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Technology Improvement Award - Recipients

2006-2011 Contract

Year Five - May 2010 to April 2011

Recipient: Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine
Project Director: Michelle Frisque
Project Title: Collaborative Learning and Teaching Space
Amount: $4,797

Collaborative learning and research are encouraged and fostered at Northwestern University, and the Galter Library has worked to create an environment where collaboration can take place.  The goal of this project is to create a multipurpose space with a public computing area that will improve and support the student and faculty collaboration experience and where library staff can instruct small groups of faculty, staff and students on Mac-specific applications that are used to enhance online and in-class learning.

Recipient: Regions Hospital Medical Library
Project Director: Mary Wittenbreer
Project Title: Supporting Continuing Medical Education: Bringing Library Resources to Medical Conference Attendees
Amount: $2,283
Phone: 651-254-3427

Regions Hospital is a part of the Institute for Medical Education (IME), the organization within HealthPartners that is responsible for medical education. The IME produces about 7-10 conferences a year.The hospital wanted to purchase a reliable laptop that they would be able to use at professional exhibits and IME related conferences. With this new laptop, conference attendees will learn about resources from the NLM, CDC, and NIH as well as the value of their own medical library. They are also purchasing a 24-inch monitor so what they are demonstrating will be easier to see for booth visitors.

Recipient: MidMichigan Medical Center
Project Director: Jill Van Buskirk
Project Title: Replacement of Library Copy Machine with New Multi-function Copy Machine
Amount: $4,303
Phone: 989-839-3262

The copier in the MidMichicigan Medical Center library is 18 years old. Some parts are obsolete and the copier can take 10 minutes to warm up. To be able to more efficiently fulfill DOCLINE requests as well as perform other copying duties, a replacement multi-function copier was requested.

Recipient: Eastern Illinois University
Project Director: Stacey Knight-Davis
Project Title: Empowering Innovation
Amount: $4,900
Phone: 217-581-7549

The Booth Library at EIU is going to use this award to replace their web server. Due to budget shortfalls at many institutions in Illinois, all equipment funds at EIU were frozen. Their existing server is 5 years old and will have been out of warranty for 2 years as of February 2011. This new web server will provide more space for new projects, allow system administrators to spend more time on innovation by requiring less time on maintenance, and ensure uninterrupted access for their patrons.

Recipient: Barberton Public Library
Project Director: Rachel Helbing
Project Title: Increasing Barberton's Access to Health Information
Amount: $4,675
Phone: 330-745-1194

The Barberton Public Library Community Health Library Branch is a branch of the Barberton Public Library. It is located within their community's hospital and operated in partnership with Summa Health System. The Community Health Library is the main source for consumer health information in the city of Barberton. The goal of this project is to increase access to health information for their patrons. With this award funding, they will replace their current public computer and their staff computer with a new model that will be faster and easier to use. With a faster staff computer, it will be easier to create promotional and educational materials, develop health information literacy classes, update and add content to their already content-rich website, and provide outreach to the community through the Internet. They will also be purchasing a color printer with this award.

Recipient: Western Illinois University
Project Director: Sean Cordes
Project Title: Added-Value Instructional Development & Distribution (A-VIDD)
Amount: $4,899
Phone: 309-298-2785

This project will use communication and instructional technology to enhance the Building the Future with Community Health Information (BFCHI) subcontract instruction and outreach efforts. The technology implementations are designed to supplement and extend current National Library of Medicine work in the area of health literacy by increasing the flexibility of BFCHI project outreach efforts, and by fostering improvement of prerequisite skills for health literacy, particularly in the area of basic computer and information literacy skills. Partner audiences cover a large geographic area of Illinois. Travel time and cost limits the opportunities we have to teach audiences. Weather also causes hindrances to face-to-face time, with road travel being quite unpredictable and unsafe in rural areas, during certain times of the year. We hope to address this issue by developing an online tutor system to help users develop prerequisite stills for using online health information web sites and tools.

