
  1. Outreach to Health Professionals & Public Health Workers
  2. Consumer Health
  3. Hospital Libraries
  4. Resource & Academic Libraries


  • Advise the RML on outreach programs and priorities
  • Assist in needs assessment by monitoring activities in their state, regional area, and profession
  • Advise on regional priorities, policies, and procedures
  • Assist with evaluation of regional programs
  • Assist in development of plans to encourage health professionals and health sciences librarians to participate actively in regional and national programs related to delivery of health information
  • Assist with final review of applications for MAR awards


  • 3-4 year terms
  • Diversified, rotating membership
  • Annual face-to-face meeting
  • Virtual meetings at least every quarter
  • RML staff will provide active liaison support: scheduling, reports, etc.

Outreach to Health Professionals & Public Health Workers SAG

  • Focus: Issues of concern to these populations, including access to information, training and outreach to health professionals, with emphasis on services to unaffiliated health professionals, minority health professionals, public health workers, and mental health professionals.
  • Membership

    • Current Members
    • Consisting of:
      • 1 Mental Health Professional
      • 1 Health Professional Association Leader (e.g., Executive Officer or Director of Continuing Education for a state, regional, or national group)
      • 1 Public Health Worker with responsibility at the state level, preferably in an educational capacity
      • 1 Unaffiliated Health Professional, preferably a Loansome Doc user
      • 1 librarian or faculty member from an accredited school of public health in the region
      • 3 librarians, including one with expertise in mental health, and others with expertise in teaching and outreach
      • RML Outreach Coordinator (ex officio)
      • Barbara Folb, HSLS Public Health Informationist
  • Minutes

Consumer Health SAG

  • Focus: Issues of concern to public libraries, community-based organizations, and consumers, including access to health information, training, and outreach to consumers, with emphasis on generating awareness of NN/LM programs.
  • Membership (8 total)

    • Current Members
    • Consisting of:
      • 1 Health Professional (preferably a patient educator) with a focus on consumer health
      • 1 Community Health Organization Leader
      • 1 State Library Representative
      • Public librarians with representation from rural and urban/suburban settings
      • Consumer Health Librarians or Health Sciences Librarians with expertise in consumer health
      • 2 representatives drawn from the following populations:  a Health Sciences Librarian with interest/expertise in consumer health, a Health Reporter or Health Writer from the media; and/or a representative from a health consumer organization or with special interest in consumer health information
      • Ex Officio: RML Consumer Health Coordinator
  • Minutes

Hospital Libraries SAG

  • Focus: Issues of concern to hospital librarians, including advocacy for hospital libraries, funding opportunities, e-licensing initiatives, clinical librarianship, participation in electronic health records and hospital quality initiatives, training with emphasis on generating awareness of NN/LM programs and services.
  • Membership (8 total)

    • Current Members
    • Consisting of:
      • Librarians from a variety of hospital settings, including large health systems, specialty hospitals, community hospitals, tertiary care hospitals, etc.
      • Librarians from academic health centers providing library services to affiliated hospitals
      • Ex Officio: RML Network Services Coordinator
  • Minutes

Resource & Academic Libraries SAG

  • Focus: Issues of concern to academic health sciences libraries, including health sciences education and technology, e-science and CTSA initiatives, e-resources and preservation of print collections.
  • Year 1 Membership (28 resource libraries)

    • 23 Medical Schools/Academic Institutions
    • 2 New Medical Schools
    • 2 Cancer Specialty Hospitals
    • 1 Large Health System
    • 3 Independent Academy Libraries

  • Year 2 - 5 Membership (8 total)

    • Current Members
    • Consisting of:
      • Library Directors/Representatives of colleges or universities with nursing or allied health programs, but no medical school
      • Library Directors from Resource Libraries
      • RML Technology and Communication Coordinator (ex officio)
  • Minutes