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Technology Improvement Award - Recipients

Option Year Two - May 2013 to April 2014

Recipient: Healthy Roads Media
Project Director: Mary Alice Gillispie
Project Title: Healthy Roads Media - Mobile Exploration
Amount: $860
Phone: 406-556-5877

An iPad -4 and Kindle Fire HD will each be used to ensure that HRM resources are designed so that they display properly. Access to these devices will also help HRM to more easily explore the possibilities of mobile strategies to effectively provide health education.

Recipient: Mount Carmel Consumer Health Library
Project Director: Stevo Roksandic
Project Title: Education On-Demand: Using technology to extend online health information education services beyond the library
Amount: $4,411
Phone: 614-234-1644

The funds provided by the Technology Award will be utilized to purchase 8 laptops, 8 optical mice, 8 carrying cases, a mobile hotspot device, and service plan to connect to the internet. The provided technology from this award will allow MCCHL the opportunity to extend the Education On-Demand program at facilities that do not have the technology to support the workshops and would allow MCCHL staff to continue its outreach efforts and provide online health information at community events and workshops beyond the physical library.

Recipient: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Project Director: Scott Thomson
Project Title: Mobile Information and Health Literacy Instruction Station
Amount: $2,800
Phone: 847-578-3243

We wish to use portable computer and projection equipment to create a mobile information and health literacy instruction station, allowing us to offer instruction to a larger portion of the university community and to present in a wider range of environments without the need to rely on the technology available at the presentation site.

Recipient: College of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Project Director: Jan L. Adams
Project Title: LRC Online
Amount: $4,373
Phone: 715-836-2034

LRC Online will provide for the acquisition of an automated library system for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Learning Resource Center (LRC), UW-Eau Claire. The goal is to make items (print, multimedia, medical equipment, digital resources, etc.) in the collection “visible” and accessible to students, faculty and community healthcare partners whether on campus, at home or in a clinical setting.

Option Year One - May 2012 to April 2013

Recipient: Deaconess Hospital
Project Director: Monica Corcoran
Project Title: Improving Learning Retention Rates: Audience Response System
Amount: $2,634
Phone: 812-450-3385

Studies suggest that the use of an interactive tool during didactic lectures helps to increase the active participation and long-term learning retention of audience participants. For this reason, as well as to improve their reporting system, Deaconess Health System proposes incorporating the use of an electronic Audience Response System (ARS) in their Continuing Medical Education (CME) program. They plan to continue incorporating evidence-based practices through educational offerings by improving audience participation and by measuring their collective (and individual) knowledge gaps. This will aid the librarian in better addressing the searching habits and misperceptions of their clinicians. She can then respond to their searching needs in a more meaningful way.

Recipient: Northwestern Memorial
Project Director: Dan McCarthy
Project Title: The Use of Interactive Technology to Enhance Patient Engagement and Education at the Point of Care
Amount: $3,831
Phone: 919-414-2029

Patient education is a challenging endeavor for surgeons and individuals considering surgery. Conveyance and conceptualization of complex and unseen anatomy is essential, yet remains both time consuming and costly. This results in many patients proceeding to surgery without a full understanding of the anatomic aspects of the underlying problem, proposed repair, and postoperative expectations. These preventable misunderstandings likely affect clinical outcomes, postoperative resource utilization, and patient satisfaction. Their pilot project will examine the effects of implementing a novel, graphics-based tablet computer program for perioperative patient education.

Recipient: Heartland Alliance Marjorie Kovler Center
Project Director: Judith Weinstein
Project Title: Technology Improvements to Support Increased Access to Quality Health Information for Survivors of Torture
Amount: $4,461
Phone: 773-381-4073

Purchase of needed hardware and software and creation of wireless access point to allow Marjorie Kovler Center clients, staff and volunteers to access quality health information in client languages.

Recipient: Henry Ford Hospital - Sladen Library
Project Director: JoAnn Krzeminski
Project Title: Enhanced Access and Support of Mobile Technology @ the Sladen Library
Amount: $2,008
Phone: 313-916-8746

The Sladen Library at Henry Ford Hospital wishes to improve upon its ability to support emerging and existing mobile technology as it integrates into library services. In order to do so, library staff require equal access to mobile devices. This project centers on the acquisition of 3 Apple iPads to be utilized by library staff for discovery, training, and evaluation of mobile resources.

