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Exhibit Support Materials

This comprehensive page includes information for several kinds of exhibitors: those who have received an exhibit award, others borrowing exhibit cases, and those exhibiting for the GMR who are not receiving an exhibit case. NOTE: The documents on this page are included in the packet received with an exhibit case. They are listed here for those needing extras or desiring them before the exhibit is shipped.

Educational Materials

  • All exhibitors are encouraged to print out the Handouts needed for each exhibit; for other resources, including fact sheets, visit Educational Resources
  • Educational materials, such as NLM bookmarks and capability brochures are available for NN/LM GMR Members to distribute to librarians, health professionals, and consumers at special events and exhibits

    • Awards and Borrowed Exhibits: DO NOT ORDER materials if you have applied for a borrowed exhibit or an Exhibit and Event Award, these will be included with the shipped exhibit. Contact Holly Ann Burt, Outreach and Exhibits Coordinator with questions or for more information and visit the Educational Materials Order Form to VIEW some of the materials available
    • All Other Exhibits: A limited number of educational materials are available for distribution within the region at exhibits and special events attended by Outreach Libraries, Subcontractors and other exhibitors; Order on the Educational Materials Order Form. For more information, contact the GMR State Contact Librarian or subcontract/award Program Coordinator

Exhibiting Event

Reporting the Event

At this time, only recipients of GMR Exhibit and Event Awards are required to submit a report. However, a new exhibits reporting option will eventually be added to the Outreach Portal. Until then, send all reports in paper or electronic form to the GMR at Graphic of email address.

  • All Other Exhibits
    • Send the Exhibit Tally Sheet(s) PDF file directly to the GMR after completing each exhibit
    • Exhibitors are encouraged to report on the experience in The Cornflower, the GMR blog, and agree to allow the NN/LM GMR to republish reports and materials
    • A brief summary of the total exhibit experience is required in quarterly, final and annual reports

Exhibitors are encouraged to report on the experience in The Cornflower, the GMR blog, and agree to allow the NN/LM GMR to republish reports and materials.
Visit our Toolkit for GMR-Funded Outreach for more information.

Reimbursement Forms

Exhibits and Event Awards are offered on a cost reimbursement basis. The following forms should be used when applying for reimbursement; they will be included with the shipped materials.

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