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The National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the American College of Physicians (ACP) Foundation jointly piloted a project Information Rx, to provide information and tools to assist physicians in referring their patients to an authoritative user-friendly and commercial-free Internet site, MedlinePlus, for patient oriented information. Information Rx provides resource materials to facilitate referrals to MedlinePlus. In addition, this program is designed to foster partnerships with libraries, consumer groups, and voluntary agencies to promote the awareness of MedlinePlus as well as local health information resources. The initial pilot studies were conducted in Iowa, Georgia, and Virginia in 2003-2004 and a major goal of the Virginia pilot was to explore the role of libraries. read more...

Contact Information

National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM)

The NN/LM is dedicated to serving the health information needs of librarians, health-care professionals, administrators, educators, and consumers across the United States . This Network is managed by the NLM and is divided into eight regions. The Regional Medical Libraries (major institutions under contract with the National Library of Medicine) coordinate and administer to more than 150 Resource Libraries (primarily at medical schools), and some 5,100 Primary Access Libraries (primarily at hospitals).

The NN/LM is involved in the Information Rx Program as a network of libraries assisting in outreach and the promotion of this project. The Information Rx Health Sciences Libraries Tool Kit is developed and maintained by NN/LM, Middle Atlantic Region.

To contact your Regional Medical Library, visit the NN/LM web site at or call: 1-800-338-7657

American College of Physicians Foundation

"The ACP Foundation exists to support the mission of the American College of Physicians and to improve the health of the public through the creation and support of programs in education, research, service, and professionalism. While the College's programs and services are aimed primarily at the physicians who are its members, the Foundation focuses on educating the public to improve health." (From: accessed. 4 March 2004)

With the assistance of NLM, the ACP Foundation developed and implemented Information Rx to educate physician members about MedlinePlus and gain their support in referring their patients to MedlinePlus. (From HIRP Executive Summary. December 2003).

The ACP Foundation can answer questions about the role of ACP in the Information Rx Program. To contact the ACP Foundation with a question, email Jonathan Uhl at or call him at 215-351-2819. Email Announcement Lists

MedlinePlus offers email announcement lists on various topics, from weekly updates of new health topics and features on MedlinePlus to daily news updates.

Promotional product ordering system

Physicians and librarians in need of Information Rx materials can order online at .