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Health Sciences Library Associations

Health Science Librarians of Illinois

Stacey Knight Davis, President,, 217-581 x7549

Health Science Libraries of Minnesota

Wendy Roehlke, Chair,, 612-676-3247

Indiana Health Sciences Library Association

Jennifer Helmen,, 574-237-7228

Iowa Library Association
Health Sciences Library Association
3636 Westown Parkway #202
West Des Moines, IA 50026

Priya Shenoy, Chair,, 505-271-2879

Kentucky Medical Library Association

Carla Townsend,, 859-260-6297

Medical Library Association
65 East Wacker Place, Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60602-4805

Jane Blumenthal, President,, 734-936-1403

Michigan Health Sciences Library Association

Michael Simmons, President,, 517-364-2058

Midwest Chapter - Medical Library Association

Katherine Schilling, President,, 317-278-2372

North Dakota Library Association
Health Science Information Section

Travis Schulz, Chair, Health Science Information Section,, 701-323-5390

Ohio Health Sciences Library Association

Stacy Gall, President,, 614-566-9468

South Dakota Library Association
Academic Health and Special Section

Kay Christensen, Chair,, 605-274-4921

Wisconsin Health Sciences Libraries Association

Eileen Severson, President,, 608-775-5546