Recipient: St. Luke's Hospital, Health Science Library
Project Director: Elizabeth Hoover de Galvez
Project Title: Tablet Awareness Pilot Project
Amount: $4,500
Phone: 319-369-7864

For this pilot project, the St. Luke’s hospital librarian will purchase six iPads (3rd generation, Wi-Fi, 16GB), accessories including docks, keyboards, and covers, and some health and work related applications. Hospital and medical staff will be provided with access to iPads and one-on-one tutorials in the library and invited to small-group workshops which will detail NLM mobile websites and applications and may also present information about various other relevant applications.

Recipient: University of North Dakota Library of the Health Sciences
Project Director: Karen Anderson
Project Title: Information at the Point of Need: a Statewide Project
Amount: $3,984
Phone: 701-857-5638

The University of North Dakota’s Library of the Health Sciences will use funds for iPads and peripheral equipment for its clinical campus librarians. The iPads would allow the librarians to connect at sites without reliable or secure Internet access. The projectors would enhance presentations and training by permitting larger groups to participate and to see the iPad screens projected. We will also use the iPads locally at the teaching sites on the four clinical campuses of the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Base Year - May 2011 to April 2012

Recipient: Allied Community Coop
Project Director: Susan Corrado
Project Title: Increasing Technology, Increasing Access, and Increasing Service at the Allied Community Coop
Amount: $4,438
Phone: 608-217-4419

The Allied Community Coop (ACC) is an innovative social cooperative in south Madison, Wisconsin that engages residents of this diverse low-income community as equal partners in efforts to address the social and economic conditions that create poor health. The ACC is going to use the granted funds to purchase a desktop computer, 2 laptops and a laser/printer/scanner/copier. They will use this technology to assist their stakeholders by: helping them to find quality health information and providing health education, and learning computer skills in order to apply for jobs online and be a successful job applicant.

Recipient: Western Illinois University
Project Director: Sean Cordes
Project Title: Midwest User Video Health Experiences (MUV-HE)
Amount: $4,472
Phone: 309-298-2785

WIU will use the funding from this award to create informational announcements on health topics critical to the Greater Midwest Region population. This will include digital stories of public consumer experiences of those living in the Midwest. Informational health video messages will be created that will help pique interest and engage people with MedlinePlus, and ultimately foster a goal of adopting healthier behaviors. The project will highlight MedlinePlus content and tools in a way that reflects that health climate, needs, and sensibilities of public health consumers in the Midwest.

Recipient: Iowa Health - Des Moines
Project Director: Nancy O'Brien and Paula Whannell
Project Title: Technology Improvement - IHDM Family Resource Library
Amount: $3,783
Phone: 515-241-6490

In early 2012, a new Blank Children's Developmental Center opened in Blank Children's Hospital. Iowa children with physical, developmental and behavioral disorders will be seen at the clinic. The Family Resource Library in a prime position geographically to be involved in this program. They are purchasing PC-based software, iPads and apps to be used by library users and in particular, by children. Carefully selected software and apps will help children develop motor, cognitive and communication skills. The goal is to build this program into a state-wide referral center.

Recipient: Loyola University
Project Director: Liz Novak
Project Title: Improving Resources and Services with New Equipment
Amount: $4,464
Phone: 708-216-5305

Loyola University Health Science Library will use the funds from this award to purchase Mac computers and iPads to add to their equipment resources. The computers and software purchased with this award will replace some aged public computers. The iPads will allow them to demonstrate mobile technology in medical mobile workshops and outreach projects as well as assist in testing while they create a mobile website.

Recipient: Sullivan University
Project Director: Nathan Ragland
Project Title: Drug Information Resources in the Palm of Your Hand: Enhanced Resource Access Via the Use of Mobile Devices
Amount: $4,410
Phone: 502-413-8629

The students, faculty and residents in the College of Pharmacy at Sullivan University often need to access drug information off-site in labs, hospitals, clinics and in patients' homes. This project aims to create a custom web resource portal for drug information and to purchase six Apple iPad 2 devices which will be available for check out. The custom web portal will use buttons for hyperlinks and be designed to fit the screen size of the iPads to ensure ease of use.

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