Recipient: Asian Health Coalition
Project Director: Celine Woznica
Project Title: Touch Technology Multilingual Health Information Project (TTMHIP)
Amount: $4,895
Phone: 312-372-7070

The goal of this project is to make available vital health information that is culturally competent, linguistically appropriate, and easily accessible to Chicago's limited English-speaking immigrant and refugee population. This pilot project will involve a partnership among the Asian Health Coalition and four community-based organizations that provide services to Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian populations in Chicago. General information on various health and safety issues, as well as specific information on current AHC programs, will be placed on tablets, which are easy-to-use and portable. With the guidance and assistance of a partnering medical librarian, vital health information in multiple languages and various formats (written, audio, and video media) will be downloaded from reputable Internet sites such as MedlinePlus and Healthy Roads Media. This information will be organized on the tablet in an easily navigable manner, using bilingual instructions whenever possible.

Recipient: University of Toledo - Health Science Campus, Mulford Health Science Library
Project Director: Misa Mi
Project Title: Designing and Providing Web-Based Multimedia Library Training Targeted to Community-Based Physicians
Amount: $2,771
Phone: 419-383-3634

The University of Toledo Health Science Campus (UTCOM) recruits community-based physicians as volunteer faculty to provide clinical training and education for UTCOM students and residents. Although the volunteer faculty have access to the same library services and resources that the UTCOM-paid faculty members receive, it has been very challenging for them to access library services and resources. The purpose of the project is to design and provide web-based multimedia library training tailored to the volunteer faculty in effective use of library services and clinical information resources. Web-based training videos will be designed and developed to provide training on such topics as using library services, accessing point-of care clinical information resources, searching the best evidence with PubMed, and finding quality consumer health information via MedlinePlus. The goal of the project is to improve access to biomedical and clinical information, meet the information needs, and fill the gap in provision of the library outreach program targeted to the community-based faculty who serve the rural communities in Northwest Ohio and who provide free clinical training and education for UT students and residents.

Recipient: University of North Dakota
Project Director: Karen Anderson
Project Title: Workshops 4 U
Amount: $4,900
Phone: 701-857-5435

As the outreach librarians for the University of North Dakota's Harley E. French Library travel to do outreach in the field, often they travel to locations that have wireless access to the Internet, but no computer labs. With this award funding, Karen will be able to set up laptops as a mobile lab for people to receive hands-on training. This hand-on training will also be offered in the hospital setting. She will take the computers directly to the departments where people work, or even to the doctors' lounges. Library computer labs are often in high demand, and the funding of this award would enable workshops to be able to be delivered regardless if the computer lab is full or not, and any time of the day or evening that would be suitable for the clientele.

Year Four - May 2009 to April 2010

Recipient: University of Illinois at Chicago, Crawford Library, College of Medicine at Rockford
Project Director: Ellen Schellhause
Project Title: Technology Support for Research and Data Collection
Amount: $4,881
Phone: 815-395-5650

As more students are taught to do research in an evidence based manner, just providing access to technology on campus is not enough. For students to participate and do research in the field, they need tools such as laptops. With this award, we plan to purchase four laptops and the necessary software to be used in support of student, resident, and faculty research with emphasis on the ability to collect and analyze data. This project will enable the Crawford Library to collaboratively support research on this campus.

Recipient: Trinity Medical Center
Project Director: Rienne Johnson
Project Title: Electronic Instruction and Solo Librarianship
Amount: $900
Phone: 309-779-2600

There are currently no tutorials providing for instruction on library databases and resources for the library. Trinity Medical Center has three campuses: two in Illinois and one in Bettendorf, IA. As the only staff member in my library, it is not feasible to continually close the library and attend meetings and classes to provide this instruction to my patrons. Purchasing screencasting recording equipment will allow me to create tutorials which may be promoted to users as an alternative to face-to-face instruction.

