Regional Advisory Committee


  • Advise the RML on outreach programs and priorities
  • Assist in needs assessment by monitoring activities in their state, regional area, and profession
  • Advise on regional priorities, policies, and procedures
  • Assist with evaluation of regional programs
  • Assist in development of plans to encourage health professionals and health sciences librarians to participate actively in regional and national programs related to delivery of health information
  • Assist with final review of applications for MAR awards


  • Advise on overall effectiveness of programs
  • Review SAG activities to ensure coordination and minimize duplication
  • Advise on regional priorities

Membership (minimum 10)

  • Current Members
  • Consisting of:
    • 4 SAG Chairs
    • Representatives from the 4 MLA chapters in MAR Region
    • 2 At-Large Representatives
    • Chairs of committees and task forces, as appropriate
    • Ex Officio: MAR Director and MAR Executive Director


  • 3-4 year terms
  • Diversified, rotating membership
  • Annual face-to-face meeting
  • Virtual meetings at least every quarter
  • RML staff will provide active liaison support: scheduling, reports, etc.