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Promotion via Email Announcements, Newsletter Articles and/or Ads


Repetitious promotion is necessary to ensure successful implementation and continued use of the Information Rx prescription pads. Many libraries already use web-based promotion to reach their users. Promotion can be via the Internet and/or print. Internet promotion allows for targeted and widespread outreach at a reasonable cost. The suggestions below are suitable for web-based and/or print promotion:


  • Add an announcement about Information Rx on your library website's home page.
  • Add a link to MedlinePlus from your library's home page. Usually MedlinePlus is promoted as a health information resource but consider promoting it as a patient education tool for physicians and other health care professionals. For information on how to link to MedlinePlus, see

Newsletter Articles

  • Write an article for your organization's newsletter introducing the program. Be sure to include sign-up information as well as details on how your library can offer assistance to physicians, other health care professionals, and patients and their families.

MedlinePlus Announcements

  • You can send periodic news items that remind physicians to use the Information Rx prescription pads and highlights special features in MedlinePlus. Announcements can be delivered via email, published in newsletters, or placed as ads on your organization's web site.

Other Opportunities

  • If the physician or hospital indicates that they have a web site, suggest that they link to MedlinePlus on their front page or from specific topics to the appropriate MedlinePlus page. For example, Questions about Medicare linking to

For more information on how to do this see:

  • Let physicians and their staff know they may print specific pages on MedlinePlus to use as handouts for their patients.

Sample Information Rx and MedlinePlus Promotional Messages to Physicians and Other Health Professionals