Recipient: University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center
Project Director: Ruti Volk
Project Title: University of Michigan Patient Education Clearinghouse
Amount: $1,935
Phone: 734-647-1901

The University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) is a vast academic health care system that includes numerous hospitals, health centers and outpatient clinics. Clinicians in all areas of the hospital produce patient education materials they use in their own department. To improve access and eliminate duplication of effort a web based database called the UMHS Patient Education Clearinghouse is being developed. This Clearinghouse will provides a single access point to all patient education materials authored by UMHS staff and faculty and will enable clinicians to easily find materials that were created in other UMHS departments. The goal is to reduce unnecessary duplication and encourage collaboration and resource sharing. A secondary goal is to improve the quality of patient education materials authored at UMHS by setting a selection criteria that ensure that only documents that adhere to specific quality standards are included in the Clearinghouse. Site users will be able to search the Clearinghouse by topic, format, language, UMHS department, and year of publication. The Clearinghouse is created with Sitemaker, an open source code for developing websites that is available free to University of Michigan Staff.

Recipient: University of Michigan
Project Director: Anne Beaubian
Project Title: Portable Scanning Systems in Remote Libraries for Document Delivery
Amount: $4,052
Phone: 734-936-2322

The combined ILL unit that provides ILL for the Health Sciences and the entire University of Michigan Library sends staff to all nineteen campus libraries everyday to retrieve materials requested on interlibrary loan. While there are scanners in a few of the libraries, journal articles are often photocopied at a divisional library, and copies are brought back to the main office for scanning and electronic delivery. Problems with this process include degradation in scan quality as a result of scanning photocopied articles, considerable duplication of effort and travel times. This project will test using a digital camera and software as a portable scanning system which would allow them to retrieve and scan from journals in the divisional library, and deliver this material electronically from the divisional libraries themselves.

Recipient: Cleveland Clinic Alumni Library
Project Director: Kelly Salvatore
Project Title: Introduction of Assistive Technology in a Hospital Health Information Resource Center: Helping Disabled Consumers Across Electronic Health Information
Amount: $2,152
Phone: 216-444-4592

The Patient and Family Health & Education Center (PFHEC) at the Cleveland Clinic provides health information to all patients and consumers. It also has the necessary equipment for researching up-to-date and credible health information as well as personal assistance from health educators. It is equipped with technology for consumers, i.e. computer and printers, private rooms, and areas for study and/or reading as well as viewing videos from the CC-TV system. While the PFHEC hosts heavy foot traffic, it is imperative to be equipped for people with disabilities, not only for patients, but for all visitors. It is significant that the center provide resources to those of all capabilities, whether or not they are disabled. Installing assistive technology will enable individuals with disabilities to physically access the center's electronic resources to conduct medical related searches with minimal assistance.

Recipient: Southwest General Health Center, Middleburg Heights, OH
Project Director: Karen Jones
Project Title: Health Info Mobile Unit
Amount: $1,591
Phone: 440-816-4355

The Ireland Cancer Center at Southwest General Health Center is committed to involve, support, and inform its cancer patients and their families. It offers educational services including free community programs on cancer diagnoses, treatments, patient and caregiver support, well-being, and survivorship. The laptop computer asked for in the award will provide its users immediate and convenient access to medically-approved Internet sites. These sites inform the patients and increase their understanding of the critical issues involved with a cancer diagnosis.

Recipient: Trover Health Care, Madisonville, KY
Project Director: Martha Pleasant
Project Title: Supporting Medical Education through Improved Technology
Amount: $4,778
Phone: 270-824-3502

The Regional Medical center Library currently has five computer terminals to support all of the medical students who complete internships, are precepted by the Trover Medical Staff and/or complete their 3rd and 4th year medical school training through the University of Louisville Trover Campus. These five computers are over ten years old, have outdated applications and cannot provide the up to date services required by technologically sophisticated medical students and providers. By updating these computer terminals, students and providers will be able to better access PubMed and other NLM resources.

