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Types of Exhibits

These photographs may be used as a guide when considering the exhibit booth arrangement and the type of display needed. The cost of shipping is generally covered by the GMR. The dimensions on this page are length x width x height.

Table Top Exhibits

Gray Case: For most exhibit awards, we will send one of two Gray Case exhibits.

  • They are three panels wide, each 4 feet tall
  • Two fabric panels can hold a number of Velcro-backed screen shots which will be sent with the exhibit; the center panel has a picture
  • The entire table top opens to a size 6' x 2' x 4' and works best on 8' tables
  • Packed to be shipped, it weighs about 50 pounds, it is on rollers and is just over 1' x 1' x 3.5' in size
Gray Case Exhibit
Red Case Exhibit

Red Case: For some exhibits, we will send this Red Case table top.

  • There are two 5-foot high panels with pictures
  • The exhibit opens to 5' x 1' x 5' and and fits on 6' tables
  • When shipped, it weighs about 50 pounds, is on rollers and is just over 1 1/2' x 1 1/2' x 3'

Small Table Exhibits

Briefcase Exhibit

Briefcase: For small exhibits and especially for small tables, we use the Briefcase.

  • This is a "ShowStyle Briefcase: self-packing display" or "Briefcase Display"
  • There are four panels and the case opens to 4' x 2'
  • Up to eight Velcro-backed screen shots (letter-sized) can be put on the panels and selected screen shots are sent with the exhibit
  • The briefcase is shipped in a larger 30" x 10" x 2 1/2" case, and accompanying materials are generally shipped in the same case

Banner: For a small table with lots of materials, another option is the Banner Exhibit.

  • This single panel sits on the floor and bay be placed behind, beside or in front of a table
Banner Exhibit
  • The center banner (#1) opens to 2' x 6' and is shipped in a 8" x 8" x 5' case
  • The other two banners (#3 and #2 respectively) open to 2 1/2' x 7' and are shipped in a 8" x 8" x 3' case
GMR Banners

National Exhibits

If you are exhibiting at a national exhibit and need to fill a 10' x 10' space, this exhibit is an option.

  • There are three 8' high foot panels and the exhibit is 9' x 2' x 8'
  • It is shipped in two cases, which weigh about 50 pounds each, are on rollers and are 16" x 16" x 3 1/2'

When we exhibit, we usually include two computers and lots of materials.

National Exhibits

Visit our GMR Calendar external website for upcoming events at which you may volunteer.

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