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Professional Instruction Award

Call for Applications

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine Greater Midwest Region (NN/LM GMR), under contract with the National Library of Medicine (NLM), announces the availability of Professional Instruction Awards for NN/LM GMR Full Members. Up to $1,500 is available for costs associated with the activity. A minimum of two awards will be offered in the 2010/2011 contract year (May 2010-April 2011)

If you have questions regarding this award or require assistance with the application, contact Irene Williams, Network Services Coordinator. Email the GMR or send an email to Graphic of email address. To contact the GMR by phone, call 1-800-338-7657 and press one (1) for the Regional Network Office. Awards will be announced on GMRLIST and in The Cornflower, the GMR blog. A list of previous Professional Instruction Award Recipients is available.


The purpose of the award is to support a network member in the sponsorship of a workshop, technology fair or forum, or other professional educational activity that will assist network members in developing their skills and knowledge, and enhance their abilities as participants in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM).


The applicant must be a Full Member of the NN/LM GMR. The instructional activity must be held in the region and should be at least 4 hours in length. The activity must be open to other GMR network members and should offer MLA CE credit. Library associations or consortia that include network members may apply as an organization if they have a tax identifier number.

The instructional activity should be focused on enhancing the knowledge and skills of health sciences librarians and/or health information intermediaries, such as health educators and community health workers. The knowledge and skills gained should enable the participants to better manage health information services and resources; to use technologies to enhance access to health information resources; or, in general, to improve their ability to contribute to the goals of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Sample instructional topics include:

  • Web usability and/or design
  • Disaster planning
  • Library management
  • Library/communication technologies
  • Outreach strategies

Other topics and activities will be considered.

For needs assessment and/or evaluation plans, applicants should follow the guidelines established in Measuring the Difference: Guide to Planning and Evaluating Health Information and the three supplemental booklets, Planning and Evaluating Health Information Outreach Projects 2nd Edition (2013), found on the NN/LM Outreach Evaluation Resource CenterExternal Link Indicator website.

For training projects, applicants are expected to use or adapt existing training materials before developing new materials. Applicants are encouraged to consult the training materials available in the NN/LM National Training Center and Clearinghouse. External Link Indicator If other training materials are used, they should be registered in the Clearinghouse.

Period of Performance

The period of performance for the award should begin at the time of approval of the award and end approximately one month after the activity/event funded by the award. All projects funded in Year 5 of the contract must be completed by April 30, 2011.

Technical Application Instructions

The respondent should complete the Professional Instruction Award Application Word doc. Submit the completed application and supporting documents (e.g. resumes, letters of support, biography of instructors and meeting information) attached to an email addressed to Graphic of email address. Supporting documents may be in Word or PDF format. Include "PI" and your LIBID in the subject line of the email.

Applications should be submitted at least two months in advance of the activity. You will receive immediate electronic acknowledgement that your application was received by the GMR, and your application will be reviewed within two weeks of its receipt.

Cost Application Instructions

Total cost must not exceed $1,500.

Funding will be processed on a cost reimbursement basis. This award is not a grant or subcontract. Line item invoices must be submitted for reimbursement of expenditures. Reimbursement takes an average of four weeks.

For IT/Computer Hardware, please include the following as part of your cost proposal/application process:

  • For IT/Computer Hardware under $3,000, submit catalog pricing. List equipment type (printer, scanner, etc.), brand name and model number.
  • For IT/Computer Hardware of $3,000 or more, submit three (3) vendor quotes (preferably valid for 60 days, minimum of 30 days). Quotes may include General Service Administration (GSA) price lists (Reference: External Link Indicator). Vendor quotes are necessary to determine price reasonable for purchase of over $3,000 or more. The absence of competitive quotes must be documented and justified. An institutional policy that outlines preferred vendor requirements is an example of such documentation.
If Personal Appeal Items PDF file are requested, the following statement must appear in the budget justification:

The recipient of the funding agrees that there is a legitimate purpose for the personal appeal items and use of the items by the Subcontractor(s) will be managed in accordance with policy. Items will not be used in a way that would discredit the NN/LM, the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health or the applicable Institution.

The funds may be used to support:

  • Fees and travel expenses of instructors and/or presenters
  • Conference room fees and related facility expenses
  • Equipment and other technology expenses related to conducting and/or recording the instructional activity
  • Instructional handouts
  • Mailings and other expenses related to promoting the activity

Funding is not available for indirect costs.

Application Review Process

Applications are reviewed by the GMR staff. Questions and comments may be sent to the applicant for clarification and revision of the application. The merits of each application will be carefully evaluated based on responsiveness to the CFA. Applicants must submit information sufficient to evaluate their applications based on the criteria listed below.

Evaluation Criteria

Application describes why the instructional activity is needed and documents how the need was identified.
30 points

Planning and arrangements for the instructional activity are described in sufficient detail to predict the likelihood of success for the event. Learning objectives and evaluation strategies for measuring the learning objectives are included.
35 points

Documentation is provided about previous experience of the sponsoring organization to conduct instructional activities. Qualifications of the instructors and/or presenters are described sufficiently in the proposal. Resumes and letters of commitment are included.
35 points

Total Possible Points: 100

Reporting Requirements

Quarterly and final reports are required and will be entered and submitted to the Outreach Application and Online Contract Reports System (OCR) at: Users of the System must first create an account before reports can be submitted.  Contact Jacqueline Leskovec, portal administrator, at for additional information on the OCR and/or to obtain an account for a funded project.

In addition, recipients are encouraged to report on the project experience in The Cornflower, the GMR blog, and agree to allow the NN/LM GMR to republish reports and materials. Graphic of email address.

Additional Requirements

The summaries here are included for your convenience. Please follow the links provided to view the full policies.

The Use of Appropriated Funds for Educational (Promotional) Items
Promotional items may not be purchased with GMR funds.

Credit Statement
The awardee must acknowledge NLM's support in any media for this project.

508 Compliance
Any electronic and information technology developed must adhere to Section 508 accessibility requirements.

Publications Resulting from NN/LM Funded Projects
Any final, peer-reviewed manuscripts that arise from this project must be submitted to PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication.

Development of Training Materials
Successful applicants are expected to use or adapt existing training materials before developing new materials.

Availability of Funding
All awards issued under the NLM Contract with University of Illinois at Chicago are subject to the Government's availability of appropriated funds.

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