Recipient: Munson Healthcare, Traverse City, MI
Project Director: Barbara Platts
Project Title: Munson Digital Archive Project
Amount: $3,715
Phone: 231-935-5644

The Department of Library Services at Munson Healthcare has responsibility for the health systems' archives. Currently, the archives are paper based, stored in archival boxes, and organized by year of publication. There is no index or shelf list identifying what items exist. Each time a request is made for archival documents, every box must be searched manually. In addition to the tedious nature of this task, the physical state of the entire collection is diminished when items are physically handled. The purpose of this project is to digitize the archive collection using Past Perfect Software Solutions, an online collection management system. Utilizing Past Perfect Software Solutions will allow them to automate the tedious tasks associated with archival collection management. It will provide local control of a searchable database comprised of scanned documents, photographs, multi-media objects, including video, audio, and sound files.

Recipient: Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, IL
Project Director: Elizabeth Giese
Project Title: Stromberg Medical Library OPAC Project
Amount: $4,900
Phone: 773-878-8200 x 5312

The most significant challenges faced by the library is having access to the appropriate electronic information, and providing a more technology appropriate system of keeping track of the ever increasing number of patrons and resources. The library still operates with a card catalogue for books, which is cumbersome; an excel spread sheet for journals; and a separate list for online books. This old card catalogue is oftentimes not accurate and it is necessary to assume that many books are not returned or are overdue. The new system of bar code identification will allow for electronic check-out and check-in of books, accurate inventory of books and journals, and a more accurate method of follow-up of books that are returned late or in some cases not at all. Because the library relies on contract staff and volunteers, a dedicated work station will provide much greater work efficiency for the staff.

Recipient: University of North Dakota - Library of the Health Sciences, Grand Forks, ND
Project Director: Theresa Norton
Project Title: Purchasing a Web/Database Server to Replace an Existing Server
Amount: $4,780
Phone: 701-777-2946

The library's web/database server provides UND affiliated users with access to all of the library's online resources and services. In addition, unaffiliated users are welcome to make use of the approximately 1400 free electronic resources available through the library's web site. Those free resources include many NLM and NIH resources such as MedlinePlus, PubMed Central, and PubMed. By replacing an out-dated server, they will be able to continue to offer these invaluable services.

Year Three - May 2008 to April 2009

Recipient: Broadlawns Medical Center, Des Moines, IA
Project Director: Elaine Hughes
Project Title: Kiosks for Kids
Amount: $2,936
Phone: 512-282-2394

Healthy-lifestyle promotion and wellness education has become a major focus in the health care industry as the United States deals with a population suffering from ever-increasing rates of chronic illnesses in children and adults. As an outreach health information/wellness education project, the BMC Health Sciences Library would like to be able to provide health information to the children and their families who visit or are patients at Broadlawns Medical Center. Funds from the "Kiosks for Kids" proposal will be used to purchase two computer kiosks which would be installed in two high-traffic waiting areas of the medical center. One kiosk would be located in the Family Health Center waiting area. The other kiosk would be located in the waiting area of the Pediatric Clinic.

Recipient: Malcolm X College, Chicago, IL
Project Director: Daniel Mulvihill
Project Title: Improving Access to Health Resources at Malcolm X College
Amount: $1,040
Phone: 312-850-7244

Malcolm X College plans to purchase an Hewlett-Packard LaserJet All-in-One to offer quicker delivery of interlibrary loan materials. Before purchasing this equipment, they sometimes had to deny some requests because of the time and supplies needed for photocopying and mailing. With equipment to improve document delivery, they will speed up the process of document delivery, which will allow them to fulfill more requests and spend free time helping their patrons.

Recipient: Summa Health System, Akron, OH
Project Director: Heather Holmes
Project Title: Developing an EBM Consultant Service: Measuring the Impact
Amount: $3,000
Phone: 330-375-6770

This service has been designed to fully embed the librarian with a general medicine patient care team to serve as an EBM consultant at the point of care. By purchasing a small, ultra portable tablet-style computer, evidence can be provided immediately at the point of care by the librarian. Access to PubMed, MedlinePlus, and other databases are important to fully implement this service. The librarian will also be able to provide instruction at the point of care as well, showing the patient care team how to quickly and effectively do a search in the absence of the librarian.

Recipient: Methodist Medical Center of Illinois, Peoria, IL
Project Director: Melissa Hudak
Project Title: Improvement of Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan Services
Amount: $900
Phone: 309-672-4937

Methodist Medical Center plans to buy a flatbed document scanner to upgrade their document delivery to their students, staff, nurses, physicians and faculty to better serve their interlibrary loan patrons. They currently provide free interlibrary loan services though Docline, FreeShare, and Free for All. The new scanner will allow them to better provide articles and other information in a timely manner to all of these groups.

Recipient: Mercy College of Health Sciences, Des Moines, IA
Project Director: Eileen Hansen
Project Title: Recording Devices for an Online Nursing Assessment Course
Amount: $1,225
Phone: 515-643-6612

This project seeks to provide easy to use video technology for students and faculty in a newly online Nursing Assessment course. Students are currently required to perform an assessment in front of their instructor and receive feedback to improve their techniques. A final evaluation requires students to provide a video of themselves performing a complete physical assessment. By providing easy to use, inexpensive recording devices that could be checked out and shipped to students, faculty will be able to evaluate student skills to be sure learning outcomes are achieved.

Recipient: Blessing Health Professions Library, Quincy, IL
Project Director: Arlis Dittmer
Project Title: Blessing Begins Webinars for Nursing Utilizing Collaborative Technology
Amount: $3,314
Phone: 217-228-5520

Blessing Health Professions Library staff regularly look for ways to enhance teaching and learning activities. They have the reputation of sponsoring educational programs throughout the year which attract attendees from Springfield, Peoria and other cities in the Midwest. As of 2010, nurses in Illinois will be required to have 20 hours of continuing education per year. Blessing plans to purchase six webcams and a SB680 Smart Board to capture programming through webinar technology and archiving it for others who could not attend.

Recipient: Broadlawns Medical Center, Des Moines, IA
Project Director: Elaine Hughes
Project Title: Wireless Students!
Amount: $753
Phone: 512-282-2394

The Health Sciences Library at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines, IA plans to purchase and install a wireless access point in the library. The medical education program at Broadlawns serves several hundred medical students and is also a second home for the students and residents. For those that have laptop computers which they use for patient care, research, case studies, etc., they were unable to access the Internet or the Intranet (for students and residents) to get to patient care information. Once this access point is installed, this will be possible - not only for students and residents, but also visitors and patients who use the library.

Recipient: Indiana University (Center for Disability Information and Referral), Bloomington, IN
Project Director: Christina Wray
Project Title: Accessible Workstation
Amount: $3,831
Phone: 812-855-0077

The Indiana University Center for Disability Information plans to purchase a workstation with the latest adaptive software to make health and educational information available to people with disabilities. They also plan to introduce people with disabilities and their families and educators to accessible software options available. Residents of the Bloomington area, workshop and training attendees, and university students in the special education program will benefit most from this technology.

Recipient: Wegner Health Science Information Center, Sioux Falls, SD
Project Director: Carolyn Warmann
Project Title: Micro Format Digitization Equipment
Amount: $4,900
Phone: 605-357-1397

The Wegner Center is purchasing equipment which scans microform and converts it to a digital copy that can be saved, printed, viewed, or emailed directly from the system. The equipment purchased will replace two Minolta reader/printers currently used to create hard copy from microform. The digital microform system will create a better copy, have more functionality and can streamline the process of retrieving information in microform.

Recipient: Medcenter One Health Library, Bismarck, ND
Project Director: Travis Schulz
Project Title: Enhancing Online Access for Health Care Information Consumers
Amount: $4,900
Phone: 701-323-5390

As the only dedicated medical library serving south-central and southwestern North Dakota, the Medcenter One Health Library serves as the region's major health information resource center connecting physicians, nurses, patients, and health information consumers with quality medical and consumer health information. Mobility, personal space, and privacy are current issues facing many visiting health information consumers at the Medcenter One Health Library. I am therefore requesting funding for equipment that will enable a more accommodating library environment. The equipment, combined with outreach and promotional activities by the library staff, will allow the Medcenter One Health Library to fulfill it's commitment to connect health information consumers with the information they need.

Recipient: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Chicago, IL
Project Director: Naomi C. Broering
Project Title: Improving the Library's Access Services
Amount: $4,900
Phone: 800-729-0941, ext 134

The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is actively engaged in a development plan to improve the Chicago campus library for its users and the community. The library is a NN/LM member and needs to update its services to network with the region's medical libraries, to conduct community outreach services, and to improve user services. The project goals are to improve the library's access services and promote health information literacy instruction by automating and implementing a library information system. The system will include an on-line public catalog (OPAC), with cataloging, information access, and circulation functions. The objectives are to acquire and implement the necessary equipment and software over six months, and continue maintaining the system once it's operational. The library has Internet access and a Webpage. It is well poised to launch a project of this nature to raise the level of its information access services. The proposal requests minimal equipment, software and supplies to initiate the project, which will be continued and supplemented by the institution in the future. Visibility to the NN/LM network and the NLM Medline Plus and Pub Med is part of the health information literacy program to be offered by the library.

Year Two - May 2007 to April 2008

Recipient: Mercy Medical Center - North Iowa, Mason City, IA
Project Director: Elizabeth Kiscaden
Project Title: Electronic Document Delivery
Amount: $974
Phone: 641-422-7699

Mercy Medical Center is a not-for-profit community health care system that offers comprehensive health care services for people throughout northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. The medical library within Mercy supports the medical center as well as the health community in North Iowa. The library is a member of multiple groups within Docline that share interlibrary loan materials at no cost. Our biggest obstacle is that we lack a scanner and are only able to deliver loans through an unreliable fax machine or the post office. We would like to procure a basic scanner so that we can deliver our interlibrary loans electronically.

Recipient: University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Harley E French Library
Project Director: Joan Bares
Project Title: Equipment Upgrade for UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences Southwest
Amount: $4,474
Phone: 701-323-5391

Description: Project will update the equipment available to the SW Clinical Campus Librarian of the University of North Dakota (UND) School of Medicine and Health Sciences. As the SW Clinical Campus Librarian, I am responsible for outreach to health care providers throughout the SW quadrant of the state which includes Bismarck, Dickinson, Bowman, and Hettinger. Bowman and Hettinger are in Bowman County and Grant County. They are both designated as frontier counties and as underserved. There are also public libraries in this quadrant of the state. Each of these libraries would be contacted with the offer of a consumer health presentation for their staff and users. Receiving this award will allow me to perform my duties as an outreach librarian in a more effective and efficient manner with less worry of relying on the technical equipment and capabilities of others. In addition, the equipment will be used for local presentations and exhibits in Bismarck as well as in the rural areas of Hettinger, Bowman, and Dickinson. I also provide instruction to UND associates, medical students, residents and clinical faculty on the use of databases available to them from the Harley E French Library website and from the National Library of Medicine. When opportunities arise, I staff exhibits at local conventions and present to local organizations in the area. These types of exhibits and presentations involve the demonstration of NLM consumer health databases such as MedlinePlus. In addition, I will be assisting with the Go Local North Dakota project and may be creating a database of health services and resources in the SW quadrant of the state. In order to be compatible with the other databases, my equipment needs to be upgraded.

Recipient: VA Illiana Health Care System, Danville, IL
Project Director: Sherrie Kuzian
Project Title: Tandberg Tele Video Desktop Unit for Remote Access
Amount: $4,900
Phone: 217-554-5207

Description: A televideo unit would provide library education material via DVD, VHS, PowerPoint and interactions to both veterans and employees who are remote. We would be able to provide services to the five (5) outpatient clinics that do not have access to "hands on" library material for patient education and staff education. Placing a video unit in the library would enable remote clinic staff to schedule viewing for patients of education media materials not immediately available. It would also enhance access of library materials to remote employees.

Recipient: Riverside Medical Center, Anderson Medical Library, Kankakee, IL
Project Director: Lou Miller
Project Title: Anderson Medical Library Electronic Cataloging/Internet Access for Patrons
Amount: $3,055
Phone: 815-937-7966

Description: To eliminate the outdated card catalog and replace with a fully automated electronic cataloging system that contains 100% of the Anderson Medical Library's holdings.

Recipient: South Bend Medical Foundation, South Bend, IN
Project Director: Kristina Flora
Project Title: Creating a Virtual Electronic Medical Library
Amount: $3,467
Phone: 574-234-4176

Description: The South Bend Medical Foundation provides quality and cost effective laboratory and blood banking services to hospitals, physicians, and patients in Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois. The Foundation Library exists to provide answers to the information needs of physicians within the institution and community, prospective clients, and more than 850 employees who include microbiologists, chemists, toxicologists, and phlebotomists, etc. The Library provides literature searches, access to article and book requests through its' own collection as well as inter-library loan service through DOCLINE® Freeshare. Purchasing a PC and all-in-one printer/scanner/copier will enable the Foundation library to enhance electronic document delivery.

Recipient: Graham Hospital Association, Medical Staff Library, Canton, IL
Project Director: Daneen Richardson
Project Title: Enhancing Library Services through Digitization
Amount: $4,816
Phone: 309-647-5240

Description: By purchasing the cameras, laptop and scanner, we would be able to provide better services to our patrons. The library has stepped in as the school and hospital archivist with our digital imaging and preservation project and oral history project. We want to provide the means for all library patrons to borrow a camera to capture the activities of the students, library and school. A laptop will provide us with the flexibility to move to a quiet area when recording verbal instructions within a tutorial and the means to attend an online training or meeting. The tutorials that are developed will be available via our webpage when appropriate and free for other librarians to use, as they need. It will also provide a visual aid to our word processor when she attempts to transcribe our oral histories. The large bed scanner will allow us to scan our oversized scrapbooks and documents and to send oversized interlibrary loan documents via email in a one-step process. Our historical documents and pictures will be available through our membership with Digital Past, an Illinois historical website.

Year One - May 2006 to April 2007

Recipient: Ingham Regional Medical Library - Greenlawn, Lansing, MI
Project Director: Judith Barnes
Project Title: Electronic Document Delivery of Journals Archived on Microfiche
Amount: $2,595
Phone: 517-334-2270

Description: This request is for the funds to purchase an "Image-Mouse" digital retrieval system to enable this library to fill interlibrary loan and document delivery requests from its microfiche collection.

Recipient: Henry Ford Hospital, Sladen Library, Detroit, MI
Project Director: Nandita S. Mani
Project Title: Library On The Go: Utilizing Innovative Technology to Provide Educational Programming
Amount: $4,900
Phone: 313-916-5335

Description: The Library On The Go project will focus on the delivery of instruction on resources such as PubMed®, MEDLINE®, and MedlinePlus®, as well as other library databases, to Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) employees and consumers. The award funding will be used to create a mobile, wireless computer lab comprised of an instructor's tablet PC, ten laptop computers, and a wheeled storage cart. Using up-to-date technology will allow us to expand our educational programming, which is essential in supporting the practice of evidence-based health care and promoting patient safety. Due to the limited training space available on the HFHS campus and the time constraints placed on health care professionals, it is imperative that we provide instructional services in an innovative, customer-focused manner. The Library On The Go service will allow us to take our programming directly to our patrons - where and when they need it. The service will raise the library's visibility, promote various NLM resources, and support the hospital's education and patient care missions. The proliferation of electronic resources and end-user searching has made it essential that libraries are at the forefront in educating their patrons on effective search techniques. This award will give us the tools we need to achieve this vital goal.

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